T.B. Joshua Receives Ambassador of Peace Award

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Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award

Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award to TB Joshua

The Arewa Youth Form, Northern Nigeria came to The SCOAN to present Prophet T.B. Joshua with a prestigious merit award as an Ambassador of Peace.

National Director of Public Affairs, Arewa Youth Forum, Benue, Nigeria, Bello Abdulhamid, said they came to The SCOAN because of love which the man of God has always demonstrated irrespective of barriers of race, religion, creed or ethnicity. Speaking on behalf of the northern states of Nigeria, he said that Kaduna, Yobe, Plateau, Kano and Jigawa States are all beneficiaries of the trailers of rice that Prophet T.B. Joshua sends.

He said, “Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man with phenomenal vision. He shows a deep sense of compassion and unconditional love. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a blessing not only to us in Nigeria but also the international community. Prophet T.B. Joshua is the very first man of God that we are visiting and honouring. Our independent assessment has shown that The SCOAN has been committed to provide not only for the spiritual but also for the physical wellbeing of people”.

Addressing his nation, he said, “Fellow Nigerians, we are here because of the love we see in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. We need love to come together as a nation. Where there is love, there is no killing, stealing or destruction. Where there is love, there is no segregation. Love is the solution to our problems in Nigeria”.

Explaining the reason why The Arewa Youth Forum chose to come to The SCOAN, he said that they are looking for men and women of love for consultation for the way out for this country.

The National President of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo, said that they have picked Prophet T.B. Joshua as a leader to bring back the lost love in Nigeria.

Isa Kurgui, the National Vice President, North-Central, Arewa Youth Forum said that in a society where there is love, you can sleep without locking your door, you can go anywhere without fear. He concluded by saying that from this day henceforth, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the Grand Patron of Northern Nigerian Youths.

The congregation rose to their feet clapping as Prophet T.B. Joshua was presented with the award as Philanthropist Par Excellence Ambassador of Peace.

Standing side by side with them, the Prophet explained to the world his reason for accepting this award during the live service. He said, “I will receive this award in order to join them to bring peace to some troubled spots in our nation, Nigeria”.

Sam Samuel


6 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua Receives Ambassador of Peace Award

  1. wow this is great, the prophet truly deserve this award, he is a man that preached love for all no matter your denomination, religion, race, i love TB Joshua he is a man of love, is nature is love, he is a product of love, God bless SCOAN and TB Joshua.


  2. I watched it yesterday it was really a great experience, i pray for peace and unity among the muslim and christain in Nigeria, Tb Joshua is a symbol of unity not only in Nigeria but in the world at large.


  3. May God Almighty continue to bless my Daddy Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wisemen and may God bless Nigeria. Thank You, Jesus!!!


  4. The extent of love he shows and extended to people regardless of religion or ethnicity is really wonderful…… how much better dis country will be if fellow ministers of God and political leaders can show love like this……
    thousands of life has been changed through God using dis prophet…


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