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There have being different story from different individuals who claim, were one time involve in the ministry of  SCOAN, either as a worker or disciple, all of these persons have published their own story  about their personal experience in SCOAN. Many are these stories that, one find it difficult to believe that an ex-disciple of Tb Joshua will go these far, trying to destroy the image of their formal mentor publicly. Even a lot of persons, find it hard to believe that by any means, this set of persons written all this false story have had any affiliation with the ministry of Tb Joshua in the past.

These stories  are so many that it has become one of the  strong debate online among these unknown ex-disciples who claim were one time involve in the ministry of SCOAN. While a section of them have a bad story to tell about their experience in SCOAN,the others have a good story to tell about their experience in SCOAN and wished to come back to the ministry if the opportunity comes.

My major concern in this issue is on those claims of,  harassment, intimidation and oppression many of them claimed they experience in their stay in SCOAN. But we most first remand ourselves that, there are many disciple in SCOAN, some of them have beenthere in their teenage and are still their up till now working for God, and these set of ex-disciple that are complaining now came there to meet them, they were their fellow mate, they sleep in the same room, work together, attend disciple meeting together and many other activities they were doing together in their stay in SCOAN. How come those disciples were treated well andare still in SCOAN and these ex-disciples have one complain or the other to tell about the way they were treated.  Are they telling us,the other disciples presently in SCOAN are not seeing or experience what they claim was done to them in SCOAN or are they telling us they are wiser than those disciple in SCOAN including, the five wise men that were one time a disciples before, they get to the position they are now as wise men. We all know that, the five wise men did not get to the position they are right now the moment they came to SCOAN, they served the prophet for years as disciples,and even most of them have shared their story live on emmanuel.tv. They were close friends to some of these ex-disciples that have now tuned themselves into a specialized critics of SCOAN.  God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world, one of them wise man Harry went to U.S for a revival, and the program was a transformative experience to those that attended the revival program.

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

The five wise men were once disciples of Tb Joshua, they were train and mentor by him, God who knows the hearth of men reward the five wise men and they are all know all over the world

For these nose-dived ex-disciples to acknowledge their wrong by adjust their ways, then see if they can be called back to SCOAN again but instead, they end up positioning themselves as an enemy to their formal mentor. This show they never come to SCOAN with genuine motive in the first place or may be they thought that the prophet is a black African fool that will just give them the grace to heal and prophesiers when they just came to SCOAN under the name of discipleship, as if good things come that easily.  When they see that their desperation were not meet they went on castigating the prophet.They never told us were they get it wrong in their stay in SCOAN, as if they themselves are perfect, but they only tell us how they were treated badly, but we have had cases of spy action, espionage threat, SCOAN branch hijackers, disobedient, and anti- social behavior from some of these persons that called themselves ex-disciples, and they expect the public to believe their false story “who is fooling who”.

False hood by Ex-disciples

False hood by Ex-disciples

Tb Joshua never force any one to be a disciple of SCOAN, those who left for their home when they were tried of staying in SCOAN, were not force to remain. When most of these ex-disciple (not those who were still eager to come back), find out they were not comfortable with  their stay in SCOAN they left, why now coming out publicly to complain as if  they were force to come there in the first place or they told the people of the world that they were coming to SCOAN, they took the decision on their own, they were not force to SCOAN. Even when they come there, the prophet has to still consider them for an approver before they can stay with him.

My advice is for them to come back to God for forgiveness, many disciple in SCOAN are receiving their own delivered, who knows the force behind their actions they may need deliverance too.  As Christians we are very sensitive to the devises of Satan. Satan always give use a reasonable reason to take some actions that are not of God. Ask yourself, if all this actions of yours are approved by God, God will never support any one to judge and castigate another.  Also know that you cannot destroy SCOAN except, it’s not of God. Many have tried and failed, you will only end up seeing yourself fighting against your creator that established the ministry of Tb Joshua.


  1. A child that says is father will not sleep that child will not sleep, those that say they will not leave my prophet alone they will never have peace until they embrace God.


    • Sometimes I think satan was jealous to other angels as well as Adam and Eve, that is why he told them lies. So, these ex-disciples wondered why they were not chosen as Wise Men, they did not understand that our Prophet did not choose but God did. God will forgive them because they don’t know what they are saying, satan is behind this.


  2. Is it compulsory to be a wise man or prophet, tbj selected the men from the children and the children are complaining.


