South Africa’s Ruling ANC Endorsed the Killing of Innocent South Africans?


African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party

The alleged bi-lateral visit to Lagos, Nigeria, by the alleged leadership of the African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party. Who in their visit openly show their support to the Nigeria’s Lagos state Governor Akinwunmi Ambode over his plan to prosecute the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has again confirmed our standpoint that the SCOAN guest house building collapsed, was part of both local and international conspiracy to spark the downfall of Prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry.

Here is what a South African Citizen has to say about the visit of the ruling ANC to the Lagos State Governor:

” As a South African citizen, I can boldly say that the show of shame put together with the public declaration by the ANC that they backed the persecution of Prophet T.B Joshua and his ministry is nothing, but against the judgment of majority of South Africans that want to know the truth of what actually lead to the death of her citizens. The truth is that the supposed leadership of ANC only came to Nigeria to advance their personal anti-Scoan tendencies. We all know how many of our government officials are not happy with the way many of us always visit the SCOAN for healings and deliverances before the collapse of the SCOAN guest house.

Since the death of our citizens, how many of these ANC members have visited the families of the bereaved that lost their relatives and how many of them have supported the families financially, since the tragedy. Who among them can publicly say, he has shown love and support to the bereaved families than the ministry of SCOAN. None! But they have the audacity to travel all the way from South Africa to Nigeria, to tell the Lagos state government that they support the persecution of SCOAN. A ministry that has done all it takes to make sure that the families of the collapse victims are well taken care of.

I’m a beneficiary of the healing power of God in the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua, when my doctor confirmed me to be HIV positive it was in SCOAN I received my healing and this has happened to many South Africans who also received their healings from various sickness and diseases. All those times that these South African citizens including me received our healings and deliverances in SCOAN, it was not announced in news media or did any member of ANC publicly thanked Prophet TB Joshua for allowing himself to be used by God to heal us, but when it comes to bad news they are all shouting kill him and arrest him.

All those that are behind that show of shame in Lagos, Nigeria, I tell them, those South Africans that died in that collapse building, their innocent blood whom the alleged leadership of ANC have sacrifices in the alter of hate and lies would surly hurt them. They will never go unpunished. Hatred has made our people to support those that are desperately making moves to cover up the killing of our innocent citizens.”

It is obvious that many in the South Africa government don’t want justices to prevail in this matter. They don’t care if innocent South African citizens were sacrifices in the conspiracy to put down the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. The statement credited to the supposed leadership of the ANC shows that they don’t care if the building collapse was an attack or not against the ministry of SCOAN. What they want is that Prophet T.B Joshua should be arrested and if possible, the Nigeria law support death penalty for building collapse they want the Prophet to be killed.

I’m ashamed to say that, Africans remains the greatest enemies of themselves, even with all the evidence on ground that suggest sabotage. A rational human being expect the ruling South Africa ANC to take a neutral stand thus, calling on the Nigeria government to make sure that a proper and unbiased investigation is done, especially since the ministry of SCOAN and even some South Africa citizens that survived the incident have continue to insist that the building collapse was as a result of sabotage. But that was not the case, the ANC simply came to Nigeria to further their anti-African campaign to persecute their fellow black skin man who has elevated the status of the African races that in history has being a victim of slavering and apartheid-rule.

It pains, when one has to imagine that some persons in Nigeria and other African nations can indeed be part of this dirty conspiracy against their own for a reasons that is still hard to comprehend. May God save the black man!

2 thoughts on “South Africa’s Ruling ANC Endorsed the Killing of Innocent South Africans?

  1. Emmanuel

    I am a South African who is very dissapointed the ANC behaviour. The so called the biggest party in Africa has failed the south africans who voted the ANC into power. I did not vote for them to be ignorant but to take care of all south africans. However, I want to say to the ANC that this is the biggining of your down fall. Already the ANC is not doing good in SA and now you are just putting more fire on the already burning organization. South Aficans are not blind. Instead of correcting ANC failures to create a better future for South Africans, you are partnering with the devil to bring more woes to South Africa. I hope you will reconsider your decision and start to do the right thing, that is to demad investigation regarding the nigerian Hercules C 130 military jet which has collapsed the building through infrasonic weapon( Jerico weapon). You know very well that building does not collapes in that manner. May be you can give us a better explanation regarding the millions seized in SA which was meant to buy weapons, Or the millions were meant to pay the culprits of the SCOAN building? I don’t remember the ANC commenting on the issue. WHY????


