T.B Joshua- The World Most Valuable Resources

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T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua

Even with the level of persecution, campaign of calumny and criticism against the life and ministry of T.B Joshua, The Man in the Synagogue (T.B Joshua), still remains one of the greatest human resources God has endowed this generation with. God has being using the ministry of T.B Joshua to affect many lives around the world, which consist of both the poor, rich, Influential and great in the society. T.B Joshua’s ministry has being a sources of hope for many that are faces with life adversaries. Many who are in need of freedom and blessing to move forward in their respective endeavors, do come to Scoan as their “last bus stop” to receive total freedom and breakthrough and this make one to wonder how life would have being for many if not for this great gift of God to humanity for many lives had indeed being transformed and change for good through the ministry of T.B Joshua.

Yet, T.B Joshua remains an humble servant of God, He has never allow praise from men to overwhelm him, he always give all the glory to God almighty and have never claim that all those great works done through him are by is power. He has always put God first and Christ above him in all that he is doing.

Even with all of this great works being done through T.B Joshua and his humble disposition. Some evil forces are still working tirelessly to destroy and ridicule the ministry of T.B Joshua in the public. This evil forces are busy looking for errors they will use against T.B Joshua and Scoan. But Still, T.B Joshua remains a peace maker he has never fight back even when he is being advice to do so he choose to preach love and even call for their prayers because is mission is not to destroy but to save lives for God’s kingdom.

Persecution is a prerequisite for a genuine servant of God. This level of hatred against T.B Joshua and Scoan has much to tell about the genuineness of T.B Joshua’s ministry. The Scripture clearly tells us in:

2Timothy 3:12-13 “In fact everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Anything close to Jesus receives attack but when God is on your side, you will stand the test of time and persecution will be a tonic to your anointing.

Let’s be vigilante as Children of God, those evil forces that are working against the prophetic graces in the life and ministry of T.B Joshua are working under the influences of the devil, the devil which is the author of killing, stealing and destruction is not happy that all his evil intentions against the nations of the world are being expose daily in Scoan, he is deceptively using this critics to cause misunderstanding and confusion in other for many not to take those prophesy that exposes his evil planes against the nations of the world serious.

T.B Joshua is not using those prophesy to promote him self or gain public attentions, for God sack, there are so many touching and amazing activities that are going on in Scoan on daily basis, T.B Joshua is know world over, Scoan is an international ministry, their are record of highly places dignitaries that do visit Scoan daily just to worship God there. Prophesy are given to expose the evil plan of the devil, it is when we chose to ignore the advices of God’s servant concerning such prophesy that they come to fulfillment,

Note: Prophesy are not giving for them to come to pass, many have always make the error that a Prophesy given by a prophet of God must come to fulfillment, it is important to note that not all prophesy given by a Prophet must come to fulfillment especially, those that can be averted by following God’s instruction and prayers (Read Jonah3:1-10 ).

When we follow God’s instruction as articulated from the mouth of his prophet, those tragic incident that is taking places in our world of today can be avoided or minimize.

I call on Our leaders all over the world to always take those prophesy of warning given by T.B Joshua serious, let’s use this highly gifted human resources God has given us as a generation, our world can be a better places if we can humble ourselves in the love of Christ and embraces this present gift God has given to mankind.

One thing that I know is that darkness can not over power light, no matter the forces of evil that stand against the life and ministry of T.B Joshua will all fall because the builder and maker is God.

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18 thoughts on “T.B Joshua- The World Most Valuable Resources

  1. Yes indeed,prophecies concerning plans of the devil are given from God through his prophets to alert the nations or people to pray more and seek the face of God in order to stop or minimize these plans of evil to kill,steal and destroy
    Unfortunately many people are still ignorant of the importance of prophecies and what they are for.
    If only those who are being used by the devil to discredit a prophet of God,knew what God has invested through this great man of God TB Joshua,they could have rejoiced and thank more God of His Mercy and Love for giving us such gift in the generation of today.How much blessed we are.Thank you,Lord,thank you Lord forever and ever for the life of prophet TB Joshua.Amen.


    • It is only the devil’s agent that can talk against the prophetic graces in Scoan, their master the devil has being defected, Tb Joshua’s ministry will continue to expose him before the world


  2. Some of TB Joshua haters in tbjoshuawatch site had even gone too far and lost all their mind.They are now comparing Scoan as Jonestown cult.How foolish its this.
    They talk nosense and abuse people who stand to defend Scoan.
    They are not even Christians the way they want to make people believe.
    What comes out their mouth is threats and abuse against those who do not share the same thoughts with them.
    Really their fight against The prophet of God is costing them all they have learnt in Christianity.They should be careful unless they wish to end up where Judas Iscariot went after betraying his Master Jesus.
    But they still have time to repent if they decide to


  3. How foolish is this from one of their commenters aka Jesse ex Scoan disciple

    ” …I am very close to you break off that fickle TB Joshua…..Does that register in your thick steel plated brain ? If you can’t stand the heat, stop standing in the kitchen. You are in a cult, In your turmoil it is impossible for you to see it yourself.Therefore you deprived nasty piece of work you, with your title of “childofgod”, you are a worse person than most people I meet on a daily basis who are non Christians or even thieves, murderers and other crooks….As far as it is concerning me, they should lock up people like you and throw away the key. I have lost all respect and feelings concerning you. For me you don’t have to exist on this planet. Go away !” …I was intended to tear you shreds with your stubborn broken record mind. Do you understand ?”

    What christianity is this?They are loosing all senses just to fight Scoan.


  4. Those Tbjoshuawatch guys are suffering from a diseases called Tbjoshuaphobia they need a bottle of anionting water to cure them, that is what I think they need now.


  5. How can someone just abandon is life and destiny and say it is another man you want to hinder, that is the highest rate of satanism. Such people can even kill if they have the opportunity to kill.


  6. It’s even much funny how they say to be ex Scoan disciples.No TB Joshua true disciples can say evil things like this.They have never been disciples of Scoan but were hijackers.When their evil plans failed they decided to leave.Their fruits are now talking who they are for real.


  7. People who still take those so call ex-disciples stories serious are simply those that from the beginning hate Tb Joshua, what those a criminal that have not repent from is evil deed have to say about righteousness


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