TB Joshua is on it again, the enemies of the people of God, are at their works again. A report from some Ghana news site claims that the man in the synagogue, Tb Joshua who recently visited the nation of Ghana for a program is under investigation from a report in which the church guards of SCOAN Ghana ,locked up four Journalists, who illegally without permission came to video and cover the program of the prophet.

Now let’s come to the basis, the ministry of TB Joshua is one of the ministries that has always being open to media and journalists and it was clearly stated in the news report that TB Joshua is media friendly. But when the ministry found out that some of the recorded videos and report of most of these journalist where use not only against the ministry of SCOAN but sometimes against persons that were delivered during church service in SCOAN. You can go to YouTube to see most of these videos yourself that were recorded and used against the ministry of SCOAN. With the thousands of complain the ministry of SCOAN has being receiving from victims of this ungodly act, whereby some persons were using their deliverance and confession in SCOAN against them, the ministry of SCOAN started granting permission to only those media house and journalist that are credible and have good intentions with their reports. Even in the nation of Ghana we have seen so many reports of persons who got delivered on, that their deliverance where misinterpreted by journalist and were used to rubbish them in public.

The ministry of SCOAN is not against any media or Journalist, even on this issue of misconduct, the prophet have nothing to do with it, for the prophet will never let anybody to lock up journalists for illegality, the prophet is not aware of the lock up of the four journalist, but anything that one has to do, such should go through the right channel not illegally for the report clearly stated that those journalist where not permitted to come and cover the event and I believe that before the church guards took their actions they first warned the journalists to leave the place. Just as one commentator said you cannot just come to someone’s house and do whatever you want to do, it is wrong, you must first take permission. Who knows what they really come for; it may be for evil which the ministry of SCOAN has experienced before.

So my advice go to the nation of Ghana, the bible tells us that Satan is the cause of confusion, we should not allow Satan to hinders the great work God is about to do in the nation of Ghana. All of this is mere satanic devices and we all should be very careful about the way we handles this issue.


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  2. The simple question is, did SCOAN grant the journalist permit, No, which is illegality. Tbj have right to is own privacy, so this people should just leave that daddy alone.


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