TB Joshua- The Saviour of the World

TB Joshua- The Saviour of the World

His ministry was once a “local champion” in the remote area of Ikotun- Egbe, Lagos Nigeria, but due to persecution, intimidation and rejection by his own people and nation, TB Joshua also known as the man in the synagogue has now become an international figure not just in African but in the world. The Synagogue church of all Nation as the name implies has being a channel of change for all nations of the world. In the arena of liberty, God has continued to use is prophet and the wise men to affect lives and nations of the world both spiritually and physically. Those who are in bondage and tribulation are been set free by the laying of hands by the prophet and wise men. In terms of given, the ministry of SCOAN is notable for is humanitarian activities both locally and internationally, the ministry gives out scholarship, take care of the needy, hopeless and also the widows in the society.

Whenever I see all this great things that God is using the wise men and the prophet to do in the lives of many around the world, I usually ask myself if SCOAN was not in existence, how this world will have look like. Here is a world without love, those with conscience are victimized, Occultism and Satanism are the order of the day. But in all of this, God have chosen to send a light to this dark world, to help humanity from the bondage of Satan and his agent who are the cause of evil in the world today. In the history of humanity right from the old to the new testament of the bible, God has always send a mediator from above to save the world from the hands of the evil ones, the coming of Tb Joshua to the world at this point in time is not a coincidences, it is divinely plan from above to redeem the world, the world at this moment is under the bondage of Satan and the evil ones but, with the ministry of Tb Joshua the works of Satan will be put to not in the life of God’s children. Christ came to restore the relationship between God and man but it is unfortunate that man have derailed and this have given Satan the chance to place man under his bondage, but thank God that TB Joshua have come to take man away from the bondage of Satan in to the marvelous light of God.

We call on those who are willing to hear our voice to embrace the God of Tb Joshua, the man in the Synagogue is a gift to the world lets used him, we should not allow sentiment and hatred to overshadow us because time is short, the world don’t know what will happen next after is departure, lets embrace him for the world to be in peace and Satan be put to shame.


  1. T B Joshua is surely a gift to humanity…………God bless you prophet and the five wisemen,the best is yet to come.


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