Re- Critics of Jim Iyke’s Deliverance in SCOAN

TB Joshua Church Lagos |

Jim Iyke been set free in the name of Jesus

Jim Iyke been set free in the name of Jesus

Since the ‘deliverance’ of Jim Iyke at the Synagogue Church of all nation went viral, the surprising news has cause a storm in the social network as many fans and well-wisher of the Nollywood actor has come out to share their words of condolences to the actor and some even praise him for the boldness and humility he show to come to Scoan for such a public deliverance not minding is personality so also, some fans, fellow Nollywood stars and even politician have come out to share their own thought of criticism against Jim Iyke’s deliverance.

Patrick Obahiagbon a politician Well known for is grammar in Nigeria, called Jim’s deliverance a comedy, Porn queen, Afrocandy also made comments about Jim’s deliverance, according to her, she wonder how much Jim was paid to pull such a stunt, Dencia a music star was alleged not to be impressed with Jim’s deliverance also Former AGN President Segun Arinze was also reportedly to have called jim deliverance an embarrassment.

Many are the comment which can’t be published as they contain direct attacks to Jim Iyke and the ministry of T.B. Joshua.

Now with all this comment of criticism that are full of hatred against the new found freedom of our beloved brother Jim Iyke’s, here are some wonderful reply to those critics.

All this comment were presented as stated by the commentator without any editing.

First comment

Hon Patrick or whatever he calls himself is an iddiot.. I never saw myself calling a man who is as old as being my dad an idiiot, but what do you expect me to say to an old man who thinks big english is the solution to every issue.. I dont really know the motive behind this tweet of his but i suspect it’s a cheap move to garner more followers on twitter..
This is a sensitive issue and i see no reason why this man should even say anything publicly about it.. Why cant he keep his bloody opinion to himself…
Talking about Tb Joshua:
I see no reason why people keep attacking the man.. I dont know if Tb Joshua’s miracle are fake or real cos i am in no bloody position to say but all i have to say is;

1.. What more do Nigerians want? This man has healed many people with problems free of charge.. He has saved many sick people from the cold hands of death by curing their ailments..
This man is doing what our redundant health sector has been ignoring for decades..
2.. Pls can the conspiracy theorists tell why Tb joshua will seat down,scratch his head and say “Viola,we need to pay certain actors to fall under the anointing?
For christ’s sake,the man is already known globally.. Prominent people all over Africa and the world visit him..
Who da ffuck is Jim Iyke and of what use will Jim Iyke’s deliverance be to him or his already mammoth ministry?
Everybody in Nigeria knows Tb Joshua and the works he has been doing..
What does he needs Jim Iyke for? To increase his already millions of members or what exactly?
Honorable Patrick is a honorable fool and to say i am disappointed in him is the least i can say.. Atleast this mumuish comment of his that lacks thought and reeks of stupendous stupidity has proven that he belongs to the class of Nigerians who think big english has anything to do with brain power..
As afrocandy, i have nothing to say cos i never expected any less stupidity from that one..
Lastly,i m in no position to say if Tb joshua’s miracle are fake or not, but the man has helped millions of people in Nigeria and there is nothing any conspiracy theorist or group of theorists can do about that…. Nigerians and their wahala.. When someone helps, they complain and accuse.. When they are ignored,they curse…
Wetin una want? Geeez!!!
All the Patricks who belong to the clan of Obiaghon’s should forgive my typos.. No time to spell-check..
All izz stiil well!

Second comment

Little wonder why those seen as the’ cream of the society’ are immoral and posing as bad role models for our kids and those whom look up to them. They seldom believe in God and the exta-ordinary and take the slightest opportunity in geering at those turning a new leaf.
What can you make of Pat obihiagbon? A filibuster and cliche squanderer, gathering fellowers by pronuncing latin and greek words; a man part of the same political engineering that loots us.
Afro candy? Who’s that?! The name alone call her decency to questioning. Isn’t she the internet celebrity that ridiculs people for a living as if she’s got a perfect life without skeletons in her cupboard?
Wow! Everyone takes opportunity to have a voice! Bandwagon of depressing hypocrites!!

Third comment

I watched it live……….and I am beginning to believe in TB Joshua as A prophet of GOD………..Guys we are witness of his polite and down to ground attitude and he is extremely generous nobody should under estimate his generosity because it takes a good heart to gives. People easily recommend end time thing…….Rubbish……If they really believe in end time what changes have they made in their lives knowing fully this is end time absolutely noting else should matter it`s all over it`s end time………….People like Dencia should be ashamed that she can even quote a verse without ameliorating her ways or does n`t end time mean anything to her……….? A guy is having problem and went for deliverance and feels good about that what`s wrong with that……?

Forth comment

Okay so i dont get this, what is this supposed to mean with all the Hatred and Bias comment about His Deliverance,..? Is it that his ways/possession if he really was is too big to be delivered or is it because he is an Actor and as such over familiarity has made us to think the it was all staged.?, How about Higher dignitaries from other countries who are being delivered, people who are much more known in the Society who get delivered at same Church, I think the hatred for SCOAN has gotten into some people that even when they see the truth they tend to act like they do not see anything, and surely such act depicts a failed soul who can never find salvation until they are ready to open their heart in other to seek for salvation.
I am not a member of SCOAN , neither have i been there, i am also not a Church Goer, i am just me and i believe in God.

We thereby call on Patrick Obahiagbon, Afrocandy, Dencia, Segun Arinze, Charles Novia and other Critics Of Jim Iyke’s Deliverance to embrace our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and if they think that Jim Iyke was paid for the performance as they called it, let them come to Scoan to see if they will be pay too for their own deliverance, Scoan door is open wide for them let them come, it is not a matter of talking or criticising the great work of God being done in our present generation. If you think you are not comfortable with the whole episodes of Jim Iyke’s deliverance and you called it fake or stage manage why not come to Scoan and see if your deliverance will be a stage manage.

8 thoughts on “Re- Critics of Jim Iyke’s Deliverance in SCOAN

  1. Nigeria is the most favoured nation in the world for them to have TB Joshua in their nation yet it is painful to find out that they don’t even value him.


  2. All of this are satanic strategies to discourage others form coming for their own deliverance, As they say a prophet is not honour in is own country, with time Nigerians will know how important TB Joshua is to them. Time will tell.


  3. The kingdom of darkness are confused right now, TB Joshua have come to deliver this lost world back to the hand of the creature. Satan and is agent will continue to lost from the battle victory is of God.


  4. For how long are Nigerians going to persecute this untouchable man of God. TB Joshua’s God is the creator of heaven and earth. It will take a pastor with such a gift to know TB Joshua. No Bible college pastor with human wisdom will ever understand TB Joshua. Nigeria pastors! please deliver TB Joshua if you feel he is not from GOD. Be careful you do not end up fighting your own God.


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