God never said His children will not go through hard times, tribulations and hardships but, He promised they will come out victorious; for our trials and tribulations are part of what made us who we are in Christ Jesus. Sometimes God uses trails to prepare us for greater assignment and responsibility; that is why as believers the more intense our situation, the more we get closer to God, because our situations are not like others. Others case are met to kill and destroy them but ours, is to preserve us for God’s mighty use; “for trials are the soil in which faith flourish”- Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Prophet T.B. Joshua has made us to understand that every individual or nation destined for greatness must face persecution and condemnation but, the way they handle the situation matters and that is why nations facing crisis must intensify their prayers and come closer to God for solution. The tribulations and hardships experiences in nations today especially Nigeria, are part of the proof that God has greater plan for the country, which the principalities and powers that rule the world are fighting hard to frustrate; these rulers of darkness are not ignorant of this awaiting glory and that is why the country need to come closer to God.

There are reasons for everything, God sometime allow us to experiences failure so we will appreciate success, it make us go through poverty, sickness and hardship so we will use our riches and good health to serve and give him glory when they come. Many today have allowed their achievement to take them away from God because some of them never labor for it, why those that labor for it have forgotten the source of life and good health. What a life!

Looking at the situation on ground in Nigeria the home country of Prophet T.B. Joshua, where there are consistent killing and bombing by some extremist group in the northern part of the country. It seems that God is silent to all this atrocities being perpetrated by Boko-Haram and many have questions His existences and power over evil and some have even challenge the efficacy of God’s anointing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua to help save his nation from their present calamity. Be as it may be, we should not quickly forget that God has continued to speak through is servant, Prophet T.B Joshua on how these evil activities of the devil can be overcome; there are heavenly principles, a nation that wants God to intervene in its crisis must be humble and willing to acknowledge God through His prophet. Our God is a jealous God, He can’t share is glory with another. If you are for God be 100% for Him, if you are for the world be 100% for the world, you cannot say you are for God and still rub minds with the world. If the nation Nigeria wants God to intervene in their crisis, why can’t they come before God’s presences in humility and seek for His restoration and revival in their land.

A prophet of God can’t act without receiving instruction from God, until God is acknowledge in the nation of Nigeria, Prophet T.B Joshua cannot do anything to help his nation out of their crisis, because the anointing in him is from above and he must act according to God’s will. All what the prophet can only do is to continue to pray and seek for God’s mercies upon the land.

Many may say is this not a way of getting cheap popularity from national tragedy and must the government consult T.B Joshua before he can assist his country; what about his patriotism?. The issue here is not about been popular but finding solution to the situation on ground. T.B Joshua remains the most humble and mysterious man on earth that has made himself available to be used by God to make the world a better places. Note: T.B Joshua does not need worldly recognition or honor that fades; which can even hinder God’s glory in your life if one is not careful. God knows how to honor his prophet, T.B. Joshua those not need worldly honor or recognition all glory goes to God almighty.


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