Malaysian MH17 Disaster: T.B Joshua Exposing the Darkness in the World


We are calling on the true church of God to continue to pray for Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry; the principalities and dark powers that rules the world are not happy that their evil plans against mankind to cause war and destruction are been exposed by the prophet.

The trick of the devil to cause another world crisis; ‘nations against nations’ have again being exposed by Prophet T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church Of all Nations. The recent Malaysia MH17 disaster which claims many lives was another strategy by the devil to intensify the crisis in Ukraine which May likely lead to another world war.

A man of faith sees through God’s eyes, that is, faith men sees things by the Holy Spirit, on like others that are more concern about evidence.

Nothing happen for nothing and things are never as simple as they appear to be, this is not just about MH17 flight disaster, yes lives has being lost and may their soul rest in perfect peace, but the devil want to use this to justify another world crisis so he can suck more innocent blood. Don’t forget that the purpose of the devil is to kill, steal and destroy and these are fruit of warfare and crisis.

Some critics argued that nothing happened on Russian airspace which they biasedly claimed the prophecy was about. The prophecy was not just about Russian airspaces but a spiritual attack in the form of an aircraft crash ‘cleverly calculated’ to rubbish the wonderful country, Russian and their Charismatic leader, Vladimir Putin. Don’t quickly forget that since the Ukraine crisis started T.B Joshua has continued to speak the mind of God concerning that nation and the prophet has continue to warn the nation of Russian of an impending war. This plane crash was simply to discredit the nation of Russian support for Easter- Ukraine by making the country and their leaders look bad in the eyes of the world. God is using the ministry of T.B Joshua to prevent another world war and the good people of the world need to be awakening to this reality. Our purpose here is not to support any nation but speak the mind of God and expose the evil intent of the illuminati cult towards humanity.

We are calling on nations to continue to pray for their leaders, leaders are like national symbol, and these leaders are human like us that can easily make mistake in the process of being patriotic or fighting for national interest. As good citizens of the world let’s stop promoting the agenda of the devil towards the human races, let’s say no to the devil and his agenda. The world should speak with one voice and say no to war, no to terrorism, no to economic oppression and to all evil vices that has befall the human races. The world can be a better place if we start seeing things in God’s way.

One thought on “Malaysian MH17 Disaster: T.B Joshua Exposing the Darkness in the World

  1. we pray for God to continue to guide our leaders to embrace the truth, to look beyond national interest for ask of world peace


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