John Chi is still in SCOAN (Video proof after seven weeks)

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Following TB Joshua’s shocking announcement last week on the exclusion of John Chi from among the wise men, there were widespread rumors over the Internet that John Chi had left SCOAN. The most annoying monger of this rumor is Tbjoshuawatch, this reputed Scoan critic site not only reported that John Chi had left SCOAN, but also predicted that SCOAN would do everything possible to discredit John Chi. Here’s how they precisely stated it;

There have been a number of rumours circulating lately that Wiseman John Chi had left SCOAN, today TB Joshua confirmed it. It is wonderful news that a senior leader in SCOAN has woken up and seen the light, but watch very carefully in the coming days at how SCOAN respond to it. Expect them to do everything possible to discredit him.

Don’t know what else must have inspired such a falsity of report and prophecy except for a depraved mind. We on our own part responded to clarify this false rumor in our last post by stating emphatically that;

John Chi is still in SCOAN and will never leave SCOAN for anywhere else in the world, SCOAN became his home, and will remain his home…

We stated this not as a mouthpiece for the SCOAN, but as what was clearly obvious from TB Joshua’s statement last Sunday on emmanuel tv, it was much of a surprise to us that Tbjoshuawatch couldn’t figure out this much, which was rather too sloppy of them or reveals that they intentionally published such untruth about what they clearly understood. We were further challenged by a prolific commenter who goes by the alias Jesse, to provide video evidence that John chi was still at SCOAN within a week’s ultimatum. Here was his challenge ;

Jesse on August 19, 2013 at 1:58 AM


Give us the evidence that John Chi has not left SCOAN.

POST the statement of John Chi himself with his autograph and recent picture of his abode here that it is not true !

If this is not posted within a week from now, we can safely say all those rumours were true.

As if to relieve us from holding our breath on the appropriate response to such a challenge, TB Joshua yesterday introduced John Chi to the pulpit with a warm hug to address the congregation and viewers worldwide on emmanuel tv. John Chi, making his first public appearance before a live audience after almosts even weeks of absence from active wiseman service, appreciated all and sundry for their prayers and support and made a profound statement when he said ;

You have not seen me for the past six to seven weeks now which you know is not normal, not that I’m sick; I’m healthy, I’m strong in God’s strong hands. We received many emails SAYING I AM SICK, I’VE LEFT THE MINISTRY; NO, THERE IS NOTHING OF SUCH.

Here’s the video below (apologies for the poor picture quality)

John chi still in Scoan

So for Jesse and others who requested for video evidence that John Chi is still in SCOAN, there you have it, and as for Tbjoshuawatch, hope you guys are very proud of yourselves for the journalism reputation you’ve publicly carved.
Finally, we’ll leave you with a recent comment from Mike on our last post for those who are trying to paint TB Joshua black in order to make him look bad on John Chi’s account;

MIKE on August 24, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Those thinking Prophet TB JOSHUA has done something wrong to wise man John Chi are agents of the Devil and the wise man in question should not waste time to listen to them but pray to God to have mercy on him. As a Pastor i feel this is a lesson to so many of us especially the children we raise in the Lord who afterwards became big headed. They refuse counsel because they feel they have gotten it all.

Bravo TB JOSHUA, my prayer for my brother is to humble himself before the mighty hand of God and repent because His anger is for a moment but His mercies endures forever. The truth is no one knew whether there was anything called wise man John Chi, it was God through TB Joshua that raised him; so if God through TB Joshua has dropped him who are you to question the man of God? ,were you there when TB Joshua found that simple Cameronian and worked on him to became a phenomenon that today you should be creating stories? Who knew Racine, Daniel,Harry and Christopher?, it was just their families, they never knew whether these guys ever existed if it where not for God through TB Joshua the man you are critising today even the critic couldn’t have known them. To the Wisemen we all want be used of God like you and admire you so much so don’t waste the opportunity given to you by God. REMEMBER GOD RESIST THE PROUD AND HE GIVES GRACE TO THE HUMBLE. Grace be with you.



9 thoughts on “John Chi is still in SCOAN (Video proof after seven weeks)

  1. Take God for wiseman Johnchi, a know he we be back again with a greater power to do his heavenly mandate. Shame to satan and is agent, they will never succed with their evil plan against scoan. The God of Tb Joshua will continue to be my God no matter what many say or do against scoan. More prayers for the prophet and wisemen.


  2. END OF THE ROAD: Now we have men of God with private jets and opulent style of living when Jesus Christ had to borrow a donkey to ride and had to borrow a tomb to be buried in and even had no roof over His head!
    THE TRUTH: Jesus Christ our Saviour in the days of His flesh, was from the tribe of Judah. He had no right to collect TITHE. Only Levites are commanded by the Law to collect tithes and that from the 12 tribes (Numbers 18:24). Jesus Christ was not a LEVITE. Apostle Paul was from the tribe of Benjamin; he had no right to collect tithes. All those fishermen- disciples; Peter, John, James were non-Levites, so they had no right to collect tithes. Matthew was a Levite; imagine Matthew collecting tithes from Jesus Christ. Moreover, when the Levites receive the tithes from the Twelve Tribes, they take 10% of the tithes to the High Priest in Jerusalem! (Numbers 18:25-28; Nehemiah 10:38). This is what Malachi was talking about. But how many of our so called men of God, churches or ministries take 10% of the tithes they collect to the temple in Jerusalem?
    THE BIBLE TRUTH: The Levite Priesthood has passed away (Hebrews 7:12). The Christian’s descent is not counted from Levi. Every Christian is now a Priest – Melchizedek Priest (Royal Priesthood), able to enter the Holy of Holies which the Levites could not enter (Hebrews 4:16; 10:19-20).
    Most of what we practice as Christians today are LIES fabricated by mere men from their jaundiced spirituality. Which of the churches or pastors collecting your tithes is a descendant of LEVI, the son of Patriarch JACOB? If tithes and offerings should be taken out of Christian worship today, most churches if not all, will close down. That tells you that it’s all about business, all about the belly. The Bible says, “He that does not work, let him not eat.” (2Thessalonians 3:10) Enough is enough: we have no hired servants or professional priesthood (spiritual salary earners) in Christ.
    Thank you.


    • I like what you have written because it is true! Most ministries are led by people with degrees in business and psychology, Theology is the least of their cares and if it was they would find Christians professors to learn from instead of non believers. Money is the driving force behind a lot of churches which is just not right!


  3. People if you are not in line with the doctrines that Prophet TB Joshua preaches, do not make your life miserable, do yourself a favour and and stand on your principles without being harmed by the Prophet. Leave us who are sent to receive through the channel and instrument God has allocated to us. My destiny is definitely, through the Hands of Prophet TB Joshua, your might be another instrument which I do not criticize. Our duty is to build not to break, please start building in the Kingdom of God, that souls might be won. Wherever you fellowship, lets unite Spiritually for the edification of Name of Jesus Christ. We have an important duty to perform I urge you to start RIGHT nOW!!! kNOW THAT LOVE ALWAYS LEADS….


  4. I love to watch Emmanuel Tv, this is the World deliverance tv. I love Prophet TB Joshoua. May God guid him forever in Jesus name.


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