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The Synagogue Church of All Nations headed by the general overseer Prophet Tb Joshua has continue to blow the mind of thousands of viewers all over the world from, his ministry large-scale deliverance and healing of different kinds of incurable diseases and sickness. Thousands of sick persons keep on visiting the ministry of Tb Joshua to be arranged in the ministry prayer line for healing and deliverances from their problems and pains. Those arranged for prayers usually come with their medical report as prove of their sickness. And those that received their healing do come back with medical report to confirm that they are healed, when given their testimony live on Emmanuel.tv. Among those sicknesses and diseases been prayed for by the prophet and is five wise men included,  Hiv and Aids which cannot be treated medically.

According to what some world body make us to understand and believed is that, it is only two person that have been cured of the acclaimed deadly diseases called Hiv/Aids. Many ask why those in SCOAN whom have come out openly claiming to have receive healing when prayed for by the prophet of God from the deadly diseases  are not included in the list of those been healed from Hiv/Aids. Those it means that since,some of these world bodies do not recognized healing of Hiv/Aids in SCOAN,that make dose healing testimonies in SCOAN fake?,It is totally NO.


As a true Christian, God has never at a time need any world body to validate is healing and miraculous power,God heals is children as he wishes, he those not take permission from any one to heal neither, will he needs anyone approver or authenticity when he perform is healing. But, that those not mean God have no respect for the world body or human laws. When Christ was on earth he paid tax to the government of is era,anywhere Jesus went to minister the gospel of grace he always respect the laws, rules and regulations of the land. This same example Tb Joshua is showing to the world today, by instructing those who are sick to come with medical report from their doctors before they are arranged for prayers, and also he advise them  to continue with their medication after being prayed for until, they have been confirmed healed from their infections by the doctors.The prophet can just pray for them without medical report and they will receive their healing, but since medical report is the way of the world, he then asks for it before praying for you. In the healing ministry of Jesus Christ we never hear or read anything like medical report in the bible before been prayed for by Christ but because of man unbelieved and the present generation we are,who are faithless and hopeless about the things of God, so for them to believe they have to see prove that is based on human reasoning. 

But for those who think that SCOAN need worldly media or body to recognize and authenticate the HIV/Aids healing in SCOAN should know that,the living God in SCOAN those not need the world to authenticate is mighty works in SCOAN.The world view about Gods mighty power those not affect Gods authenticity and existence, God is the creator of man and medicine. Healing is healing whether it is from God or from medication, God is the only healer, “Doctor treats; God heals”. God have never use the opinion of man to measure itself nor should Prophet Tb Joshua use the opinion of the world to measure itself.If the world approved healing in SCAON or not, it will not alter Gods divine mission in the life of its prophet at SCOAN. That those not mean SCOAN door is not open to any world body that comes in sincerity to confirmed the acclaimed large-scale HIV/Aids healing in SCOAN, the ministry door is open , but the world should know that God those that count on man’s opinion. Truth is the truth if you believe it or not,once opinions about the truth cannot change it. The truth of God will always stand for long even if this present generation do not acknowledged it, the future generation will and that is the truth the ministry of SCOAN stand for weather the world accept it or not. 

The prophet do says that we Christian always rely on Gods minority and strength and not man’s majority even if you curse God, ridicule him, abuse him and call him all kinds of name is love will remain constant and can never change.

Satan is the ruler of the world, what do you expect from the world been ruled by Satan, such a world can never accept or approved of the mighty hands of God.  The kingdom of darkness has been fighting against the kingdom of light from the beginning of time.  The kingdom of darkness can never approved of what comes from the kingdom of light so will should not expect the world to approve of what is taken place in SCOAN for this ministry is against the ruler of this world, the only thing we should expect from the world is to fight back, and this is what the prophet is experiencing from the unset of is ministry on earth.  There have been different allegation, rumor,false story from different world respected news body, magazines, online blog and some reputable religion body .

You should know that all of this are proved to the genuineness of the ministry of the man of God Tb Joshua. All God genuine servants are enemies to the world. The world knows their own, when you are not of the world, its sees you as an enemy. You are either for the world or enemy of the world.In the case of Tb Joshua ministry official YouTube page that was block,you will know that you cannot use the instrument of the world to fight and expose darkness. YouTube today have countless of occult videos, pornography and all kinds of satanic videos up till now this videos are not blocked or removed by You tube but, the one that has to do with the informative power of God was block, not to make it look obvious they leave some videos uploaded by fans of the ministry but that of the official ministry page was block, before the recent official YouTube page of SCOAN which will all know will soon be block. So what are we saying here, the world can never accept anything that comes from God, anything that expose the kingdom of Satan have been fighting against by the world. So for those who are expecting the world body to enlist and recognize those that have been healed of Hiv/Aids in SCOAN has been cured from the sickness now know why the world will never accept or approved the things of God. Nevertheless, will are very optimistic that one day the world will come down to Gods authority and being loss from yuck of Satan to embrace the light of God’s world. 


    • WARNING!
      Please be safe on this blog

      people of God outside Nigeria please be careful.
      our attention has been drawn to some
      certain individuals or Group of persons
      who are running Fake watsapp account (s) Fake e-mail (s) and Fake….
      Facebook accounts”
      They pretends to be
      2 WISE MAN/MEN
      These are Fraudsters they are only after
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      have the time or money to Come to
      Nigerian yourself,
      look for some one you trust who can get
      The morning water, anointed stickers,
      Video cassettes, mirror book ,testimony
      book , ..from
      Senior prophet TB Joshua ….
      Or if you do not have any one in or
      coming to Scoan,send


  1. The kingdom of satan is in trouble, Tb Joshua have come to save the world, satan and is agent shall be shame.


  2. A wonan suffered from hiv/aids and was prayed for by t.b.joshua. twelve years later she returned for her testimony and was looking even more beautiful than people who never suffered hiv/aids. can someone tell me why she did not die before now if t.b.joshua’s healing were really fake?


  3. Hiv/Aids is like headache in SCOAN, what is hiv/Aids, it is like every other sickness it is only the world that is making a big deal out of it


  4. SCOAN or Tb Joshua do not need any world body to be the great man on earth, Tb Joshua is the greatest man on earth, if you want to be great come to Tb Joshua, he is the maker of greatness. He have rise president, king, great foot ballers just name them.



  6. Prophet TB JOSHUA, l believe in your healing because you heal in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Prophet l need your healing. I was tested HIV POSITIVE… Please pray for me. Thank you. Emmanuel!!!!


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  8. I will never go back from my faith on God and Prophet TB Joshua. please don’t look at any man before doing what God sent you for. please I and my wife was tested HIV/AIDS POSITIVE please pray and cure us from this dease. last two weeks we were at SCOAN but I was onable to enter the prayer line because of Medical report, but I have faith that as we step into the premeses of SCOAN and reasive the mass prayer be Wise man Daniel, we are free for HIV/AIDS in Jesus name Amen.


  9. Sir praise the lord please come to India ,my village visakhapatnam sir so many people’suffering cancer aiv aids so many diseases suffering plz prayer for diseases in India plz put in your leg in my village plz try to come visakhapatnam thanks sir


  10. dear sir i just dont know what to say but my Family Need help i come from Jamaica but i live in swiss 5kids i Need help for all


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