Part 2 :TB Joshua Leading Nigeria Religions Faithfull’s For Peaceful Co-existence.

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

They say, In diversity their is beauty and strength. Practice acceptance and choose peaceful option to resolve conflict. It is hard time the nation of the world and Nigeria in particular to rededicate them self to a tradition of love where our religion and faith unit us and not divide us, where our diversity is our strength and not a reproach. Let stop spreading hatred and division among the people but benevolent, love and peace making, should be our cause for living. This time of challenges, should be an opportunity for everyone irrespective of faith, ethnicity, or race barriers, to come together in one spirit of love and solidarity for the sake of peace. lets allow our diversity fight for us and not against us, with one mind of unionism the nation will triumph.

Nothing take place in this world without a reason. Our life challenges are part of God’s plan to elevate us to glory if properly managed. This implies that there is a script that has already been written by the creator, by which the events of our world unfold, one leading to another, until the end glory is finally reached. The present challenges face by the nation of Nigeria is part of the master plan of the maker of the universe. Every citizen of the nation needs a renewal of heart, everyone need to know the important of living together in peace and harmony, we need to inculcate the spirit of tolerance. The nation need to go through this hard time for her to be taken into glory. This does not implies that God is the cause of evil in the world, Satan is. Man has that self-will to choose from right and wrong (this is what makes us human) but most critical decisions we make in our lives are induced by God’s spirit (the desire to do good) or Satan (the desire to do evil). But, God the supreme who knows the heart and hidden secret of man even that of the devil, knows how to use them for is own glory. According to Prophet TB Joshua “God has all men’s heart in his heart and turns them as he will to serve His purpose contrary to their own first intention”.

The challenges faced by the nation at present is not physical but spiritual. Bokoharam is not really the main problem it is just unfortunate it happen to be the one everyone pays more attention to, their are more to Bokoharam. Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, the alleged leader of the violent sect Boko Haram, is not the cause of killing, stealing and destruction, but an evil spirit which he has no control over. Naturally, he cannot kill, Sheikh is not under the influence of any Islamic ideology but that of an evil spirit. All these are evidence from the thousands of deliverance that take place in Scoan on daily basis. This iota voice of peace may be too hard to comprehend but, the nation should know that their is more beyond our human eyes and reasoning to every challenges the nation is facing right now. As the bible rightly says, we are not fighting against flesh and blood but spirit being (evil spirit). This evil spirit are the cause of killing, stealing and destruction.

Their is no gain in using force and showing hatred for one another, as Martin Luther king Jr. Rightly said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred: only love can do that”. This is confirmed by TB Joshua’s quote “Do good to change the bad you see”. The nation need love as a weapon to fight this present war of hatred. A battle that is won by gun will continue to be sustain by gun; but that won by understanding brings lasting peace, this is why we need love to win this battle. Why war, why not peace, the good life we all hope for cannot be gotten by hatred and accusing fingers but by understanding and love. War cannot bring peace it only bring sorrow and fear of the unknown, only love and understanding bring peace. This is why the world will continue to have no peace because many believes that peace come through war. Were as your so called victory do no good to you and your neighbor, according to TB Joshua “you can win the war both not the economy war”. lets allow love to lead us. Pride, hatred and desperation for political position cannot take us anywhere. Their need to be an inner revolution of the heart, religions leaders have to start inculcating in their followers the need for them to embrace tolerance and peacemaking, let their teaching be a voice for peace, love and reconciliation.

Without love their will be no reasons to live, life will have no meaning, we need love to guide and unite us, let go for peace, it is never too late to give up your prejudices, hatred and tribalism let spread this message of love and peaceful coexistence around the corners of the nation, let spread love for peace to reign in Africa and the world at large.

4 thoughts on “Part 2 :TB Joshua Leading Nigeria Religions Faithfull’s For Peaceful Co-existence.

  1. I think we Nigerians should to think and live beyond ethnic and religious realms then we will be to understand each others principles and beliefs in other to foster peaceful co-existence.


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