From time immemorial, there have been concerted efforts to prove to the world of the non-existence of God, faith was equated with irrationality and was seen as a chain the enlightened man needed to lose himself from.

In the name of enlightenment, many scholars around the world were influenced by the master deceiver to narrow reality, knowledge and truism to man made theories, Science, statistics and empirical analysis that are feasible and imaginable to human reasons. Whereas all those things are one aspect of truth that are vital to human existence but are not what made up existences itself.

With these human limitations about the truth of existence, creation and God, the devil, whose mastery of deception is legendary, has continued to blindfold the senses of mankind against the hidden truth of the invisible world that is beyond human perception. Though Mankind is advancing in discoveries as permitted by time, the human world has continued to lag behind in those knowledge that are vital to its existence as living creatures and because of this, the master deceiver has continued to take total control of the human world.

Anti- Faith Philosophers and T.B. Joshua’s Philosophy

Many philosophers have argued in the past of the non existence of God, we were made to accept the fact that God’s existence was based on human imagination and as modern civilization evolves with time, ‘Faith’ will cease to exist and the coming civilized world will embrace rational thinking and do away with faith (The Free World). Ironically, most of the proponents of this diluted truth live their lives under the torment and control of demons but are not bold enough to say this publicly.

The world needs to realize that there is a thin line between human reason and reality. Not all truth are sensible or reasonable to canal knowledge and this is why God has continued to use the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, to expose His kingdom to those who want to gain knowledge about the hidden truth of the universe. Don’t be deceived, the devil wants mankind to remain ignorant about the things which are beyond our perception, he is working tirelessly to distract man’s attention against that which is vital to his existence. Know that theirs, is a world that is invisible to ours, our world is simply a projector of what has been established in the spirit realm, that is, ‘the invisible world’.

These ill propositions about Faith and God are from the pit of hell to divert man’s belief about the creator. It is vital to know that Faith will only cease after existence ceases. For as surely as there is existence, God will continue to prove Himself to the world. The creator will continue to gather for himself a generation of spiritual worshipers, a generation that will always bring forth the fruit of His kingdom.

God and Sciences

Today, many in the world appreciate the created than the Creator. God created science, but now, science is being held in high esteem than the Creator. Thus, it is common knowledge that Science has proven its own limits. There are diverse critical issues beyond the human psychological, neuroscientists and medical expertise around the world, which until date, beyond reasonable doubts; the broad scientific field is still incapacitated to proffer a concrete solution to. What these medical sciences cannot do, just a drop of the ‘anointing water’ can do effectively. There are different diseases around the world that medical scientists’ are still carrying out tactful research on its antidotes till date. ‘Faith healing’ which the unbelieving world classified as irrational, has been a medium where countless number of these terrible diseases are being healed today. Despite the fact that there have being several critics, plots and misconceptions to discredit it. Faith healing in SCOAN has being proven to be more effective than medical healing. Is it the recent world debate on homosexuality? Some so called scientists’ are claiming to prove to the world that there is a gene for homosexuality, but God has used T.B. Joshua’s ministry to prove to the world that by Faith, the anomaly of homosexuality can be cured.

Even when this mystery of truth is being revealed to the world, many still believe that all these revelations backed up with redemption are taking the world back to the Stone Age. The question is among ‘cognitive reasoning’ and ‘Faith in God’ who is really now taking the world back to archaic period of barbarism and disorderliness. The master deceiver has succeeded in hiding under our reasoning faculties to influence our way of life and beliefs. This influence of the devil has made many to lose total control over themselves and these are the reasons many now see their own kind and other lower animals as sex partners; nudity is now publicly celebrated, moral value is diminishing in our society. Is this what rational man and modern civilization is all about? To lose total control of the self and remain ignorant about those forces that are using us against our will? I don’t think so.


  1. If not for the ministry of T.B Joshua, i just imagine, how the world would have look like today. Many just seems to hate truth.


  2. TBJoshua’s ministry is a light that is shining into the world to bring more souls in the kingdom of God, which world was dominated by darkness before Jesus erases the most anointed prophet of our time TBJoshua.

    I think God planned to save the world through prophet TBJ before end times comes because before Scoan ministry started ,there were more people perishing than those going in Heaven before Scoan ministry started
    That is why TBJoshua is the most servant of God to face the most controversial in the hands of his detractors all over the world,It is clear that the devil hates passionately TBJoshua’s ministry!


  3. TB Joshua is hated today because he has continue to prove the world wrong in all aspect. The world says their is no God, TB Joshua prove it that their is God, the world say Aid/Hiv can’t be heal, TB Joshua prove it that by faith it can be heal, the world say homosexuality is normal, but Tb Joshua prove otherwise, etc.


  4. This emmanuel tv has brougt change in me,bcoz before i never new that one can have evil attacks like in this areas beyond my understangs i,e like the spirit of lusting for a same sex.GOD give the prophet more healing powers to deliver this world from any evil attacks of any kind.


    • Exactly,the world have lived for so long without believing in God power and when something extraordinary they never saw happening before,they call it names!


  5. “Some so called scientists’ are claiming to prove to the world that there is a gene for homosexuality, but God has used T.B. Joshua’s ministry to prove to the world that by Faith, the anomaly of homosexuality can be cured.”

    So line them up then. There are millions of gays and lesbians. Prove the actions where your mouth is.


      • Those who do not know Jesse yet,he was an ex scoan disciple and by his dubious deeds he was sent pack,that is why he is so mad at TB Joshua’s ministry.
        He thinks we dont know him but we do,stop persecuting a servant of God


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