T.B. Joshua Our Refuge

T.B. Joshua- The hope of mankind and the indisputable prove of God's love for humanity.

T.B. Joshua- The hope of mankind and the indisputable prove of God’s love for humanity.

One sure place that has attracted the attention of the world and will continue to do so is the Synagogue Church of all nations (Scoan), the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Scoan has been able to command the attention of the high and mighty both locally (that is Nigeria) and internationally owing to God’s awesome manifestation of His power through His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. No wonder the number of foreign and local visitors that visits the Synagogue Church of all nations week in week out, continue to soar. These visitors and worshipers cut across, politicians, sportsmen and women, pastors and so on. But, the question is, what possibly could have endeared the prophet of God to their hearts? The miracles, salvation, deliverance….hm mm, I dare to say all of them.

The miracles, signs and wonders that are done in the name of Jesus that we witness often are unparalleled all over the world. The testimonies of people who have received God’s touch through the ministry of prophet T.B. Joshua are so numerous that we have lost count. Thousands of these testifiers are even unable to give their testimonies because, there are scores of them. Certainly, if millions of this generation must believe, they must see proof and sighs that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and that the age of miracle are not over.

Not minding the accolades and praises he has been receiving and still receives from people all over the world owing to God’s awesome unique anointing upon his life, T.B. Joshua has refused to be carried away by such but instead, kept a humble attitude. It is an undisputed fact that ha has all his life exhibited a certain unequal level of humility and piety. He rapes himself with a unique cloth of meekness so much so that one cannot but wonder on encountering him if truly this is the Prophet that president, renowned sportsmen and women, kings and so on are anxiously eager to see. To further depict this, we have very often seen and heard him say that he is only a donkey on which our lord and savior Jesus Christ sits, a dog without teeth and claws but only barks for the masters attention and so many other very humbling assertions all in a bid to humble himself before the whole world who must have though it him more highly.

Also, it is on record that no ministry in the world has given as much as the ministry of T.B. Joshua has given to the widows, orphans and the less privileged all around the world. Everyday, millions of dollars and several bags of rice are given out as assistance to the needy contrary to what is seen in other Christian congregation which are virtually collection centers from members of their congregation. Very sticking however, is the humble disposition T.B. Joshua maintains while giving out these things as most things he bows down and even say thank you for receiving what I have to offer clearly showing that God Almighty is not so much interested in what we have to give but the manner in which we give it.

T.B. Joshua is also widely know not for communicate God’s wisdom into the lives of the people one on one telling them their past, present and future but also, predicting world events accurately with deep insight. An example is the prophesy of the Boston Marathon bombing in the United States where he said America should take care of their homeland security and that he saw bombing taking place and other cases too numerous to mention. This is perhaps an opportunity to call on leaders all over the world to adhere strictly to the voice of God made audible through T.B. Joshua in order to escape this unnecessary loss of lives that could have been avoided if they had taken the warning of the man of God to heart.

Time, T.B. Joshua says will declare who his wrong and who his right. It is obvious that the critics of the ministry are a spent forces as no one can stop the move of God through T.B. Joshua criticism is only a tonic to the man of God’s anointing. We call on those who are wise to hear now and completely embraces the mighty God of T.B. Joshua who is our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. T.B. Joshua is truly a channel of hope where there is despair, a channel of peace where there is conflict, a channel of light where there is darkness, the Savior of the world, a gift to humanity.

9 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua Our Refuge

  1. I think i have been following each and every post that u have been giving out,now i have come to realize that ineed this God is stil the same through what he is doing using the faculties of his hamble servant senior Prophet TB Joshua,God is realy great, emmanuel Allelujah,continue posting such heart touch post. Amen


  2. I really want to thank God for the life of is prophet. May God continue to bless and uplifted him in Jesus name. Indeed TB Joshua is a gift to humanity.


  3. Hello viewers are you find it dificult to meet prophet TB JOSHUA
    for prayers and healings, all you need to do is to request for his anointing water.
    if you are interested for the anointing water, go to Scoan it is free.


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