The CIA Prediction VS T.B Joshua Prophecy of Hope

The just concluded 2015 general election, in the African’s most populous Nation may have come and gone, but history on the successful and peaceful conduct of the election will remain incomplete, without stating the messianic role played by Prophet T.B Joshua all through the period of the election.

Before the March 28, 2015 Nigerian’s presidential election, there were fear that the Nation may end up in crisis after the winner of the presidential election, may have been declared. The fear was triggered by the CIA prediction that Nigeria will break up by 2015. The same year, the nation will be conducting her general elections.

The internal challenge the Nation was facing at that period of time appear that indeed the prediction and prophecy of doom of Nigeria engulfing in crisis is likely to come to pass. The threat from the Boko-Haram terrorist activities in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, the campaign for an independent state by pro-Biafra secessionist group, the electoral hate campaign by the two leading political parties (PDP and APC) and the tense political atmosphere generated, looks like the most populous black nation on earth is surely waiting to explode in another major crisis that may threaten her existence.

The tension was so much that the wealthy were carrying their families and relations out of the country, while those who could not afford to travel out of the country left the town for their villages. Those from the northern part of the country with business in the south close their shop and travel back home, while those from the south with business interest in the north left their business and travel back to their state of origin because they felt they were safer in their state, if peradventure there are crises after the election.

In the middle of all these tension in Nigeria, Prophet T.B Joshua’s guest house was mysteriously attacked on September, 12, 2014. This attack lead to the death of hundreds of his members mostly, foreign visitors, but the prophet who know what was on play did not allow the incidence to weigh him down. With all the name calling, campaign of calumny and persecution, Prophet T.B Joshua did not loose focus; he was busy communicating the mind of God regarding the coming election directly to the incumbent president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his aide, to salvage the Nation from an imminent crisis that will destroy millions of lives and properties.

The Prophet was said to have told the incumbent President that God said, whatever the outcome of the election, his regime has come to an end. He should accept the outcome of the election to save the lives of millions of Nigerians. Prophet T.B Joshua was also said to have previously shared many revelations about Nigeria to the President that has eventually come to pass.

Shortly before President Goodluck Jonathan’s historic call to the President-elect Gen. Mohammed Buhari (Rtd.), Prophet T.B Joshua called the President, saying to him, “Your Excellency- all you need to say is thank you, Jesus, even when it seems there is nothing to be thankful for. He said, ‘thank you, man of God’. Before I knew it, I saw the news on CNN that he had congratulated his opponent,” – Prophet T.B Joshua.

It was that historic concessional call from Goodluck Jonathan to the President-elect Gen. Muhammad Buhari (Rtd.) that brought calmness to the tense political atmosphere in the Nation. Today, there is no electoral crisis in Nigeria, the doom prediction of the Nation’s breaking-up after the 2015 general elections did not come to fulfillment and these was made possible by an incumbent President that has the fear of God, listened to His warning and remain obedient to God’s word through the instrumentality of His Prophet, T.B Joshua.

Maybe if the leadership of the Nation had listen to the Prophetic warning from T.B Joshua then, the present Boko-Haram deadly attack in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria would have been stopped at the beginning. Nevertheless, we say thank you Jesus for helping your Nation to surmount her challenges.

2 thoughts on “The CIA Prediction VS T.B Joshua Prophecy of Hope

  1. Hi

    We give thanks to God almighty for the life of the prophet tb Joshua Today where we are now with the Nigerian nation leave in a peaceful and harmony because the former president obeys the word of God true is prophet, this should be one of the greatest example for some African leaders who stays in power for so long time the should follow the voice of a true prophet from God as Tb Joshua then Africa and the rest of the world will be a better place to leave

    Keep watching


  2. We thank God almighty for the love of this men prophet tb Joshua The prophetic word given including my country Congo we are preparing for election without mention the name but word trouble election in any country


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