Before the Boko-Haram violent started in some part of the northern state in Nigeria, the Man in the Synagogue, Prophet T.B. Joshua, forewarned the nation of Nigeria of an impending crisis that will befall them. This prophecy was given in the year 2010 before the Boko-Haram violence started (that same year) in the northern part of Nigeria. When the Prophesy was made by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the people were calling him a prophet of doom, different online site and newspapers were castigating Prophet T.B. Joshua; they called him all sorts of bad name and some were even calling for the head of the Prophet because of the Prophesy. At the same time, some Men of God capitalized on the matter and started prophesying peace and greatness for the nation, in other to be seen as true men of God. And they the leaders that suppose to come together and seek the face of God for divine instruction to divert the coming perilous time, knowing fulling well that the prophet prophesy always come to pass, but instead, the leaders kept mute. But of a true the outcome later tell who is right and wrong; who is speaking of God and of himself, indeed a true prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished.

Despite the fact that the bombings and killings are taking place in some part of Nigeria, but those experiencing peace in their area now are afraid that the violent may spread to their side; the whole nation is filling the hit of the deadly violent as at present because all Nigerians lives in every part of the country.

Due to some intelligent gathering, two suspected member of the Boko-Haram sect were caught with explosive and two AK 47 riffles at ignore Badia, Lagos also, a member of the Boko-Haram sect came to confess at SCOAN on how him and four other members were sent to Lagos to bomb the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) headquarter and did not successes because of the prayers of Prophet T.B. Joshua that put confusion in their midst and recently, Nyanya explosion that killed over 71 persons with 126 others injured in the Nigeria capital city Abuja which the Prophet also saw and warned Nigerians of the calamity during his live service at The SCOAN on November 10, 2013.

May while, many of those persons that were calling Prophet T.B. Joshua, a prophet of doom and all sorts of bad name are now the one accusing the prophet of claiming to see what happens around the world and yet not helping to end the crisis in his own land. Remember that it was the same people who were insulting the prophet and calling him bad names when he warned the nation of the perilous time ahead of them but did not listen to him.

The nation of Nigerian cannot continue to live like this, everybody is afraid of the unknown, no one know where and who this deadly sect will attack next. We therefore call on the federal government and the religion community in Nigeria to come together and seek the face of God from His humble prophet, it is true that both the Muslim and Christian communities has being praying to end this whole violent and we believed God has truly heard all those prayers. A nation like Nigeria cannot continue to surfer like this when they have a great Prophet like T.B Joshua in their midst. God who shown His Prophet the violent at the beginning, knows how peace will return to the land. Embraces your prophet Nigerians and let the peace of the heavenly Father that sent him be upon your Land.


  1. ChubbouyChristian Freeman 21 hours ago (youtube comments)

    President Jonathan and national assembly should unite now and invite Prophet T B Joshua for special prayer concerning Nigerian affairs. Almighty God is going to reveal so many astonishing things that could help lift Nigeria and Nigerian people from the present predicament if they can swallow their differences and shun “live and let die” attitude to one another. Those who believe that truth can set one free would understand me better. Nigeria is a good country that will one day return back to its lost glory. May Almighty God hear my cry and bless us all.


  2. When God servant speak forth the wise listen. Nigerians, please for God sake LET LOVE LEAD IN OUR DAILY LIVES.


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