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One of the greatest significant of the ministry of Tb Joshua to humanity has started unfolding, and this is the world prophecy and advice to nations of the world. Tb Joshua has being involved in the prophetic ministry right from the unset of his ministry, he has prophecy on different world event in the past like the princess Diana’s death and others, though during this period SCOAN was not well-known then compare to now. But in recent, the man in the Synagogue is now involved in giving world prophesy and advice to nations of the world on the best way to handle treat and crisis both internal and external among the nations of the world. These prophecies are so clear and informative, but not taken seriously by those concerned. We have cases were the prophet will even send a personal message, but they never listen to his advice. It is just like the political crisis between formal Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo and the current president Quattara, the prophet advised Gbagbo not to contest in the last election that took place in 2010, he said the outcome will lead to two captains in one ship and at the end of the crisis, he (Gbagbo) will be put to shame, but he never listen and later face the consequence of disobeying the voices of God. Is it the America Colorado mass shooting in July 20, 2012, the November 2012 election day mass shooting and the recent Boston Marathon bombing that killed at least three people and wounded more than 170 in Boston, that the prophet explicitly advice that “Gatherings should be avoided or well-secured/guarded”in the United State, and many other world prophesy given by the prophet that have come to pass and yet none of them were taking seriously.

let love lead in the world 2

Tb Joshua, watching over the planet the planet for us

Tb Joshua has continued to play his role as a prophet of all nation, it may look amateur to your hearing, but the fact remains that Tb Joshua have proven itself as the world spiritual father appointed from above, he have stated countless of time that there is nothing that happen in any part of the world he does not know about but, sometimes choose not to say it because of the world reaction. Just like the football prophecy, he recently resigns from because of human negative reaction to it. A match that have not being played and may take two to three weeks to play the match, but  the man in the synagogue will tell the world that he has already watch the match, he knows who, when and how the players will score (by head or foot) and the total score line of the game. You may say that Paul the Octopus do predict football game. Well, Octopus only tell us the team that will win the game but Tb Joshua tell use both the team that will win, how they will win, the game total score line and the player that will score or miss the goal. He gave more details about the game compare to that of the octopus and even Tb Joshua do give other world prophesy apart from football prophecy.

Many have misunderstood these world prophesy as a desperate attempt by the prophet to gain world recognition and attention some even claim that he is capitalizing on people’s misfortune (prophecy of tragedy) to promotes itself and his ministry around the world. The fact remains that those saying are not really true, because, this prophecy were given as a warning signal for those concerned to take proactive measure by seeking the face of God to prevent the occurrence of the prophecy but when they refuse to listen to the voice of God through his prophet then, they should be ready to face the consequence.  Tb Joshua cannot force the world to obey his prophecy, even the past prophecy he gave that they never listen, have no effect on him in any way. Just that, it look sad when you give an instruction and nobody listen and the whole thing you wanted to prevent now unfold, it is very sad.

Prophet has being one of the greatest figures in the Old Testament and even in the new testament of the Bible, prophet and prophetess plays a key role in the ministry of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.  But in this modern time human have more faith in reasoning and fact than the voice of God and we human are capable of reasoning in error because every 99% of human reasoning is always back up with self-interest which may not go well with the issue at hand. But a true prophet that has an insight into the real deep things of God beyond human reasoning that can bring lasting solution to the world crisis we are face today.


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  3. Tb Joshua is my father, and so it will continue to be no matter what, I love you daddy tbj for watching over the planet for us


  4. True man of God, be blessed abundantly, be blessed in all you have and do. Me and my family are so much blessed by watching Emmanuel.TV and I am glad that I am alive to witness God’s hand working through the true man of GOD, stay blessed and blessed in Jesus Christ’s name……………………… Amen!!!


  5. Prophet Tb Joshua is a real man of God. I love him and his messages are true all the time revealing the deep things of God


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