Mega Pastors Against TB Joshua

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A wonderful post by one of our readers on Prophet T.B Joshua Painful encounters with some Nigeria Mega pastors:

The devil has failed in bringing down God’s Prophet and living General, TB Joshua. Satan stupidly used people in PFN and CAN in the persons of Pastor-jet-buyers, mega pastors, funky pastors, Reinhard Bonkey’s crusade money shearers, etc. For almost 30 years, they have tried to kill and destroy this rare Gift of God to mankind on earth, but they’ve not succeeded. But rather, he’s waxing stronger and stronger in anointing, day after day.

All these pastors have sinned against God because they’ve touched God’s Anointed and dealt wickedly with him just as the pastors that lived during the time of Christ, did to Him. Caiaphas (one of the pastors those days) suggested that one man (Jesus Christ) should rather die for the whole of Israel than for the whole nation to be in enmity with Rome. The pastors those days killed Jesus of Nazareth, now they’re trying to kill TB Joshua. Even Benson Idahosa gave a death ultimatum on TB Joshua by saying that: ”By this time next year, TB Joshua will drop dead”. Surprisingly, Benson Idahosa died that same time the following year instead of TB Joshua. Idahosa touched God’s Anointed and Living General, Prophet TB Joshua. Look at what happened to him!!!
God’s judgment will be terrific at the end of time; many will be disappointed while many others will jubilate because God shall wipe out all tears from their eyes. TB Joshua has suffered so much for Christ in this wicked world and In my Spirit, his reward will be WOW!!!!

27 thoughts on “Mega Pastors Against TB Joshua

    • Look at what is happening to the prophet from Zimbabwe, the one who said Prophet TBJ only prophesy the death of leaders!!! I am one of those who wish my tears crying for TBJ will one day be wiped out from my eyes. He suffers more than our Lord Jesus Christ.


      • No. You are very wrong, sister. JESUS suffered and died for us not TB Joshua. Do not compare JESUS with TB Joshua. Though I admit he is the servant of JESUS CHRIST.


  1. Hey there is nothing to please satan and is agent called pastors or against the true anointed men of God, as he says and I colt;- (every person as to nature in him: example: Mrs joshua and prophet Tb joshua) don’t waist time to against a prophet u can ever,ever win that it is God nature living in Mrs.tb joshua, let all leave him alone if what he does it is (not for God or it is from God) all to God to judge him,don’t let the devil,demons use u,bcs wen the anger of God comes it will consume not only the demons and the bodies as carrying those evil spirit (included) stupidly satan is with the impostors called (pastor) there r campaign for the prophet in posting about him,talking of him, now every one in searching the internet we came to discover him and is ministry, and try to know about him and we have fund the true (bible of the apostle in him), we from miles away country,french speaking, we came to discover this prophet TB JOSHUA true the,name calling, critics,tribulation,by zipping internet program’s and all this( true nigerien pastors;- pls leave this men alone u have rejected him, but God,God open doors all over the world for him


  2. TB Joshua have never speak against any man of God, even when they talk against him he don’t reply them with insult. TB Joshua is full of love


    • Yes,TB Joshua is full of love to change the whole world unlike these so called pastors fighting him many of them have never changed anything even the lives of their followers.


    • A real Man of God knows that he does not have to answer, God told him not to because he does not have answers, only God himself will answer for him, I love Prophet TBJ and my children do too, I have never been to SCOAN, I may never be able to go there but spiritually I am there always.


  3. To fight against servants of God is to fight God Himself.
    A word is enough to the wise.Tbjoshuawatch sect and the likes,hope you will not say we didn’t know when the day of your judgement will knock at your doors.You ve got many warnings and many examples like this one of Benson Idahosa and hope you have ears to hear too.


    • Benson Idahosa go beyond is boundary and the angel of death never spill is sword on him. This is a great lesson to those that are fighting against God’s prophet


  4. 73. TB JOSHUA: Year 2014 shall be an extraordinary year for him. He will embark on missions/tours he avoided in year 2013. Believe it or not year 2014 will end all the falsehoods spread about him by his enemies within. He should forgive two of his disciples to save them from death or jail. He will avert breakup if foreign branches are avoided. I see him writing more books and adding music to prophetic healing. Visitors will be duped more this year than last year by people parading themselves around him as workers. It is a year of setup by few women. The grace of the Lord shall continue to abide with him.

    this is the 73rd of the 137 prophesies released by
    December “26/12/13”


  5. I just finish to read all this prophetic messages pls God is not a soccer ball,bcs wen u speak from God all messages it will came to pass but if one of this prophecies does not came to pass it mean’s the source of those message is satan,
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  6. TB Joshua everybody that are against you will come behind of you 1 day…..
    that day is not so far..!!!

    i always like reading his prophesies….through him God id speaking……
    God bless you and your church…….

    (pray for me)


  7. A true christian would never persecuted another christian.
    You know why people hated him?
    They hated him( pastor tb Joshua) because they are not anointing like him( pastor tb joshua) it’s simple.
    And they are lied because of hatred and envy,also they hated him( tbjoshua) because he has got what they don’t have ( anointing from God🎓)
    And remember: if people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.
    Weak people revenge,strong people forgive,intelligent people ignore..
    Papa TB Joshua never mind,people are going to talk whether you do bad or good,any way you never ever minded them,as you are so busy caring for people,they just wasting theirs times and energy by monitoring hunting your live and your ministries,God have mercy into you by persecuted an innoncent man years and years.vraiment que Dieu benisse papa tbjoshua,j’etais en vacance pendant un mois,I did miss all of you,and I thank my Jesus papa tbjoshua is outside full of energy,loyal to his Lord Jesus contrary for haters planed.thankyou.good morning…


  8. prophet tb joshua is a true prophet man of God.Let us all pray for him,his family and his ministry scoan that God will use him more and more in these end times.Christianity is purerly personal relationship between a person and his creator.pray to God to direct you to the true place of worship and to the true man of God.Since I started to listen Prophet tb Joshua,I have become wiser.Before I thought all pastors are men or God.The reason why many men in clothe fight prophet tb Joshua is because he has enlightened us that not all pastors are called by God.
    I thank God for the life of my mentor Prophet tb Joshua and I thank God for directing me to his ministry through internet on you tube. I came to
    Scoan october 2014 and it was a lifetime experience I will always cherish.I wish Prophet tb Joshua his family and scoan family wildwide to pray for our prophet and to continue watching best channel in the world which brings love peace and hope teachings of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.Prophet tb Joshua we love you,your family and scoan as a whole.Continue the excellent work you and your 4 wisemen are doing
    scoan choir is marvellous glorious and heavenly.Mary Günther(munich-germany) but originally I come from Nairobi Kenya


  9. I think when a man of God fights amother man ofGod its a sign that the person attacking the other is under spiritual attack so it’s better that we pray for him rather attack him. after all these pastors are after one goal which is dominion of God’s kingdom,saving of souls.
    if we take sides we’re destroying our own kingdom(Kingdom of our Father inHeaven)
    Its very possible That man of God can be existing not living when he attacks others(my thoughts)
    You can only see God after the attack u are under has been dealt with e.g Isiah 6:1 Isiah also saw God after king Uziah died.

    I believe both Idahosa the apostle and Joshua the prophet are true sent servamts of God.
    thank you


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