SCOAN has been in a great battle against the kingdoms of darkness, by exposing them and disconnecting many souls from their bondage through the power of Holy Ghost. From this deliverance, many are very much aware that the present catastrophes in the world today are caused by Satan through possessing demons. Satan is a spirit; he performs his atrocities through human body, and has succeeded in using this medium to deceive the elite in the society through false doctrine and ideologies that comes from the pit of hell. Know that many crusaders of anti-faith healing and deliverance are doing the work of their master, Satan knowingly or unknowingly to them. We humans should not allow the opinion and believes of others to influences us because this world is beyond the way we see it, nothing should be taking for granted your believed about anything can not alter its reality. Because you have not had a personal experience about something, does not make it untrue, we should not be influenced by what we see or hear because it might be a disguise; we should always learn to take a neutral stand until we have a personal encounter. Skeptic words and believes does not change the reality of Gods existence, except you choose to accept what they want you to believe. The world today is full of charming tongues trying to deceive you against reality. For there is great differences between facts and reality, the world today is operating under fact whereas, fact changes but God never change.

Deliveriance-in-jesus-name.jpgOn the earlier post, we make our readers to understand how Satan is trying hard to deceive human against Gods real existence. Satan and his agent who are already judged and condemned for eternity want man to suffer with him in the pit of hell, in other to achieve this; he uses false prophets and pastors to misinterpret the bible to cause confusion in the body of Christ. Satan have succeeded to introduce some ideologies and philosophy to make Christianity looks incorrect and thereby making the children of God to lost focus about their relationship with Christ. It may be hard for you to hear that as at today, many persons have ignorantly got possessed and initiated through the internet in some social network sites into the kingdoms of Satan, many doubting Thomas may call me a chump but that is the truth we have seen so many of them in SCOAN receiving their deliverance, I repeat “nothing should be taking for granted; this world is beyond the way we see it”.

I LIVE IN HELL: Satan’s Senior Demon Exposed!!!

We called magic trick, but how come you can use a trick to change a human into snake, to fly like a bird, to make a bird to start talking like human and others, don’t you think there are spiritual forces (demons) behind it, but Satan look for a name to give it so that it may look suitable to human reasoning and acceptance, when deliverance started in SCOAN many skeptic claim those persons were paid, but when it became so massive running to millions including great personalities; prominent men and women in the society, it was now turned from paying them to hypnotizing them. Can’t you see Satan is very cunning. Remember the bible says , Satan is as wise as a serpent, he always create a word and give it meaning to tune human away from the realities of God’s existence and power

Tb Joshua is a light from God to save humanity from this dark world. This has being proven countless of times in the life of the prophet. The kingdom of darkness is fighting back in other to stop the mighty work of God being done by the prophet and the wise men. Every service day, thousands of persons are delivered and set free in SCOAN, they are taking from darkness to the marvelous light of God, and do we expect the kingdom of Satan to be happy? No, they will never be happy instead they are fighting back by attacking him spiritually and physically (by blasphemers and seducers) and we all know they will never succeed because the God in SCOAN is greater than any plan of the evil ones.


  1. may God help the prophet to continue with is great works, and may any works of satan be distroled in Christ Jesus


  2. I love this work going on at the SCOAN. Jesus said, “Satan can’t & wouldn’t cast out satan or else his kingdom would not be able to stand!” T.B. Joshua & the wise men are true disciples of our living Lord Jesus, the Christ!


  3. What a great work we that is set before our eyes. Many longed to see Such but never did. We are very privaledged to live in a time such as this. Let’s continue to pray for the blind eyes to be opened to this. To see great and mighty things that no eye has seen nor ear heard. I Love Prophet TB Joshua!!!


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