Expert Say, Synagogue Collapse Caused By Infrasonic Weapon

An explosives expert and researcher, Mr. Biedomo Paul Iguniwei has tendered a research paper requested by the coroner before the Lagos court investigating the cause of the collapsed building at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations(SCOAN) last year.


In the research paper, which was equally made available to newsmen, Mr. Iguniwei still insists that the building collapse was caused by an infrasonic weapon fired at the church by the aircraft that hovered over the building several times.

Arguing that the position of the Lagos State Government which tends to support structural defect as cause of the collapse is baseless, he observed that scientific evidence coupled with the CCTV footage of the collapse suggest the building collapsed due to high energy infrasound absorption.

“The Lagos State Government has been pushing the reason for the collapse as foundational, structural defects or poor construction standards used by the church engineers. However, having looked at all the reasons adduced, personally visited the scene of the collapse and analyzed the video footage of the preceding moments before the collapse of the structure, it was deduced that the collapse resulted from high energy infrasound absorption by the building leading to a high energy resonance of the constituent atoms of the building”.

Mr. Iguniwei further supported the infrasonic weapon theory thus: “All other options being put forward were eliminated scientifically, creating a mystery surrounding the collapse of the building. The foundation failure option cannot hold scientifically because upon inspection of the foundation pads of the building, it was observed that the foundation pads are still intact with no stressor cracks on the steel and concrete pillars protruding from the earth. Additionally, the CCTV footage showed a collapse that is not consistent with other known buildings that have collapsed as a result of structural failure.

”Based on the aforementioned factors, Mr. Iguniwei concluded thus: “As it is, it can be concluded scientifically that there were no explosives in the building when it collapsed upon the post-blast analysis done. It can also be true to safely say the building didn’t come down as a result of foundational or structural failure. Thus, the only reasonable explanation for the cause of collapse is the use of an infrasonic weapon on the building”.

Meanwhile, the BCPG witness, Engineer Oreoluwa Fadayomi has admitted there was an error in his report. The submission arose from the revelation that the report he based his findings upon via email were not actually genuine documents as submitted by the church.

Having adopted the paper by Iguniwei, the coroner adjourned proceedings to Wednesday, April 29, 2015.

By Nosa Osazuwa was present during court proceedings

2 thoughts on “Expert Say, Synagogue Collapse Caused By Infrasonic Weapon

  1. Good morning

    The truth will remain the truth even if people try to sweep it under the carpet.
    God is always great. However there is something interesting about the date 12 June of which
    The coroner said is the date where all parties will be presenting the final summery of their presentations.
    Interestingly, on that day, which will be Friday, it will be the birthday of Prophet TB Joshua. It is the same date of the incident of the controlled demolition of the Scoan building, which was Friday the 12th .

    The coroner date is also on a Friday. If you can check from the date of the event, Friday the 12th June will be exactly nine months since the incident and the demolition happened on September which is the ninth moth. What a coincidence, I don’t know what informed the coroner but this is really interesting development .
    1. Friday, 12 June —coroner final presentation
    2. Friday,12 June —–Prophet TB Joshua birthday
    3 . Friday, 12 September —– Scoan building demolition
    4. Friday, 12 June —– nine months since the building demolition
    5. Septermber — is the month number nine in the calendar and is the same month of the incident and Friday June 12 will be ninth month since the incident

    Wow,! This is strange and interesting


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