  3. This is what I posted on Watch TB Joshua and it was never displayed:

    You guys amaze me! First of all you prove yourselves wrong by calling yourselves “TB JOSHUA WATCH”. Why don’t u use your proper name? If the people who left TB JOSHUA Discipleship cannot provide u with their full names, something is wrong. You guys always want to convince the world that TB.JOSHUA is from satan. How come satan a destroyer as Jesus describes him can change and start doing good thing, in JESUS CHRIST’s Name, healing all sorts of diseases, chasing demons of all kind, helping the needy of all backgrounds and nationalities, reconciling broken marriages, and so many good things? You know what I am talking about, even more than I do. (I’ve never been to the SCOAN before.) But where else magicians are doing similar things-I mean all of those things at the same time? Where else devil worshippers are reconciling families using such a powerful name of Jesus? When Pharisees accused JESUS of using devil’s powers, He told them that satan cannot destroy himself… I hope you have read that or at least heard that… Many trusted servant of God have denied TB JOSHUA and same men and women are endorsing him, they now admit he is a genuine servant of God. The problems of people are 1).Fear that develops doubt about someone, that’s not bad. and 2). Pride that develops jealousy, that is very bad. If we fear that someone might not be in the ways of the true GOD, let’s check this in the light of His word. Though Emmanuel TV, I watch what TB JOSHUA does and listen to what he teaches, I have never seen any mistake, nothing evil. I understand that many fear and doubt because they thought miracles were supposed to happen in Jesus time only. Jesus is still the same. He promised to use those who truly obey Him to do even greater things. The 2nd problem is pride and jealous. Many servants are not obeying God’s word, they don’t believe genuinely with their hear, the never walked with GOD, they gained their servanthood through theological studies, they take the work of God as a secular job, they don’t pray even on holiday,… …
    … these servants of God who don’t pray even on holidays, they expect to use the Name of God whenever they want to do so. It doesn’t work at all. This proves something is wrong with their belief and their walk with God. Yes, maybe myself included. But I can’t have pride or jealousy towards someone or anyone who wholeheartedly walked with God since their childhood. My examples could be a dozen but I give you 2 cases: REINHARD BONNKE and TB JOSHUA. I read about them daily, I listen to them, always I watch what they do, they change my life every day. If someone thinks TB JOSHUA and others serve the devil and fake gods by doing the great things that we see worldwide. May the bring their powers out to do even greater things. May they expose and defeat even stop what TB JOSHUA and others are doing. My friends, religions of words without actions are useless, and, empty confessions of faith will save none. Let’s repent in truth, let’s drop our pride and listen what GOD is saying and accept what He is doing through His genuine Servants. My name is PJ, if you want to write me, my email is: abakristo@yahoo.fr


  4. Am prophet j.c and have being to scoan and have witnessed live God At work nt them say but live and direct ,and even the way they receive visitors and they dnt look down on people,the love Life of man of God,his inspiring Word of God,I URGE YOU DISCIPLE,INSTEAD OF RUNING FROM GOD,RUN TO GOD,bear in mind that no one can condemm whom the lord has not condemed.let us all face reality and 4get about false life experience and story,SCOAN IS INDEED ALL ABOUT;CHANGING LIFES,CHANGING NATIONS AND CHANGING THE WORLD:The More You Curse The Man Of God ,The More God Increases His Glory.THE BEST IS YET TO COME,EMMANUEL;GOD WITH US AND IF GOD WITH US NOBODY CAN BE AGAINST US!! HALLELUJAH.


  5. b/4 u talk about T.B.JOSHUA ferst check yuself, for no man that is bone again filld with holy spirit will ever talk angast man of GOD like T.B.JOSHUA, i thank my GOD that i did not know T.B.JOSHUA ministry when i m unbeliver or els i culed be cared awey by mayy doctring for selfish intrest of men angest him, one thing i want kristen to do is to try to transform threre mind with the word of GOD as they read there BIBLE than to folow men talk about the prohpet we dont conculed thing of GOD by what men say b/C the wold of GOD say u shueld seek the HOLY SPIRIT that when he come opone us he will teach us mor than man, many pepule have mad big mistake in there KRISTIEN life b/c they lack the SPIRIT of GOD and his knolage in them, after giving there life to KRIST they remian baby wathing on only there PASTOR or whoever may be there helper then it keeps( them domant that they dont invein know when there maters are going rong, as for me i thank GOD for still puring his SPIRIT opone FLESH as he promls in his word and i pray that he will give us mor men and women of GOD like T.B.JOSHUA.


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