TB Joshua and SCOAN; a beginners guide

TB Joshua with his right hand in prayer on the new anointing sticker

TB Joshua with his right hand in prayer on the new anointing sticker

African clergymen and Nigerian pastors
to be precise are known globally today not only for their spiritual or evangelism work but notably for their lifestyles of affluence. This has made them to be generally tagged ‘prosperity preachers’. They have as well been criticized for hood winking, manipulating and live exotic lives at the expense of the poor masses that they exploit in the name of Christianity. This has made prophet tb Joshua to be acknowledged as a distinguished man of God who’s primary goal is to provide spiritual and physical succor to the needy in society particularly the down trodden. While signs and wonders are daily phenomena in his ministry, just the way it was as recorded in the book of mark 16:20: ‘then the disciples went out and preached everywhere and the lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs the accompanied it”, Prophet TB Joshua’s evangelism goes well beyond miracles, predictions and signs and wonders, He is a prophet cum philanthropist, humanitarian worker and a social entrepreneur. Prophet tb Joshua’s humanitarian effort touches the needs of widows, orphans, the physically challenged and those affected by disaster. The global humanitarian and Philanthropic activities of Prophet TB Joshua show that the synagogue leader is a passionate man of God with humanitarian aspiration. To decipher his evangelistic work from his humanitarian and philanthropic desire, in order to ensure the actualization of both goals; tb Joshua has set up an entirely different Ministry in the humanitarian arm of the synagogue. The work of this arm covers catering for the needs of widows, orphans, the disabled, the displaced and other disadvantaged members of society such as dwarfs, the elderly, physically challenged and destitute. Tb Joshua has also established various NGOs in their countries including the passion for needy in Ghana.

Though the work of the humanitarian arm of the synagogue and the NGOs, the church provides scholarship to orphans and children of the underprivileged with educational support given from primary to tertiary levels. There is also a rehabilitation Programme for armed robbers, prostitutes and for people from Nigeria’s volatile Niger-Delta region. Tb Joshua is well known in Nigeria for reconciling broken families and marriages.

Prophet TB Joshua and his representatives have shown prominent presence I disaster affected and crisis ridden part of the world, providing leadership in the process of rehabilitation and reconciliation. He has visited, prayed and provided material and financial assistance to so many such areas. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Joshua sent a team of medical personnel and humanitarian workers to the affected area, establishing a field hospital called ‘Clinique Emmanuel’.

In 2009 tb Joshua started a football club. MY PEOPLE FC, as part of efforts to help the youth.Two members of the team played for Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets in the 2009 FIFA U-17 WORLD CUP. Sani Emmanuel, who apparently lived in the SCOAN for several years, was Nigeria’s top-scorer and the tournaments Most Valued Player. Emanuel and his colleague Ogenyi Onazi have since signed professional contractswith European clubs and are representing in bigger stages.

A globally respected billionaire, estimated by Forbes to have spent over $20 million on humanitarian activities, Prophet TB Joshua hasbeen awarded various accolades in recognitionof his consistent humanitarian activities. He has notably received the National honor of Order of the federal republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008. Besides the national honor, what could perhaps be described as the biggest icing on his humanitarian cake was his mention among the world’s leading faith healers by America’s TIMEMagazine.

To many, the TIME Magazine recognition coupled with the National Honor of Order of the Federal republic (OFR) by the government in recognition of his humanitarian activities ought to be a great source of pride to many, but not to the synagogue man. He described TIME Magazine recognition and the national honours as belonging to God, noting that a lot of people, Organization and government, both at home and abroad and even foreign missionshave been honoring the grace of God upon his life.

A humble and humane to a fault, despite being a global brand, TB Joshua is not carried away by the frenzies of fame and wealth like other Nigerians he rather recognizes his person and essences in life as an act of God. He recognizes himself as a mortal man like anyone else on the street; noting the grace of God in his life as the only difference that separates him from other people on the street. Tb Joshua as well acknowledges that difference to be the result of his early life of lack and want which has compelled him not to close his eyes to the needy. The background ofthe synagogue prophet shows that he knows and understands what it is to be poor and without money, what it is to be hungry, what itmeans to be under the embrace of God’s grace.

Despite the various evidence of the affirmationof his miracles and predictions, Prophet TB Joshua is one of the most criticized men of Godon the continent of Africa and beyond. Notwithstanding, most of the people who criticize and in most instances persecute TB Joshua, particularly clergy men are said to be moved by jealous and envy as he seems to expose fake ministries by his tremendous charities without begging for money. Anyone who is a true seeker of truth can know in the light of the scriptures that for sure there is a prophet among us no matter the odds. Besides, it has been so with all prophets of God. TB Joshua is undoubtedly a global brand and a true shepherded whose marks will remain indelible on the global sands of time aswell as evangelism, humanitarian and philanthropic history of the world.


13 thoughts on “TB Joshua and SCOAN; a beginners guide

  1. TB Joshua is the best among all this so called men of God expecially those that are criticising him, who can’t even do an atom of what God have done through tbj.


  2. Tb Joshua is to us today as men like Winglesworth, A.A.Allen, etc were to their generations. He is my mentor.


  3. Emmanuel,i am greatful to the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua because through the power in the annointíng stikers i have obtained both spirital and physical breakthrough.Better isnt goód enough,the best is yet to come in Jesus name.Amen


  4. when i see tb joshua, i am reminded of God’s love. he has taught me how to pray. he has made me to become who i am today even if we havent met facially. he has respect for everyone he sees. i pray that one day i will be able to afford transport money to visit his country and share my many testimonies, in Jesus name ,amen


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