An Apron used as a  tribute for the martyrs of faith

An Apron used as a tribute for the martyrs of faith

Our God sometimes uses foolish things to confirm the wise; when God is involved in our matter, we know what follows. The life which we have been given, gives no notice before it is being taken away from us but the way and manner we leave this world matters. The martyrs who went to rest in the Lord are better than some of us that call ourselves Christians today because they are “martyrs” and God almighty is also involved in their affair.

The fact that the relatives of the martyrs accepted an invitation to the SCOAN shows that God is involved in this matter; it is not a brainwash as many of us present it but the power of God working. This proves that Prophet T.B. Joshua is upright and has a genuine anointing.

If you have ever felt the intense pain of losing a dear one, you would know that the tolerance of the relatives to death of their loved ones is purely a miracle. What the general foes of the SCOAN are trying to prove is that the anointing of T.B. Joshua is not real and that is the bottom line of their name callings, insults and blasphemies’ concerning the Prophet but the truth is that what is not true will never stand the test of time. After all that as happened, he has kept on fulfilling the purpose of God for his life and the building collapse incident never made him relent in his ministry. Let’s take Job in the bible as a case study; in Job 1:13-19, no matter what was happening around Job, Job never changed his thought, ways and love towards God. The collapsed building at SCOAN might have been planned in order to destroy the Prophet but no matter what has happened, he has kept on doing the work of the lord (one with God is more than majority).

God is involved and that is what people today have not seen but the question is “why are people so blind to the truth that they cannot see what the parents of the martyrs have seen?”

From the onset, T.B. Joshua has been a man who loves everyone no matter the country or color.

The love he has for people prompted him to construct guest houses which would ensure the separation of his visitors from prospective fraudsters and also – away from the conventional hotels that serve as a haven for countless immoral acts. The buildings were constructed with high quality and top grade materials, with no compromise.

How could people ever imagine that a man of God like Prophet T.B. Joshua who has such a caring heart for people will use inferior materials to construct a building that would be used to accommodate his visitors?

Let all be careful because the living God who never sleeps nor slumbers and who has said “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” can also get angry. We should not incur the wrath of God on ourselves and generations yet unborn. If you doubt the power of the prophet, all you need to do is to ask God through His word by His spirit and He will tell you. There is nothing that happens today that is not written in the bible; just as there were false prophets, there were also true prophets who worked wonders in the name of God. The way of the lord is unpredictable and amazing to man. If he were not to be a true prophet of God, he would have never been able to survive through every single challenge he has ever come across in his ministry. We should not use our present anger and jealousy to push a wonderful treasure away which God has given to the world today. LET LOVE LEAD.

The relatives of the martyrs who have accepted the invitation of the man of God are people who do not allow their current situation shake their faith and salvation in God. They have kept their faith and they know that this world is not our home, we are just passing through and in the process of our passing we will receive a test of faith that will make us want to question God; but this honorable relatives have decided to keep their faith just like Job (Job1:20-22) who knew that loved ones were created and formed by God and have gone back to rest in Him. Though this is a very painful situation, we thank the lord that in all these the relatives never sinned against God.

It is better to be a martyr than keep living a life of blasphemy which at the end has a terrible consequence on us.

Methuselah lived for 969 years, yet his longevity did not affect the world in the way which Solomon’s wisdom did whose life span was relatively shorter. Jesus Christ lived only for 33 years and today he remains the greatest soul winner in the history of the church. All these go to show that it is not how long we live but how well we live our life that counts.

Throughout this period, I have come to a conclusion that people who have lost no time in castigating the man of God are not really after the truth of the collapse incident, rather, they are after bringing down the man of God perpetually. This has been their ultimate goal, not since the building collapse, but since they heard about the name TB Joshua.

They are doing all these due to personal grudges and hatred, in order words, speaking, writing and posting for selfish, classic and material reasons. Funny enough, throughout this time, the SCOAN activities were not disturbed by the lies and rumors of SCOAN foes. God who sees the heart of every man would never allow any harm to come to the way of His servant. At the end, THE TRUTH SHALL SURELY PREVAIL.

Finally, as Christians, we should examine everything in the light of God’s word, that is, we should make God’s word the standard for our talking, acting, posting and our lives. We as Christians must begin to see ourselves as one body; love must lead so as to avoid so many unwanted events because we are all one body in Christ. We must begin to develop a lasting relationship with Christ because that is what Christianity is all about.


  1. i want to use this medium to appreciate watched TB Joshua and all other SCOAN and TBJ fans world wide for the consistent effort that has been put to acknowledge the divine grace of God in the man of God’s life during this tough time……

    it is one thing to face challenges and it is another thing to come out stronger from your trials…….the man of God says that God never promised us as Christians that we will not pass through trials but He promised that He will see us through…….

    Thank you lord for this trials and tribulations………emmanuel!!!


  2. Emmanuel

    1.Whatever happens to a Christian in his sojourn in this side of eternity is predestined to happen but woe unto the Devil or his agents who allow self to be used for such evil;

    2. We must not miss the point that the guesthouse might not have been their main target but the man of God Himself; kill the shepherd and scatter the flock;

    3. Our prayer and focus should still be on victims, of which the SCOAN and TB JOSHUA are major parts (not just those who died or maimed);

    4. The side attraction is the legal cases before the Herod, Pilate and the Church high priests of our generation; we cannot help them because they will choose to do and say only as they deem fit;

    5. However we have the task to go the extra mile in love, perseverance, proving to others that even in tragedy Christ Jesus is still the King in charge, etc;

    6. We must also accept the truth that our life can be taken away without notice but the mission of witnessing shall continue; disciples must get ready for leadership without notice;

    7. The battle is far from over. The end of legal battles, burial of victims, reconstructions and redecoration are not the end of this battle. Satan the killer of saints, deceiver of brethren and the antichrist must be chained and thrown to the bottomless pit so that the Church can have a good wedding with the Bridegroom.



  3. Those who continue to criticism tb joshua let them continued bcz no one cane can change the grace of God in prophet tb joshua calling and no one cane describe the grace of God in is life


  4. The Word of God says in the book of Jeremiah 30:19, I will multiply them, and they shall not diminish, I will also glorify them,and they shall not be small. What ever the enemies like they should go ahead, but they should remember that they can`t make him small instate the Lord will multiply and make him high in all areas of life both spiritually and physically, so that we his children will be bless in all areas. And the Lord has promised to glorify (senior Prophet TBJoshua), challenges, tribulations, names calling will only promote Propht. TBJ, because the Lord says, In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, i have overcome the world, and my Daddy in the Lord (Senior Propht. TB Joshua) has overcome all the plans of the enemies from the beginning of his life time.

    They refused to know that TBJoshua is God loving Angel that He sent to prophesied the birth of Jesus Christ (Angel Gabriel) now God sent him again to change the Peoples, the Nations, and the Whole World, and they are still planing evil against him, i pity them because (they have no excuse for their sin as my bible tell me in the book of John 15:22).

    May God give them Peace and Joy in Jesus name. Amen.



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