The recent bomb blast at the Boston Marathon that killed at least three people and wounded more than 170 in Boston U.S. has being describe by many as a barbaric act of terrorism which should be sojourn and fight against by all means, though the nation Of America still don’t known those that are behind the act of the terror bombing at Boston Marathon, if it is a domestic or foreign trained terrorist group that are behind the attack is not yet known. But the U.S investigators have pledged to go ‘’to the end of the Earth’’ to find those that are behind the deadly bombing.

Just as the nation of America and family of those affected by the bomb blast are morning their dead and wounded, a question that is yet to be ask is, was the America citizens and government aware of the warning of this bomb blast beforehand, if aware what was their proactive action taking to prevent the occurrence of the bomb blast. The warning was “Gatherings should be avoided or well-secured/guarded”. The head pastor of the Synagogue church of all Nation Tb Joshua had beforehand gave continues warning to the nation of America and call for prayers and fasten on Monday due to a treat he see coming to the U.S homeland security. The prophet has continued to give this warning till is recent January19,2013 prophecy which he said, was a vision given to him by God when he went to the mountain for prayer.  Summary of the prophecy: ‘’I am seeing flames; a bomb blast; massacre in a gathering of people; home land security should be tight, tight, tight; Gatherings should be avoided or well secured/guarded”.

When this prophecy was given nothing was done by the America government they overlooked the whole prophecy, they see the warning as another black Africa scam from the Nigeria prophet to either gain another world attention or any other reason best known to them for not taking the warning serious. Now the ugly incidence have occurred the American government are now talking of finding the perpetrator ‘’ to the end of the Earth; when the end of the Earth already lies in our fore head’.


When will the nations of the world going to start listen to the voice of God, why does the world seems to have chosen the ways of their senses and mind than the marvelous light of God that bring peace. Even If Christ come from heaven today the world will still not believed in him, the man in the synagogue have proven itself countless of time from his different world prophesy he have given in the past, that has come to fulfillment. He has publicly stated it countess of time that there is nothing that take place in any part of the world that God those not shown to him except, he just want to keep quite. Tb Joshua do say ‘’you may hate me but don’t ignore my words’’, this is not the first prophesy that Tb Joshua have prophesy about the nation of America that have come to fulfillment and the government have always choose to remain silence when these prophesy are given. What I really do not understand is, why do the America government choose to be silent on prophesy like this that have to do with citizens lives, even if the government never come to the prophet for profound solution to the problem, what is their personal role taken to prevent the occurrences of these incidence after the prophecy was made.

It is hard time for the world government to start listening to the voice of God if will don’t want Satan havoc to continue to succeed in our life and nations, Satan is the cause of killing, stealing and destruction. Know that those that are against the voice of God are working for their master Satan knowing or unknowingly, Satan is disguising itself among the people to commits havoc against the children of God and also turning the hearing of the people against the voice of God. Let this Boston bombing be a lesson not just to America but to every other nations of the world, God is still speaking to is people the world should always learn not to ignore is voice because in his voice there is life, peace, hope and safety. May God bless America and give them the grace to continue to listen to the voice of God. Amen.


  1. i wonder for how long america and its allies and the world in general will continue to pay deaf ears to God’s instructions coming from his mouthpiece,T B Joshua, when actually the lives of its precious citizens are at tstake.I pray that God grants us all listening ears,IJN,Amen.


  2. When God’s servant speak the wise listen, Tbj is a real man of God it is high time the world should embrace him, and listen to his world


  3. Tbj is a blessing to our generation, he has continue to prove itself beyond doubt, if only the world can listen to his voice, their will be peace in the world


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