Tb Joshua’s ministry has continued to minister healing and deliverance to thousands of visitors who come to SCOAN, to receive a tough from God through is prophet and the five wise men. The ministry of Tb Joshua has continued to grow in the face of persecution and criticism especially, from the ministry massive healing of incurable diseases and sickness such as Hiv/Aids.

Many of these detractors have not come to SCOAN to verify, if those massive HIV/Aids healing that is taking place there are real or not, but they went a hard to critics the great work of God in SCOAN. The only visit case we know was the  mission by BBC in SCOAN London and their later Anti-SCOAN article about an alleged death story of  those that were  told to stop taken medication when prayed for by pastors from SCOAN London, though news of such is not a new thing to lovers and members of the ministry of SCOAN , the alleged story that was fabricated by BBC is well-known to be against the doctrine and the person of the prophet of God who have publicly said countless of time to those who come for prayer in SCOAN to continue their medication before they are confirmed healed from their sickness by their doctors. It was all clear that the stories were all part of satanic instrument to discredit the man of God and the mighty work of God being experience in SCOAN. They never come with a good intention, because if their motive was genuine enough, they would have come openly without sending secret spy and write an unprejudiced article as a part of good journalism.

Many keep wondering if the world bodies are not aware of what is taking place in SCOAN especially; with the massive healing that is taking place there that cannot be healed medicinal . It baffles me if they are aware and choose not to have anything, to do with the happenings in SCOAN and yet some critics are saying that SCOAN door is not open for verification. But the fact remains, that SCOAN is an international ministry know all over the world for is massive healing and deliverance. The ministry of SCOAN received thousands of pilgrims from all what’s of life every week, leaders of nations, ministers and kings do come to SCOAN to receive the tough of God, and some of them have even given their testimony live on about the transformation power in SCOAN and how the ministry have affected their life and family positively.  And some persons are saying that the door of SCOAN is not open,  a ministry that received and host calibers of persons that comes from all over the world, what stop that same ministry from receiving any world  body and media. It is surprising for anyone to say that the door of SCOAN is not open for verification, I believed such a person those not want to admit the true about SCOAN openness to the world. The prophet has openly stated countless of time that is ministry is open to all classes of people in the society, but not those that mean harm and bad for its ministry because as a Christian we are very sensitive to the device of Satan and its agent. As he always say “I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

“I love you all only trust in God.”

Tb Joshua cannot come out on calling on World Health Organization and world media to come and verify Hiv/Aids healing claims in is ministry,  because if he did such many people especially, is critics will interpret it in the wrong way that he  want world recognition, which he already have however.

When the prophet made a world prophecy about a massive shooting that will take place in the nation America that came to pass and many critics says it was by chance he made the prophecy, that public shooting is a frequent occurrence in America. Then the prophet call on the American government to call on all the religion body all over the world to make prophecy for the year and see which one will come to pass, as a prove that he never guess the prophecy. But you know what; the reply was silence because they know the outcome will favor the prophet. So prophet Tb Joshua cannot force anyone to come and verify Hiv/Aids healing in is church. But for those who are genuine and bold enough should come and verify for themselves, SCOAN door is open come, instead of condemning the great work of God in our generation.

Some world media have come to SCOAN in the past and the prophet attend to them even a Japanese media visit SCOAN last year to video the happens there, they came to see for themselves to be sure that what they are seeing on is real.

And for those who have hard one thing all the other about SCOAN, should not just conclude but instead they should try to visit SCOAN and see for themselves before they conclude. Those who are saying that SCOAN door is not open for verification are all lies.  Though, most of this critics claim they were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN, but you should also know that not everyone that come to a place, come there with a sincere heart, just like the case of BBC  mission in SCOAN London.

We call on the world bodies and media to visit SCOAN, SCOAN door is open to all. We are not saying you should come and promote Tb Joshua’s ministry but only come and see for yourself instead of keeping silence and allowing innocent persons deceived. Innocent soul that supposed to have come to SCOAN for their healing but dead ignorantly  because they were misled by these haters of good thing.

We also call on the good people of the world to support this move since, many claim that faith healing is generous; they should call on those in authority to come to SCOAN and verify if this healing are true or not and if SCOAN is deceiving the world with their massive healing and deliverance shown on


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