Okey Bakassi Support Jim Iyke On His Deliverance

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Since the deliverance of Jim Iyke’s at the Synagogue Church Of all Nation (SCOAN) some of is colleague in the industry who think something is wrong with jim’s deliverance has publicly come out to show their hatred against the new found freedom of our beloved brother Jim Iyke nevertheless, even with all of those criticism, someone in the industry that has the fear of God within has finally come out to give Jim Iyke the support he needs.

Nollywood Star Okey Bakassi

Nollywood Star Okey Bakassi

An actor colleague in the Nollywood industry, Okey Bakassi is fed up with all the displeasure being voiced out over the incident. He wrote;

“Yesterday (october 1st) was The 53rd Anniversary of Nigeria’s‘Independence’, I refused to comment or send messages for reasons you and I know. If you are reading this message, you are lucky to be alive. Thank God.

I’m fed up with all the noise about my Actor colleague who gained Independence from ‘demonic influence’ or ‘Deliverance’ at Synagogue. I respect him for seeking spiritual help when others are shying away from the reality of their situation.

Even those who are ‘Demons’ themselves are throwing insults at Jim. Our level of hypocrisy in Nigeria is nauseating. Established ‘Sinners’ find it convenient to throw stones at those whose stories become public, making it more difficult for people to seek help.
If you have never presented yourself for ‘Deliverance’ keep quiet because your not sure of what forces are speaking through you.
Congrats Jim for being ‘man enough’……
Have a blessed day pals”. @okeybakassy


9 thoughts on “Okey Bakassi Support Jim Iyke On His Deliverance

  1. Little by little Nollywood will become and industry where God the gospel of christ will be spread around the whole world


  2. New thing is coming to the world movie industry hollywood, bollywood, Nollywood and others will become and instrument for God’s used.


  3. That is true why cant we work out our own salvation insted of been happy to those that want thy freedom. That men some of you you dont even now him you only now him from the movie do u now wht he was goin throw. I m a namibian and i took a step in january to go to scoan to get my delivarance ther couse i m the only one that now wht i m goin throw. You naigerian you are so luck to have such a prophet among you but you eyes a so blinded that you can not grap that oportunity to see the trueth that is in front of you. I rest my case


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