Homosexuality – The Solution and not the Legal Acceptance.

We are not trying to Judge or Condemn anyone but, to reawaken the senses of the people on God’s opinion about homosexuals and homosexuality. It is important to know that homosexuality is one of the agenda of the devil that has been deceptively introduced into our world. This is not a case of being an Homophobia, what we are talking about here is how to get the world out of the control and influence of the devil and his demons. This present issue of Homosexuality is more of something spiritual than Physical,as the devil and his agents are fighting hard against humanity, and desire to tune God’s anger against the world and mankind most be ready to embrace the truth for the sack of liberty and freedom over the ruler of this world, the devil.

Prophet T.B Joshua has made us to understand that those that are involved in this act of homosexuality are not the enemy but the spirit being that is influencing them to be attracted to their kind instead, of the opposite sex. As sons and daughters of love, we are expected to show them love by helping them out of their bondage and not to condemn them or perhaps trying to encourage the act by sponsoring and campaigning for homosexuality to be accepted around the world, this should not be the case. what the world leaders and the international community should be concerned with now is how to proffer solution for homosexuals to regain their normality.

“If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to. Those that are asking this question – if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that is reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.” – T.B. Joshua

The word of God is clear on this matter, God is not an author of confusion, the bible says in the beginning God made them Male and female, not male to male or female to female, but Adam and Eve therefore anything out of that is not of God. God loves sinners but hates sin, likewise, God loves homosexuals but hates homosexuality and God wants to save those homosexuals that are willing to get out of their present bondage.

“If we fail to see that there are powers that cause people to be bowed down in bondage, we are fighting the wrong battle.” -T.B Joshua

To homosexuals,the devil wants you to believe that your sexuality is normal, he wants you to fill that you are born and created to be an homosexual, know that it is a lie, if you actually think that this is who you were created to be, why not try God and see if you will be proud of your past life. Don’t be deceived God has never approved homosexuality, what God is only interested in is how to set you free and make you normal.

God in the past demonstrated His love for this sinful world by sending is son, Jesus Christ to die. This same love is what God is extending to homosexuals today, God want to set them free and take them out of their bondage there is still hope for freedom, if only the homosexuals are willing and ready to be set free, Just as Mr. Tedus was delivered in the Scoan.

That is why we want those that are calling for the head of homosexuals to stop spilling their blood because God loves them and want to set them free from their bondage.

“Judge not, so that you will not be judged (Matthew 7:1). We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard.”- T.B. Joshua

If Mr. Tedus was killed before he was delivered in Scoan, he would not have being saved by now. We should help homosexuals to be save and not to die because God has made provision for their freedom. Also we are calling on those that are encouraging the act to stop because God hates sin and homosexuality. What should be of more concern to the world is how to help those with this problem out of it not issue of their legalization or illegality because Homosexuality is anti-humanity and God is against it.

“God hates sin, not sinners. When I say, ‘Do not judge so that you will not be judged’, I mean we should hate sin, not the sinner because sinners can change. If you have killed a sinner by judging him, there will be no opportunity for change. Sinners can be delivered. We should hate the act, not the people because our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the ‘spirit beings’ that cause all these acts.” – T.B Joshua

Spiritually, homosexuality is an evil spirit and it only take deliverances for the victim to be set free from it’s control, it is same as those spirit that make people to be addicted to eating objects who we see being set free and delivered in Scoan. There is still hope for homosexuals, God love them and He wants to set them free from their bondage. Deliverances is the Answer to Homosexuality. May God bless our world. Amen!!

8 thoughts on “Homosexuality – The Solution and not the Legal Acceptance.

  1. This is very true,we should not judge and condemn the homosexuals but pray for them and show them the way out which deliverance.


  2. Hope many people who are involved in homosexual act will listen to the calling of God through his prophet TB Joshua and decide to run to God for solution and salvation of their soul.God Father loves them all the way He loves his begotten Son Jesus Christ who died for them also.We pray and hope to hear many deliverances of people from homosexuality in Jesus name,Amen!


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