T.B. Joshua: Time to discover the truth

Prophet T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua

At the peak of the late General Sanni Abacha’s iron –cast rule and his plan to elongate his administration as Nigeria Head of State, when the then five political parties adopted him as the sole presidential candidate, Prophet T.B Joshua was reportedly approached. T.B Joshua revealed to Abacha that God did not approve the tenure elongation and advised him to hand over power to another person elected by Nigerians. Late General Abacha was said to have felt very disappointed, but pleaded passionately to Joshua to help him out because he believed Joshua could do it.

But T.B Joshua told him there was nothing he as a prophet, could do because God had spoken. Abacha allegedly made several efforts to call Joshua thereafter, to no avail. If Joshua had wanted to make money from Abacha’s request, he could have done so, but he didn’t. What happened to Abacha to quit is now history. When President Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia visited synagogue, this reporter was one of other media men that covered the five–day visit.

During the occasion, Chiluba was invited by Joshua to the healing session. When Chiluba witnessed the healing of hundreds of people with various diseases, he, out of excitement, burst into tears, seeing that those things were happening in Nigeria, an African country. Since then Chiluba had being co

ming to the Synagogue to worship God because of his belief in what he saw. Sometimes ago, Prof. Evans Mills from Ghana, seeking to contest a presidential election came to the Synagogue Church. Joshua prayed for him and predicted that the politician would win the election. And it came to pass. About fifteen years ago, a wealthy South African, who was terribly sick, flew to Nigeria to meet Joshua for healing. He came to the Synagogue Church along with his personal doctor. One Saturday when the South African was inside one of the guest rooms, the man died while his personal doctor was attending to him.

The doctor called some of the church disciples and there was confusion. Joshua was hurriedly informed and he rushed to the place, finding the man dead. He ordered his disciples to prepare a bed and lay him there. Joshua laid on the man and after about 10 minutes, the South African was raised alive. During testimony time, the man’s personal doctor testified that medically his patient was dead because he had confirmed him dead. But he expressed surprise how Joshua could raise him to life.

The doctor believed that what happened to his patient was purely a miracle from God. In year 2000 or thereabout, an Army General from Ghana came to the Synagogue Church on wheel-chair for healing. When interviewed, the man stated that he was paralyzed and had remained on the wheel-chair for over 10 years. T.B Joshua touched the Army General’s two legs with his own leg and commanded the man to get up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ.

The man obeyed, stood up and staggered. Joshua touched his two legs again with his own leg, and commanded the man to walk. And he walked. Suddenly, the Army General ran inside the church and there was excitement and jubilation by the Ghanaians and the entire congregation who witnessed the event. Sometime in1996, a woman of about 50 years old with kidney problem was brought to the Synagogue Church during a Sunday service. She told Joshua that she needed N8 million for kidney transplant and begged for financial assistance. Joshua told her he had no money to give her but God would heal her. Joshua pointed his hand towards the woman, she fell and rolled on the ground and that was the end of kidney problem.

If all those top Nigerians that died of cancer or kidney problems had approached the man of God, their problems could have been solved and they would been alive today. Also in 1999, I personally benefited from Joshua’s spiritual gifts when I used a sticker he gave me to revive my 29 years old first son who was at the point of death. All these were some of the happenings I personally witnessed during the few occasions I visited the Synagogue Church either to cover events or for other personal purposes.

There are many of our leaders in government or politicians visiting the Synagogue Church in the night to solve their problems. There are over two thousand sick people all over the world being healed by the church every month. Yet here is a man being hated and persecuted by his own people, particularly some pastors and prophets are in the fight to condemn this man of God. Some even labeled T.B Joshua as Satan reincarnate. Late Prophet Adewole of the Celestial church of Christ, who predicated that the late Bashorun M.K.O Abiola would win the 1993 presidential election and the military, would not hand over power to him, had earlier revealed to Nigerians and the entire world that God sent Joshua to destroy the works of the devil.

