T.B Joshua’s Ministry and the Battle for the World

185105_218320031622114_1709249615_nasd.jpgIt is no longer debatable among those that have experiences the Light that the ministry of senior Prophet T.B Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church of all Nations had been set aside by God as a mighty force against the evil plan of the devil for this present generation of God’s creation. And this has caused the great deceiver of the world (Satan) to continue to fight the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua both spiritually and physically using its agent,because T.B Joshua’s ministry is a threat to the kingdom of darkness and against the devil’s total dominion over the inhabitant of God’s creatures.

This battle never started now it has been on since Read: “TB Joshua Illuminating Expose” for a clue, the kingdom of this world hates T.B Joshua and SCOAN because his mission on this earth is heavenly design. Satan and his agent are working tirelessly to cause a shameful fall for the Prophet and his ministry. The devil has succeeded in infiltrating the world government; he has continued to influence most of the powerful and charismatic in our world to promote its agenda against the human race.If you can take a critical look at the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua you will know that presently, T.B Joshua’s ministry remains one of the ministries that have focus in exposing the activities in the kingdom of darkness that is contrary to God’s true purpose for humanity.As far as this generation is concern it is only SCOAN that has proven to the world that the sexuality of gays and lesbians that the world is shamelessly promoting today in the name of “human right” is from the pit of hell. And you expect these evil forces to be happy with the prophet. Presently, SCOAN, Lagos Nigeria is the source where God’s light shines to the whole world.

The September 12th 2014, tragedy was not the first of its kind to bring down the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua to disrepute, they were even instances the Prophet was sent to jail and was later found blameless of all the allegations formulated by those agents of darkness that want to stop him from fulfilling God’s purpose in this world.

The building collapsed was a well-planned attack backed by powerful forces that has sold their soul to the devil; the Prophet watched and allowed God’s will to be done.Those evil forces are trying by all means to scare away people from coming to SCOAN because the true divine nature of God presences is there. They first started by writing fabricated stories just to tarnish the image of the Prophet; they used Boko-Haram terrorist propaganda that Lagos Nigeria is not safe; the Ebola disease was brought into Lagos Nigeria, text messages where being circulated to scare visitors from coming to SCOAN and now innocent souls were killed, due to man’s wickedness to man.

The institutions of this world are working hard to make the world believe there is no God so they can continue to promote the agenda of the devil with no resistances from God’s children. They don’t want to embrace the light but want to stop others who want to follow the light, they chose to harden their hearth against God’s supremacy and existence and yet, they don’t want others to accept Him. What a world ruled by evil men, I pray for God to open our eyes of faith and hearth of understanding.

Note; in the Prophet speech on Sunday 14th September, he never said Boko-Haram was responsible for the attack, that lead to the collapsed building, he said “I’m pregnant of the word”, which means the attacker can be either Boko-Haram or any other Interest group. He used the Boko Haram terror attack to explain why the world should not doubt the “strange plane theory” because the world never believed him when he delivered a member of the Boko Haram sect that came to bomb SCOAN and was later found to be true by the Nigeria security agent; then he said in parable “No matter how long a lie is sustained, truth will someday prevail”.

The devil is wise, cunning and tactical in executing his evil plans but God knows his every move and in God’s due time Satan will dance to His tune, be covered with shame and pain because he is always the loser. It is not yet over, the battle still continues, there will be betrayers, attempt assassination, setup, temptations and all kinds of plans to tarnish the image of the prophet, but at the end the Kingdom of this world will surrender to God’s kingdom, the Truth will be exposed. So therefore brethren, we should not be quick to judge at God’s time all our questions will be answered.

All the same we thank God for the martyrs of God’s kingdom, their passing on was not in vain may their souls rest in God’s eternity. Let’s watch and pray!!!

6 thoughts on “T.B Joshua’s Ministry and the Battle for the World

  1. Those that are enjoying publicity by allowing them self to be used against the prophet, should beware. Don’t get involve in what you have no understanding about because of personal hate, be careful. May God bless us all.


  2. I’m so happy bcz all we knows were the souls of those who died leave on, what ever satan is doing to stop the prophet is in vain, even the agents of satan and satan himself try to stop us going to scoan he will never stop us watching EMMANUEL.TV no matter what comes,happen we love u and u remain our father in the lord we trust in God and is servant prophet tb joshua we keep praying for you and the souls of the martyrs rest in peace true the holly spirit
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  3. sure lets watch and pray for the battle belongs to God and he is able to fight it real well .those used of the devil shame and reproach will never leave their backs Amen


  4. That is what it suppose to be, as the man of god , jesus christ prophesied it before hand. This to confirm to me and the whole world that tb joshua is a man of god !!!
    All these things happening to tb joshua are written there in the bible and I never heard anybody whatsover, endure this kind of persecution, I only read of it in the bible but now I can say yes this is what you say here you bible.

    Once they did take on pastor chris oyakhilome for he was from nigeria a place they hate because of it’s progress from africa, but not the way I saw them persecuting tb joshua in each and every day, every where trying to divert the people from scoan to somewhere else or their own churches because they are doing business with the word of god while tb joshua is carrying out the instruction given by christ with his hounest mind, heart and soul. But believe me, the bible ensures tb joshua and all the saints that that it is not the end…


  5. The owl cried in the night, a child died in the morning. The aircraft that flew several times above the structure is responsible for this evil. and the people behind it will hear from God shortly, and in this life, not after.


  6. our LORD is a mighty man in battle, HE fight our battles why not the battle of our PAPA ? PAPA stay calm and watch for HE says watch and see how the wicked are being punished i will never siezed praying for u and the souls that passed away. i love you so too the world atlarge.


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