Another history was made at the synagogue church of all nation, Lagos Nigeria, on August 4th, 2013. A group of unexpected persons from the Northern part of Nigeria, Arewa Youth Forum, a group known for representing the interest of Northern Nigeria which are predominately Muslim, came to give the charismatic Prophet of our time a prestigious merit award of is kind, an Ambassador Of Peace. This unexpected occurrence have more to say about the persons of TB Joshua, especially with the persons that are involve in this award presentation, the Nigeria Muslim community. Things of this kind have never took place before in the nation, Nigeria. Nigeria as a nation have experience several occurrence of religion crisis, just as the present killing and bombing by the Islamic sect Boko Haram is still fresh in the mind of everyone, a group which claim they want to create an Islamic state in northern part of Nigeria, an at this same particular point in time, when the nation is battling insurgent with a religion ideology have more to tell about the love impact TB Joshua have show in Nigeria and the International Community irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity.

TB Joshua has remain an advocate for Love and unity since the beginning of his ministry, Scoan, and the Muslims community in Nigeria recognized this great teaching of the prophet. A Muslim group of such have never give such a recognition of this scale to a man of God in the nation of Nigeria, here was what the National Director of Public Affairs, Arewa Youth Forum, Benue, Nigeria, Bello Abdulhamid said, He said,

“Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man with phenomenal vision. He shows a deep sense of compassion and unconditional love. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a blessing not only to us in Nigeria but also the international community. Prophet T.B. Joshua is the very first man of God that we are visiting and honoring. Our independent assessment has shown that The SCOAN has been committed to provide not only for the spiritual but also for the physical well being of people”

TB Joshua calling for Love for their to be unity and pease in the world

TB Joshua calling for let Love lead

If a group from the northern part of Nigeria, that is not a Christian, can recognize this great Love in the persons of TB Joshua and see the impact of his Love, if embrace by all will bring unity to his nation and the international community then, their is need for other men of God to emulate this great prophet of our time. Nigeria and other nations in the world is experiencing crisis today because Love is lost among those many look up to for example and mentorship, let learn to show and act love, let love Lead, if the world will emulate this great teacher of our time, TB Joshua the world will be a better place for all.

TB Joshua is a symbol of unity and love, he has show it countless of time, even when those who which him evil in time past comes for forgiveness he do show them more love more than to be unexpected by the persons from him.

The Nation of Nigeria need to rethink if they want the present crisis in the Northern part of the nation to come to an end, the leaders need to start acting and showing love. It is a blessing to have TB Joshua in your nation, all need to come together as one to map out how to uplift the nation from its present challenges irrespective of tribe, race, religion. Just as Bello Abdulhamid also said that,

“Fellow Nigerians, we are here because of the love we see in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. We need love to come together as a nation. Where there is love, there is no killing, stealing or destruction. Where there is love, there is no segregation. Love is the solution to our problems in Nigeria”

Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award

Presentation of the Ambassador of Peace Award

TB Joshua is an embodiment of love, he is a gift to the world sent by God to save mankind irrespective of where you come from. When the world begin to key in this great teaching of love, their will be peace and unity among world leaders and nations of the world.

Those who are still not convince about the authenticity of the grace of God in the persons of TB Joshua, should rethink and ask them self this question

“If Satan can impact on the life of many at this magnitude then; where is God that is all powerful and merciful, is it that Satan has taken over from God”

We all know that is impossible, the God in scoan is the creator of heaven and earth and that God will continue to uplift TB Joshua’s day in and day out in Christ Jesus Amen.


  1. We are sons and daugthers of love, let love lead, i world without love is dead and hopeless. Tb Joshua act love, do love, preach love, he is an embodiment of love, when you see him you see love.


  2. It is hightime the christain community in Nigeria start to rethink on their hatred for Tb Joshua, The key to Nigeria greatness is in the hand of the prophet. The crisis in the northern part of the country today may what God want to use to reconcile the church and the nation irrespective of religion and ethnicity. Peace is on is way coming to the nation all should embraces it and let keep hatred at side.


  3. TB Joshua is the Pride of the black race, the person TB Joshua have more to tell about the deep love God have for Africa specifically Nigerians, it do beat my imagination when we blacks do not really know what God have done for us for sending a messiah into our continent. What happen in scoan can not be seen in any where else around the world. What a blessing to be borne to experience this great man of God of our time.


  4. Tb Joshua is the greatest man in the world, Africa is too small for the great gift that have being given to this man by God, waiting for UN Peace Award, the Prophet is dew for the award, it has even taken a long time what are they still waiting for or are they saying they are not seeing what is taken place in Scoan on a daily basis.


    • @johnlucky you just speak my mind it is not for the world leaders, the UN to recognise this great prophet of our time with an Award, TB Joshua truly have a great mission to bring unity to the world, the major crisis in the world today are motivated my religion, if only the world will run around the prophet I believe their will be great peace in the world before is departure form the earth.


  5. This is a sigh that peace will soon return to the northern part of Nigeria, God bless TB Joshua, for is great love for is nation even with all the persecution and hatred, Love was all what he hold on to.


  6. This is a move in the right direction, soon this peace will spread to other nations of the world that is battling religion crisis


  7. TB Joshua is an humble servant of God, I’m most delighted to see is reign, to experience is glory. Blessed I am to be born in this generation, what a glorious experience, just as the reign of christ in is time, so is TB Joshua the messiah of our generation. Blessed be to thy mother that conceived you, you are a blessing to Africa and the world at large


  8. When I lost faith in the world government, Your face give me hope, your words give me encouragement, you are truly one with a difference non can be compared to you, TB Joshua, long may you reign, your enemies will never see your fall, you will grow higher, higher above those that seek for your down fall. God bless Africa for this gift and the world at large. Africa we are Blessed seriously speaking, we are bless to have a man like TB Joshua in our midst.


  9. Tb Joshua have a great mission to restore Africa to is lost glory, Africa remain the most oppressed races from the existence of human race, but today here we are today with a black messiah sent to give us peace and hope and restore to us our lost glory that we humans with special endowment. Blessed be to God for given us TB Joshua.


  10. Time we come when those critics of Tb Joshua, will all come one after the other to apologies to him and the world at large for all the wrong information and false story they have formulated against the prophet…it will soon come to expecially with the way things are going now in the nation.


  11. Hello viewers are you find it dificult to meet prophet TB JOSHUA
    for prayers and healings, all you need to do is to request for his anointing water.
    if you are interested for the anointing water go to Scoan it is free.


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