Having witnessed many of Joshua’s healing and prediction, I prayed and fasted for seven days and God revealed to me in 1995, who Joshua is. And since this revelation came to me, I have always feared what would be the repercussion of those castigating, persecuting and doing all manner of wrongs to Joshua. One day, a young man sneaked into the Synagogue Church auditorium with charms when the service was not on. Joshua was inside his office attending to some visitors. Suddenly he rushed out to find the man inside the Church.

Immediately the young man of about 35years saw TB Joshua, he attempted to run away, but Joshua stressed his right hand towards his direction and the man fell down, rolling on the ground. He confessed that a group of herbalists who were protesting that they could not get customers again because of Joshua’s healing of people, gave him N120,000.00 and sent him to come and dump charms inside the church to scare away the people.

All these events were recorded in the church’s archive. If world leaders and personalities like former president Fredrick Chiluba of Zambia, Pascal Lissouba, former president of Congo, the late president of Gabon, Omar Bongo, Andre Kolingba, ex-president of the Central African Republic, Zulu King of South Africa, Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhekuzulu and hundreds of others could recognize and embrace T.B. Joshua, why should Nigerian pastors continue to deride him. I think TB Joshua is a spiritual asset to Nigerians of this generation. If Christians and other men of God are doubting Joshua’s healing power, they should pray to God to reveal if truly he was sent by God.

Written by Ogunwale, a veteran journalist and media Consultant wrote from Lagos

4 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua: Time to discover the truth

  1. I am a fervent follower of Prophet T B Joshua and SCOAN activities. I have come to believe without doubt that Prophet T B Joshua is a God sent Prophet to our generation.

    I have also believed that what many call Christianity today is pure business enterprise and therefore confusion has entered the Church. We must read our Bible and adhere to its teaching strickly so that we are not misled.

    I have found people who speak in doubt or absolutely against TB JOSHUA as follows:-

    1. Genuine Christians who truly wonder that “why T. B. Joshua?” and not them.

    2. People who wish TB JOSHUA should be answering their own calls at their prices but to be doing so privately and not televised. They want to dictate the terms and the prices.

    3. Through ignorance of people about the things of God. I met a student who was afraid to hold a Bible believing that he is a sinner and another one who couldn’t touch Quran for same reason. People are just afraid. Many people living in Ikotun Egbe are always running away from SCOAN premises in fears. They don’t just believe. We believe because of the holy spirit living in us.

    4. Others out of doubt or lost of prestige wouldn’t want to change their earlier “NO” position. Some of them are like 1 above.

    Now those who truly believe without through a miracle happening to them or people they know are few. Jesus said people should believe at least by the miracles. But it is better to believe with or without the miracles.

    The awesomeness of God is highly appreciated when the impossible becomes possible, when the unexpected happens and when one has a breakthrough. But our faith should be rooted in Christ and we shall know his prophets.

    We cannot force anyone to believe. This is entirely the work of the holy spirit. We know that Satan cannot wage a war against itself.

    As we all expect the coming of Jesus when all things shall be revealed let us continue to pray for the entire Church of Christ and for SCOAN. Our object is not TB JOSHUA or SCOAN but Christ and his Kingdom. TB JOSHUA is just his Prophet.

    I am very glad that I know TB JOSHUA from Arigidi, I have many people to tell me more about him at home. I know his wife, his daughter and some relations. TB Joshua is real beyond all his generosity, kind heartedness, love and his desire that all may be saved and be delivered from this dark age to meet and reign with King Jesus.



  2. To those who does not want to believe there will parish, but we believe that the prophet he is been send by God almighty let be the beneficiary of is gift from God,even in jesus christ time all did not believe in him we thank God for those who believe what jesus christ is been doing true prophet tb joshua


  3. T.b Joshua is a blessing to Nigeria and the international community, all this hatred show against Scoan and the resent attack on the ministry guest house are all prove that indeed Prophet Tb Joshua as become a terror to the evil ones that continue to make this world uncomfortable for the children of God. God has continue to use the Prophet to expose and frustrate their wicked plane, that’s why they are all against the good works of the prophet.


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