Untold secrets behind Violence at TB Joshua’s Church

I have often wondered if Jesus were walking the earth in this 21st century of ours, how onlookers would have reacted when he lavishly applied his saliva to a blind man’s eyes by spitting on him; using a mixture of mud, his saliva and “river-wash” to effect a cure. What would virtuous people have said of him if they head him angrily cursing a tree because he found no fruits on it? Or what would merchants at a certain temple (turned market) say of him after he got in a fit of rage (with a whip in hand) and drove them all out, destroying their merchandise – overturning their tables, ruining everything they’ve labored for?… all these manners from a man whose ministry lasted just three years. (If he had stayed longer in the flesh they would have observed more “misdeeds”) What sort of reports do you think the news media would be publishing on him? What sort of content would you have to read if you googled “Jesus” on the web?  It would most likely not be “character-wise” encouraging by the least bit. He would have had myriads of lawsuits pending and allegations leveled against him.

What the unbelieving world would have done to this 21st Century Jesus is precisely what they’re now doing to the Man TB Joshua, except that in TB Joshua’s case it’s no imagination, but the stark reality for a ministry of over two decades. On the internet front, as a follow-up to their last post on Nosa Osaghae to which we responded, the latest in their seemingly unending series of allegations against the Man of God TB Joshua is that of more violence reported at his church. Most hurtful of them was a report a supposed ex-disciple posted:

I saw TB Joshua slap disciples both men and women *** I saw him whip disciples *** and numerous times he would make disciples kneel *** as punishment. (Exaggerative adjective(s) omitted).

Aside from the fact that the allegations in their reports are merely “hear-say” and thus not good admissible evidence, it makes quite a distasteful read – the alleged reaction from TB Joshua without any details whatsoever of the circumstances, event, or series of events that evoked such a reaction from him. Is this a supposition that this was a purely unjust and unwarranted treatment? I seriously doubt that.  Imagine being required by these TB Joshua critics to believe a smoke that exits without fire. How preposterous! Does TB Joshua move about daily smacking and lashing every tom dick and harry that comes his way? I suppose not. They must be consoling themselves for failing at SCOAN by complaining of the disciplinary measures taken against them without stating their various misbehaviors on which account they were disciplined. These alleged reports would only have been worth considering if they had been unprejudiced enough to indicate the cause (whether justifiable or not) that resulted in the alleged [unwarranted] effect. (Perhaps they intentionally omitted this for fear that this would justify his actions; it might have been such that if prosecuted would mean a jail term for the subject, who knows? )

Jesus flogging the merchants at the temple

Jesus flogging the merchants at the temple

That these TB Joshua critic bloggers entertained and published these one sided, exaggerated and majorly fabricated reports about TB Joshua, without highlighting the circumstance(s) preceding the alleged reactions of the prophet openly exposes their sinister fault finding conspiracy against TB Joshua. So much to the extent that they’re ready to jump on just about any allegation made against him like dogs on a bone. Nearly every ardent viewer of emmanuel tv live services can relate to TB Joshua being a disciplined leader, but not a blood-thirsty tyrant as his ex-disciple critics are trying to paint him before unsuspecting readers to cover up for their own pitfalls.
A very reasonable commenter by the alias vengi once in response to an ex-disciple expressed her opinion on TB Joshua being a much disciplined leader and said;

As a human being who he is, he has his own character – Maybe heavy handed. He is a manager managing people around him and needs a specific leadership style which you know since you lived with him. You could assess him on two fronts, as a manager and as a pastor.

A foreign visitor healed of spinal degeneration which made him unable to walk while sharing his testimony in SCOAN had this to say;

We visitors from other countries, over ten thousand of us are hosted here per week, we come here, we get prayed for, we get healed, delivered and we’re happy, do we ever stop to consider the people working with this man of God, their focus, the energy they expend daily, the discipline maintained in this environment, how everyone is at the top of their toes working tirelessly round the clock to ensure that we receive what we have come for. That’s what I call leadership and aside from taking home what we’ve come for let us take that with us as well.

In the final analysis, it may prove futile refuting an eyewitness account (since I wasn’t there), and a bit unfair to lay the burden of proof on mere eyewitness accounts. Nevertheless, if they accuse TB Joshua of lashing a disciple, whether it be untrue or otherwise, I recall Jesus Himself in John 2:13-16 using a whip of cords (which he himself made) as a disciplinary measure in expelling the merchants from the temple (all the canonical gospels give an account of this), if they accuse him of smacking disciples and making them kneel as discipline; whether it be untrue or otherwise, we have record of Jesus often “REBUKING” his disciples, though scripture is silent on the nature of rebuke, that it may have involved both these measures isn’t far-fetched for someone who could make good use of a whip on people at a marketplace. He who has ears let him hear. If I’m not mistaken, it appears the number of foreign disciples in SCOAN is even increasing; the advent of the WISEMEN may have largely influenced this, at least people now know that if they train under TB Joshua they can become exactly like him. All the ex-disciple alleged reports of TB Joshua misconduct are purely despicable excuses for their failures at SCOAN, since their colleagues are still soldiering on in the way of the cross. They didn’t tell the world they were going to SCOAN; they should stop telling the world now that they’ve left after being blown away like chaff from wheat.



5 thoughts on “Untold secrets behind Violence at TB Joshua’s Church

  1. who really care about what this tbjoshua watch guys are saying they are all lies, they should get a better job doing it is only fools that will believe all this fake stories.


    • @hoil
      very well said hoil,noone cares about these evil people.Hundreds of people keep going to scoan to seek the face of God.Praise the Almighty God who puts them to shame!


  2. When will this guys just leave the prophet alone, tbj is busy changen the lifes of many all over the world, this jobless guys are busy formulating fake story to bring him down, for sure they will never succeed, they are just wasting their time


  3. Prophety tbjoshua is rearly a man of God .nathing a person can complain abaut hm .I am happy we are Blessed with hm


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