Thereafter, on Sunday 9th March, 2014. I left my hotel room early to the church complex (6:00a.m.).  As usual, I witnessed a great number of people already marching into the auditorium led by the ushers. I had reminisced of my church’s Faith Tabernacle of the Living Faith Church, Canaan land, Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria. The SCOAN Sunday live service was awesome; soul inspiring spiritual praises and worship songs includes diverse testimonies and healings, breakthroughs in different facets by the application of the anointing water and stickers and violent prayers by the congregation in symbiotic responds with the SCOAN President T B Joshua.

However, it didn’t occur to me that my spy mission into the SCOAN would have been my last day on this planet, ignorant of the fact that Sunday March 11th 2014, the members of the dreadful northern Boko Haram Sect, had decided to unleash their malicious attack against the SCOAN President and brethren, an attack with obvious detrimental effect on Christians worshiping in the sanctuary of God. This is a similar incident that occurred to one of the branches of my church in Bauchi State, about 12km (7miles) from the State Capital, left 21 dead and about 45 brethren injured, so sympathetic and tragic indeed.

Although, contrary to this inimical act of the aforementioned Sect, which they have masterminded to bomb the SCOAN and brethren including the SCOAN President, T B Joshua, but his prayers that afternoon in the course of the service was vehemently hot, filled with Holy Ghost Fire. Unbelievable! The prayers of the SCOAN President inside the church auditorium threw the Boko Haram Sect members into jeopardy, an impromptu perplexing erupted amongst (5) of the gang members whose mission became unaccomplished, the first of its kind according to the live confession of one the Sect members who ran into the congregation for live confession and refuge, this I personally witnessed. He disclosed his name as Mustapha, claimed been part of the numerous insurgencies carried out by the Sect, but this was a total failure he confessed that the SCOAN President’s prayer was filled with fire which threw them into confusion and they ran helter skelter from the restaurant where they were eating prior to execute their unholy attack against the SCOAN. Mustapha, confessed that the fire became more sensational on them via; the Emmanuel TV channel in the restaurant, this he could not withstand any longer, therefore he decided to come and plead to the SCOAN President, and the rest of his accomplice their whereabouts, quite unknown to him.

Furthermore, he confessed how they drank some concussion in order to intensify their power and maximized fortification to successfully unleash their wicked scheme without pity.

imageOn the whole, I must affirm that my espionage into the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) was quite awesome and an absolute contradiction of my initial concept about the SCOAN. More so, the  generalized ironic philosophy and the ‘wide held critics/notions’ of the church been satanic, I can strongly concur to be a blatant and falsified inference, a negative proposition held with a popular view to discredit T B Joshua and his ministry. One cannot imagine the power of God without having an encounter with Him. God still uses any medium to reach His people. In the (Acts of the Apostles, 19:11) Paul’s handkerchief as an ‘apron’ to heal the sick, even shadows. Water was transformed into wine, (2) two fishes and (5) five loaves of bread to feed about 5,000 people. Based on my findings, may I please reiterate that, the SCOAN President, T B Joshua no doubts is one of the prophets of our time, been used by God to reach this present generation.

Thus, I can’t imagine his dispositions towards the less privilege in our society, I mean this cannot be quantified in an obvious stratified and capitalist society we find ourselves, a society where input yields into the desired output, the word ‘charity’ has totally gone into oblivion. Emphatically, T B Joshua’s sermons and teachings are very precise, edifying and soul lifting. I can gladly deduce that his teachings on ‘Love dominates and captivates the minds’ of many, this exemplifies the teachings of Christ in the ‘’Golden Rule’’. T B Joshua is filled with the power of God; one cannot imagine the Boko Haram’s Sect inability to unleash their negative vices against the SCOAN. What could have restricted this attack? This still puzzles me. Could this not be the ‘amazing grace and awesome power of God’ in action? This is a dreaded Sect with deliberate intentions from the pit of hell to antagonize the finished work of our lord Jesus Christ, a foe to the entire Christian Faith, of course being responsible for the numerous fatalistic explosions to our Christian Faith. A Sect not minding the consequences that its actions brings upon our nation in the international scene, not considering the innocent souls been wasted, I would have gone into early eternity prior to our creator’s call. God’s power at work using the SCOAN General overseer T.B. Joshua mightily, his prophecies are real and divine. I can discern him having ‘amiable charisma’ that seems beyond that of a mere human being. Inspiring testimonies of the anointing water and sticker – To the Glory of God I was opportune to get the anointing water, also affirmed to the circumstances for marital challenges in my linage during the Saturday’s prophetic service I attended. At this point I begin to reaffirm to the fact that the broad way leads to destruction, the narrow way is life, the fact that salvation is a personal race.

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