A Call for Informed Criticism and Good Journlaism

Accurant and credible informations Improved the quality of onces life

Accurant and credible informations Improved the quality of onces life

The tendency to make snap judgments and hasty generalisations is a common failure among humans, irrespective of race, regional location and even educational background. The insuitable consequence is that opinions and actions arising from such judgement and generalism are ill-informed, misguided and of poor quality. Hence, one is charged to consciously source accurate and credible informations before one run into conclusion. This will result in an improvement in the quality of ones life.

The synagogue church of all nation at present stands as one of the most criticise churches in the world nationally and internationally. This is by no means a recent development as this “accusing fingers” have remained pointing their hands at this rapidly growing ministry since it was founded by prophet TB Joshua with the most “eyebrows raised” in doubt of the authenticity of the life-enhancing miracles he regularly performs in the name of Jesus. The phrase “life enhancing”used above to qualify the miracles was purposely selected to express the positive and life changing impacts of these miracles in the life of many beneficiaries, a fact most critics choose to ignore, as such admission will “call to questions” the motives of the critics.

A large number of persons has being mislead with false stories and incorrect information about Scoan, some have went ahead to criticise TB Joshua admittedly have never paid a visit to Scoan HQ in Lagos, Nigeria or interviewed a devotee of scoan (who is sure to furnish the interviewer with accurate information), watch a Scoan network live broadcast or even read Scoan publications. But, allow them self to be mislead by what they read and hear without sound knowledge of the credibility of the information and the informant on that particular subject.

How then does one obtain credible information on the subject? There is excessive dependence on unreliable source nursing questionable motives for information others deliberately publicise malicious and false information to discredit the scoan ministry (BBC and Sky News Report ).

This article does not seek to discredit any fore-mentioned news agency or to play the “devils advocate”, it is a call for integrity and responsibility in information acquisition, processing, dissemination and application.

5 thoughts on “A Call for Informed Criticism and Good Journlaism

  1. The subject Tb Joshua and Scoan remains the most controvecial issue in this world, this alone goes a long way to prove the authenticity of Scoan and is treat to the kidgdom of darkness.


  2. It is hard to see a genuine and authentic information from this our present day journalist all their 96 percent of their information are either false or bails just like the recent shaara Report on Scoan, an any ignorant persons will be believe the false story


  3. TB Joshua is a great man of God let those hatters of good go to hire, TB Joshua will remain great no matter what any one write or say


  4. Scoan and the rulres world of darkness of this world are on a great battle their agent are those journalist and news media that are written false story to decieved the public about the prophet and scoan


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