NB – A lady by the name of Patience Amaka ( sent me this piece, requesting that I publicize it, presumably given the numerous online articles I have written about SCOAN. It is well worth a read! Thanks.


A former member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God named Grace Venn has vented anger at church authorities for ‘deceiving her’ about controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua.

In an impassioned rant on YouTube, Grace revealed that the strong stance of prominent leaders in The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) against T.B. Joshua had affected ‘millions’ negatively.

“I have asked God to help me to forgive all these so-called Christian “mighty” ministers of God for misleading me and millions of people for decades now, accusing Prophet T.B. Joshua and SCOAN to be the devil’s handiwork,” she irately commented on one of Joshua’s numerous online videos.

“Because of the attack on Prophet T.B. Joshua by CAN, PFN and by all these great men of God and the members of their churches, millions of souls like me and members of my family who could have received our deliverance through Prophet T.B. Joshua have suffered for nothing,” she further alleged.

Venn described how she knew of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)over 20 years ago but refused to attend the church because of the warning she received from church leaders.

“I lived just 3 bus-stops from the SCOAN in Ejigbo but I never stepped inside the church for one day, even for one minute. My family and I vowed never to step our feet there because Redeemed church members were ALWAYS being warned by our church leaders who were preaching seriously to us NEVER to go near SCOAN premises and to shun Prophet T.B. Joshua,” she exploded.

However, according to the former Redeemed member, Joshua’s crimes causing him to merit such denunciation were never revealed.
“We were never told what Prophet Joshua’s sins were and how he offended anybody to warrant such verbal attacks and curses from fellow Christians who say they know God and hear from God,” she added.

According to her, these warnings against Joshua continue to be sounded by ‘jealous’ church leaders. “Until today, the Redeemed Church and other church leaders in Nigeria and overseas are still warning their members never to go near SCOAN. May God forgive these church people who are misleading, deceiving and hindering millions from receiving their deliverance and blessings from God through Prophet Joshua!”?

It is only after Venn relocated to London, UK that she did some personal investigations and arrived at the conclusion that the warnings peddled by her church leaders against Joshua were based on falsehoods.

“What is paining me now is that now I know the value of SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua, I am living in London, thousands of miles away from Nigeria… We allowed ourselves to be deceived and misled because we listened to jealous accusations from these people who say they are ‘God’s ministers’. Unknown to us, they were being used by satan to deceive millions of Christians in Nigeria,” she concluded.

The video Grace shared her experiences on detailed the confession of Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa, a former Assistant Pastor at Redeemed, who narrated how he once preached in crusades that T.B. Joshua was the ‘Anti-Christ’ before his own personal marital problems led him to The SCOAN where he found solace and deliverance.

By Ihechukwu Njoku


  1. 1. It is good to be warned against false prophets and the coming of antichrist which the Bible also teaches comprehensively. However it is also good to test every spirit and hold on to the truth.

    2. I also comfirm with this lady that up till now many of the main churches are still sceptical and suspucious about our man of God Prophet T B Joshua and about SCOAN activities as a whole. Are they right? Why is that so?

    3. I am on a privileged position about T B JOSHUA from our home in Arigidi. I know his father’s house, some of his relations at home, some stories about his birth, when he was in school, about how he stole his way to Lagos, some said at Lagos he started furniture making etc. Lately I met his daughter a Lawyer graduate and a very decent young lady. T B Joshua is real an ordinarily just like one of us.

    3. People who oppose him and are still opposing him are (a) other congregations (b) those who know what he stands for an


  2. 3. Those who oppose him and are still opposing him and SCOAN are (a) church congregations (b) those who know what he stands for and wish to oppose it. But why?

    4. Today I am not surprised that Christians are jealous of each other, congregations are jealous of each other, power seekers ate jealous of each other, etc. But if SCOAN or TB JOSHUA is of God in time we should know. The fact that signs and wonders happen in SCOAN simply through him and they rarely happen elsewhere singles him out for attack. But why should we attack him? Jesus said whoever is not against Him is for Him. SCOAN is not antichrist in anyway.

    5. I will appeal to this lady and others not to blame their church or any Christian leader who may have misled them. People who come to SCOAN today do so to solve some problems. But we encourage them to come for worship, training and fellowship.

    6. We have God in SCOAN and symbolise that by our often saying Emmanuel.

    7. At the end We shall know the truth and be set free. When we finally see Jesus we shall know also His awesomeness, might and power. We see in SCOAN some glorious things as the Bible teaches.


  3. Thank God that the lady now know that she was been mislead to hate an innocent man. May God continue to protect his prophet from this evil world.


  4. Very nice website ! I appreciate this work and pray that God bless you too much for allowing Him to use you in order to rescue many misguided people across africa & the world, concerning God’s servant TB Joshua and the scoan. God bless you and your family !


  5. I have over the years been wandering why those who call themselves Children of God and God’s servants could allow themselves to be used by the devil to talk against other servants of God,by making themselves ridiculous before unbelievers: I wander how geniune their salvation is, because instead of preaching to get the lost saved by Christ, they have made themselves preachers against other preachers. Some of them who are not bold enough to talk to sinners about Christ, are bold enough to talk to sinners about men of God whom they consider to be agents of the devil. It shameful to know that most of their sources which they quote to justify their damaging testimonies are documents,tapes, videos and books of other misguided testi-liars.The Church of Christ has gone so depraved that instead of preaching to get sinners saved,it is preaching to make converts of those who would go about preaching against other servants of God as fake. I would like to remind them that they are carrying curses against themselves and their family members. Who has made you who claim to be the servant of God to be the judge of your colleaguesin the Vineyard of the Lord?
    I would like to appeal that we should instead gather our time and resources to preach to have the lost saved and not make ourselves ridiculous by preaching against other servants which is not the call which any of you received from God.


  6. I have said it and written about the three major groups of enemies of Temitope Balogun Joshua; the Yoruba man from Arigidi. HE IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD IN THE CATEGORY OF THE MAJOR PROPHETS IN THE HOLY BIBLE.If he is loved by all and not castigated (as they are doing) then he is not of God. Even the person (our Lord Jesus Christ) that sent him was castigated, persecuted and humiliated. Temitope Balogun Joshua IS NOT a bastard.Now back to the 3 groups: 1. Those (fellow prophets, pastors,Bishops, Evangelists etc. ) that are envious of his level of anointing 2. Those looking for breakthrough and have tried to see him one on one but have not had the opportunity and 3. Those that just hate him. I believe he can redeem no 2 and indeed no 3 if they eventually receive the GRACE of GOD and have access to him BUT for no 1, there is absolutely nothing he can do about them.He should leave them to the person that sent him and pray that Jesus will open their eyes to see.Indeed, he should write and talk less about them in my own opinion


    • Yes, thats a good point there speaking of the specific groups, however, bear in mind that its not the prophet speaking of those se people or responding to them. Maybe done within the Scoan média.

      Obviously, someone feels the need to address those issues. In fact, i honestly dont think the Man of God is careful to bother about his critiques. Personally, i dont like to read the.
      ‘backfire’ mails což The Man of God tend to give over those things to his Divine Delivered.



  7. I have been a viewer of Emmanuel tv since 2008 and I even visited the SCOAN in the same year. All these years, I have watched many pastors from these same churches whose leaders are against our prophet seeking for deliverance and giving confessions.The more they speak negatively about T.B Joshua, the more their members are coming to experience the mighty power of God and receive their freedom.


  8. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. God is still saying something. No matter how fast lies can run, Truth will one day overcome it


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