History has once again repeat itself, the coronal inquest preceded over by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, alleged to be setup on a fact finding mission to investigate the circumstance of the last year building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) has end up to be an inquest premeditated to cover up the attack on SCOAN, divert the attention of the public on threat to T.B Joshua’s life and indict the ministry of SCOAN for culpability.

History has thought us that those sent by God to destroy the strong holds of Satan in this sinful world has always being enemies to the powerful forces that rule the earth. This verdict has again proven the genuineness of Prophet T.B Joshua’s calling that, he is indeed a Prophet of the Most High God sent on a mission, that mankind will live to remember. All the great Apostle of old in the history of the Church, were always being hunted by the law, from one prison cell to the other, from one judgment seat to another, and from the peril of one powerful king to another, they were being hunted, persecuted and killed for unjust cause; almost all of them died a shameful death.

Many will say how I wish I was alive then, I would have defended the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; I would not have allowed Christ to die such a shameful death. But here before our own eyes, this present generation, the righteous are being persecuted and ridiculed in the court room of injustice and humanity are folding their hands watching. I’m forced to ask, where are the civil right groups? Who are those that are ready to sacrifice their lives on the altar of justice?

Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry was attacked, in cold blood, members of his church were killed and now those who don’t want to see the righteous live in peace, who have vowed to make sure that this God given vision on earth fall, has once again succeed with their plans to indict the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. I ask again, when will injustices stop to prevail over justice in our world? When will those that continue to inflict pains on the righteous face absolute judgment from God?
Is this the kind of justice the deceased families want, the verdict of lies and hatred? I pray that this act of injustice will not add to the pain of the deceased relatives that has already known the truth and also may those relatives that has reservations, not fall into the temptation to do the unmindful.

What a world of injustice! They are not talking of the strange plane that went round the guest house, they are not talking of the sudden fall of the collapse building, even the foundation of the collapse guest house is still strong and intact, what about the timing of the collapse incidence, exactly when the visitors where taking their meal when they were expected to be in the collapse building. But now, even those who were courageous enough to speak against the sabotage like the police witness, has now put their career on the edge, their career are being threatened for standing for the truth.

I know of a truth, God has the final judgment. But I ask again, when will that judgment come, will God continue to allow His children to be humiliated by evil men, and will God continue to allow lies to triumph over truth. I know the judgment of God will surely come. You that may be asking similar question, hold your peace. Let our heart patiently wait for God’s judgment, God’s time is the best. The cloud is dark and no one knows what is in the other side. No one knows how the judgment of God will look like, but one thing I know is that the righteous will see reasons to rejoice at the end.


  1. I am very pleased to continue my association with SCOAN and Prophet T B Joshua even and especially after a court judgment that is seemingly blaming the contractors and SCOAN Ministry. The Church had been going through various turbulent times and it would appear no one cares. Of course we had expected equal blames for government agencies that have not been functioning, doing their job as required and when due.

    1. It was bad enough that so many worshippers had died in a place that has become our safe haven. The enormous Church project collapsed within minutes and the blames are not attributed to what caused the sudden collapse but who handled the project or who owned it.

    2. The Church of Christ (not only SCOAN) must recognise that we see beyond what the world sees, we understand deeper than the rest but over evidences are not tenable in any law court of this world. Take for example, Pilate of Jesus time truly thought he had power to save or kill Jesus when Jesus was brought before him, the Jews who demanded his death did so believing they were right, king Ahab and his wife Jezzebel were after Prophet Elijah for a long while. The point is that we are dealing with two different worlds and standards living side by side. The court in Lagos could not have done much.

    3. Why were the scientific approach that a weakly constructed building will fall but with warnings and over time, or the coincidental appearance of a hovering plane severally just preceding the collapse not tenable to the world? It will be far fetched therefore before we can convince this world that “true servants of King Jesus” live in dangers in this age. The life of T B Joshua is in danger always. What the world wants is for him to request for “police protection” or conform.

    4. Each Minister of Jesus Christ of our generation must choose between Christ and the world, between teaching the whole gospel or a sodomized version. We must also know that we can’t win any court case in this world. Jesus had advised against going to court and warning that we would lose there.

    5. The Church must continue to be fervent in prayers, not only for the Church but for the world.

    6. I have held to my Gamaliel test that time will show “who is sent and who is not”. Nobody has to bring down any building killing others in the process; But that we are in the World giving to God his due and to the world it’s due.

    7. I wish to use this opportunity again to send more condolences to families of lost souls and to many confused individuals, States and nations on this whole episode. Serving Christ may be at a price but such prices have nothing to do with wickedness or idolatry. But if we parish so be it.

    8. I also request governments to be conversant with the activities of each of the institution they permit to operate. If a building didn’t collapse how could we know it’s status with the government authorities that should normally monitor such? Governments must revive it’s dieing institutions and not prefer to have a scapegoat to blame.


  2. Mark 4v22: For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ is with His Servant as He said the lamp cannot be put under the bed therefore the truth will come to light and that will be justice to His people.


  3. It is TB Joshua’s fault that people died in his church. if God told Him that there was going to be an attack at his church, why didn’t he have the decency to warn visitors to stay away from impending danger. But in stead he decided to bring in cctv cameras so he can watch the tragedy later after collecting their money. The fact is TB Joshua is guilty before the Living God, he could have avoided these deaths, but because of greed, he allowed it to happen. so the blood of those dead victims is upon his head!


    • @tbjoshuawatchblog, responds and counter responds or trying to make a debate out of this matter is all an empty talk. We can’t Change anything. It’s all about destiny.

      My respond to your accusations – This is what makes history interesting “Him and his ministry were likely indicted and fine. The contractors were likely jailed, but He end up being vindicated.”

      You and I will learn lesson from it, the world will learn lesson from it and generation yet unborn will learn lesson from it.

      The Bible has been their, but the modern world need more prove of God’s ownership of this world and also a scripture which is not only written in letters, but audible and visible as the history is- A Scripture of audio and video record for the up coming generations of the church.


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