“Persecution is a tonic to my anointing” says Prophet T.B. Joshua. If one should take time to go through the scores of allegation and fabricated stories that has been leveled against this humble Prophet of God, one would wonder why so much hate against this gifted soul whose ‘only wrong’ is to positively affect the lives of many and make the world a better place to live in.

When you tune to and you possibly have a glimpse of what the prophet does to the orphans, widows, widowers, the less privileged and many others.  Obviously, one will appreciate beyond every reasonable doubt that Prophet T.B Joshua is a man of ‘mission and vision’ whose only purpose is to serve and save souls. But despite his humble disposition and services towards God and humanity, he still remains the most persecuted man of God even when there are other men of God that live in luxury with fleet of cars and private jets littered all over and do not care so much for the needy, but they are celebrity pastors today. Does it imply that many in this generation are insinuating that doing good and positively affecting the lives of others is evil?

The accusers of the Prophet claim that Prophet T.B Joshua is making use of satanic powers to heal and deliver those that are in bondage. Then I will promptly ask, can a bad tree yield edible fruits? The scripture has already made us understand the purpose and mission of Satan here on earth and it is, to kill, steal and destroy. But, how come the devil whose mission is to cause havoc and destruction is now using someone with such a unique grace to heal, deliver and ridicule himself and his kingdom before the eyes of the whole world. Christ was accused by the Pharisees of using the power of Satan to cast out demons from the demon possessed but He replied His accusers as stated in Mathew 12:25:

“And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand”.

Can a kingdom be divided against itself? To me, I don’t think Satan is that foolish to stand against his own efforts to kill, steal and destroy. The ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua has remained very significant, renowned and indeed proves that God is with us and there is power in the name Jesus. Many have being healed, the occult accept Christ as their lord and savior, those in bondage get freedom, broken marriages reconciled and many more too numerous to mention. Instead of fighting and condemning this great and humble prophet that has elevated the kingdom of God above that of Satan in our present generation, why not pray for him?

Remember as Christians, Satan our adversaries lose no time in plotting against the Church of God, we too as believers should lose no time in committing our ways and ourselves completely to God through prayer in other not to be misled by his deceptive tendencies against the Church Of God.

In spite of all the persecution he has gone through, what makes me so delighted is that Prophet TB Joshua’s anointing is increasing exponentially like a huge fire that cannot be quenched; but it’s a pity that many are still misled by those critics and accusers of God’s Prophet who are already helping God to play His judgment role.

In a nutshell, I wish the Prophet and wise Men more years of unstoppable victory over the shades of darkness and winning of more souls into the kingdom of light by the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Ghost… Amen.


  1. Glory be to jesus christ who is tb joshua if the son of the most highs God was though ted by people most dangerous is own nation destroy him kill him, if jesus christ was not criticize and killed the Gospel could not have a meaning, sow who is tb joshua to not be criticize and though_ted let remember the word of christ says (him self or is not a dry wood the did what there did what about as ase the dry wood there cane do) sow let those who thing wrong to continued bcz christ is on prophet tb joshua site like said tb joshua people shares what the did not know,what there know the destroy…….
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  2. Trueth before the sight of God shall never becalled a lie.If this man was a false prophet by now he would have follen,God cant spare him if he is decieving people.let those who talk waist their time by time they wil finish talking, us we have inharited double portion.thanks in JESUS NAME. LONG LIVE TB JOSHUA WISHING HIM DOUBLE ANOINTING .


  3. Daddy your God must be my God everywhere I go and inspite of all the persecution they persecuted you and the SCOAN ministry.


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