The anointing water given to us by God through his servant, TB Joshua, is only a medium GOD Almighty is using to heal the sick, bless the poor and reach out to the world at large. God has been using this medium (the anointing water) to show himself great in the midst of men and we all must be grateful to God for choosing to reach out to us through this medium.

A SCOAN critic said that Prophet TB Joshua admits that his new anointing water is pointless; this is not true at all as the prophet has consistently insisted that God Almighty provides the anointing while he only provides the water showing clearly how humble he is. God has always used different mediums to express Himself to mankind, and those things he use are always common among men, but only become effective to do healings and wonders after it has being anointed and empowered by God through is prophets and massagers.

There are different incidences in the bible when God used certain items to heal and bless people, for example, Act 19:11-12, in this scripture, handkerchief and aprons were taken from the body of Paul the apostle to heal the sick and to cast out evil spirits. Take Note, these aprons and handkerchief had to make contact with Paul first who was the bearer of God’s anointing as prophet TB Joshua is today, meaning not just any handkerchief or aprons could be taken to the sick as these critics have said that any water or tap water could be used by the sick to get healed, but known that it is only the one that has being anointed by God through the body of Paul that only heal the sick and cast out demons. Remember the bible said that in the last days men will misinterpret the bible to suite themselves and this is just what this critics are doing. We that are true believers should not listen to this kind of individuals who are only there to cause confusion in the body of Christ instead of preaching salvation; we should know that the bible is our standard and not men’s formulated theology to deceive the world. Even, the rod of Moses in the bible had to be anointed by God before it was used to performing wonders which previously was not possible.

I think we all should embrace God’s gift to mankind, in the person of TB Joshua and stop trying to fight against God.


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