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It is a well-known debate that Faith healing has being a controversial issue since the coming of modern scientific discovery of advance means of research in talking diseases and sickness. Some philosophers of science has always made the claims that religious belief belongs to history, science will replaces religion meaning, the modern man will no longer be interested in religious believes as time comes and they never support the ideal or believed in anything like faith healing. The religions bodies on their own parts especially the Christians have always stand their ground on the existence of God and faith healing to them, God is far greater than science after science is God; where science ends God starts.

It seems that in the modern ministry of the church, the ministry of Tb Joshua have come to prove to the world that those philosophers are wrong with their clams, not rely because he is the only minister of God that is involved in faith healing, the fact remains that there are other great ministers of God around the world that her involve in the faith healing business. But in the case of Tb Joshua’s ministry, the healing and life restoration taken place there is so massive and mind-blowing that some, medically cannot be treated makes many to wonder if those claims made by some philosophers of science about faith healing and the exits of religion believes in the modern world will come to reality especially now, that the man in the synagogue have anointed five wise men and more are coming he said, which include female (wise women), has established an unmistakable fact that the future of the world lays in the hands of the church of God, and those speculation made by the founders and philosophers of science will not see the light of the day for God is the creation of heaven and earth including science.

Doctors treat; God heals

Doctors treat; God heals

Tb Joshua does say that “Doctors treat; God heals, God is the one that motivate doctors to treat, medicine is Nature”. The prophet not just say it but prove it countless of times through the healing power of God in is life. The question is will medical scientist accept this proclamations made by the prophet of God. But going by historical record, it is well-known a fact that before the coming of scientific discovering and advanced research in the medical field, that man has been taken care of their sickness by herbs and through some spiritual means. In this Modern time, some part of the world like, Asia, Africa, etc. Still take herbs to take care of their sicknesses and diseases, and it has been proven to works for them. Many Tablets of today are made from herbs; God is the creator of herbs, nothing on this earth that man-made that does not comes from nature created by God.


Even Science and medicine have their own limitations, Hiv/Aids and many other deadly diseases in the world today do not have medical solutions. Most of the medical drugs invented by these medical scientists have their own side effect on their patient, more dangerous than the sickness it’s supposed to cure. We have seen many cases of persons that became deaf, blind, loss their womb and some sensitive part of their body after taking some medicated drug. But still the world don’t see anything wrong with that, but we were meant to understand by skeptics that divine healing is dangerous when even medical doctors have killed innocent persons . Are we now saying that medical healing is dangerous? No, but what we are saying here is that God is greater than science and the applauded science have is own limitation; God is the one that motivate medical scientist to treat and discover things. But it is unfortunates that man believed more of the created than the creator.

The annoying part of this is that some modern believers are supporting this false doctrine about divine healing, well sorry to say that these set of persons are not genuine Christians, a genuine Christian will know that both the old and new testament of the bible where faith inspiring and the bible never told us there will no longer be faith healing, but a promise to even do greater works than Him (Christ) if only we believed.

If the world can come to God humbly for guidance the issue of economic depression, deadly diseases, and predicament in the world will be over. When the prophet was taken about “divine economist” he made us to understand that the world economist are only dealing with the surface; they have not seen the real deep things to provided solution to the world economic problem, that does not mean they have not tried in solving the world economic problem but with divine economist on their side, the solution to the economic depression been face by the world today will emanate. This saying also applied to the medical field it is only divine advice from the one that have asses to both the visible and invisible world that can offer solution to all mankind health problems.



  2. Faith healing in SCOAN has being proven countless of time to be far more greater than medical healing. Does who are against faith healing are just wasting in ignorance, God is greater than medicine


  3. It is only God that can heal diseases, I have seen when doctors treat and healing never come but when God is involved their was healing


  4. Man knows that God is greater than Science but because of their sinful nature and they don’t want to be under is guide they pretend to his existence and superiority


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