Ask T.B. Joshua For Divine Intervention – Botswana Tell Nigeria

The citizens of Botswana have called on Nigerians to seek divine intervention from their popular televangelist, Prophet T.B. Joshua, to put an end to the act of terrorism ravaging the country by Boko Haram.


A report from Yarona FM News, one of Botswana’s leading radio stations, sampled public opinion concerning the appeal by the African Union for its members to send soldiers to Nigeria to assist in the fight against Boko-Haram.

According to the report, majority of Botswana  that participated in the opinion poll urged against the Botswana Defense Force troops being sent to provide military aid to Nigeria but proposed divine intervention from Prophet T.B Joshua as the right option to stop terrorism in Nigeria.

“Some members of the public who say sending soldiers away would expose them to unnecessary dangers argue, among other things, that Nigeria should look to the famous televangelist TB Joshua for divine intervention,”

Facebook user, Thero Matsuakata, commented:

“When you send soldiers there, they will be fighting the wrong battle. These people are led by evil spirits! Prophet T.B. Joshua talked about this long ago.”

This was the opinion of the majority, however there was a minority that voted FOR aid provision.

”It should be recalled that T.B. Joshua is well know to the people of Botswana. His crusade dating back to 2005, has packed the National Stadium in Gabarone.”

The SCOAN Emmanuel TV Channel still remains one of the most popular TV channels in the country.

Will the Nigeria Government and citizens harken to this call from their fellow Africa brothers that believed the Nation of Nigeria has all it takes to end their problem if only they will leave sentiment aside and seek the help of God through, Prophet T.B Joshua.

2 thoughts on “Ask T.B. Joshua For Divine Intervention – Botswana Tell Nigeria

  1. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah. What a Mighty God we serve hearing our prayers. A Prophet shall prophesy that he shall live to see accomplished


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