I personally first share the opinion that homosexuals should be stone to death; but thank God, Mr Tedus Deliverance Story changed my wrong perception about homosexuals and I discovered that this set of persons are victim of circumstances in need of our love and prayers. The devil is our enemy; our neighbors are not our enemies. God love sinners but hate sin, God love homosexuals but hate the spirit behind the act; who are we to hate them when Christ Love them.

The bible is our standard, we should help others to be saved and not to die, Christ forbids us not to encourage sin and also caution us not to be quick to judge people by their sin. We need not to be economical with the truth, homosexual can get out of their present disorder if the world change the approach used in dealing with these persons. Hence we should stop endorsing ungodliness by encouraging homosexuality as normal but preach salvation and tolerance.

Being homosexual does not make one a wicked person, history made us to understand that some of those that contributed to science and technology had issues with their sexual life style even among those who help in discovering techniques that steered a successful war that brought an end to 1st and 2nd world war thus saving lives of millions of people, having issues with their sexuality. Many of them committed suicide because they could not get the required help from the society but were exposed to humiliation and rejection. I want you to understand that been a homosexual does not make one a bad person, someone can have a good heart yet still be under the torment of the spirit of homosexuality.

The devil does not want those under this bondage of homosexuality to get out of it, he knows that the end result is eternal condemnation, thus deceptively propagating that been homosexual is normal. We should stop using human right protection as pretense in promoting the devil’s mandate. Yes, let’s protect them from abuse but not trying to make the world see the act as normal. Our God is not a God of confusion. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. We can only defeat our enemy (the devil), if only the world can have a change of thought and start seeing things in the light of God’s word.

To the homosexuals, you need to give God a chance to transform you again, Christ loves you and He want to set you free from the bondage of homosexuality. Please don’t listen to those voices that want you to believe being homosexual is normal, those voices are from the pit of hell, these voices are from your adversary. Why not come to God, Mr Tedus came to God for freedom and he got it, take a bold step of faith and come to SCOAN or any bible believing Church that can help you, Jesus Loves you, He is still more interested in people like you, why not try God and see if you will be proud of your present life style in your freedom.

Thank God we are in the era of grace, unlike before, there is now hope for homosexuals that want to get out of their bondage.

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