  2. Good morning

    Below is a very interesting story regarding negerian government and the south African govermrnt. Isn’t it sipprising that on September 5 a private jet owned by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Oritsejafor, was detained is South Africa with the money stashed in three suitcases. September 5 was a week before the building controlled demolition by the enemies of SCOAN. EMMANUELLLL

    EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian detained in South Africa over seized $9.3million arms money
    Nnenna Ibeh

    Contrary to belief that two Nigerians and an Israeli are being held in South Africa‎ for smuggling $9.3 million cash into that country, no one is being detained over the matter, the South African Police service has told PREMIUM TIMES.
    There had been widespread reports that two Nigerians and an Israeli national were arrested and detained in South Africa after they attempted to smuggle into that country US$9.3 million apparently meant for buying arms for the Nigerian intelligence service.
    The men landed at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg, on September 5 in a private jet owned by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Oritsejafor, with the money stashed in three suitcases.
    At the time, the South Africa Revenue Service, SARS, said customs officers became suspicious when the passengers’ luggage were unloaded and put through the scanners.
    The National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, in South Africa said there was an invoice for helicopters and armaments intended to be used in Nigeria.
    Two black plastic suitcases, filled with 90 blocks each containing US$100,000 in notes, with combination locks, were seized, as well as two pieces of hand luggage also containing US currency, according to City Press.
    The Israeli national, Eyal Mesika, had the combination to open the locks.

    Under South African laws, a person entering or leaving the country is expected to carry cash not exceeding US$2,300, or the equivalent in foreign currency notes.
    The identities of the Nigerians on the plane remained unknown and most Nigerians believe they and the Israeli were still being held as investigation continues.
    But responding to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry, Paul Ramaloko, the spokesperson of the country’s police service, said no arrest was made after the arms money was intercepted and confiscated.
    “No one was arrested on this day,” Mr. Ramaloko, a captain in the South African Police, told this newspaper. “We only seized the money.”
    The police spokesperson however wouldn’t divulge the names of the other passengers on the plane.
    “We can only name people who are criminally charged,” he said. “In this matter, no one has been charged. We are only talking about one person who checked in the luggage.
    “The other people were allowed to go soon as they were cleared.”
    When asked whether the person who checked in the luggage was the Israeli who had the combination to open the locks of the suitcases containing the U.S. currency, Mr. Ramaloko said he was not sure.
    On the progress of investigation into the matter, the police service’s spokesperson said, “The investigation is continuing.
    We will be guided by the outcomes on the investigation if anyone should be held criminally accountable.”
    The South African authorities have since confiscated yet another US$5.7 million arms money from Nigeria.
    As with the first deal, South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority has seized the funds for allegedly being the proceeds of illegal transactions, reports say.
    The second transaction was between Cerberus Risk Solutions, an arms broker in Cape Town, and Societe D’Equipments Internationaux, said to be a Nigerian company based in Abuja.
    The deal, according to reports by South African City Press newspaper, fell apart after Cerberus which had earlier received from Nigeria R60 million (N1.02 billion) in its account at Standard Bank, tried to repay the money as it could not resolve its registration formalities with the South African authorities.

    “Cerberus was previously registered as a broker with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), but the registration expired in May this year,” City Press said.
    “The marketing and contracting permits also expired at the same time. The company has since applied for re-registration, but the application lay in the NCACC’s mailbox for more than two months.
    “Sources told Rapport that Cerberus apparently tried to pay the money back to the Nigerian company, after which the bank became suspicious,” the paper reported.
    The paper added that while the NPA’s Asset Forfeiture Unit subsequently obtained a court order in the South Gauteng High Court to seize the money, the NPA spokesperson Nathi Mncube, said there were no indications the two transactions were related.
    The Nigerian government has since claimed ownership of the seized funds, denying the deal was unlawful and warning South Africa of its investment in Nigeria.
    In a terse reaction to what appears a potential diplomatic spat between the two countries, the Nigerian government denied the second transaction was illegal and reminded South Africa of how Nigeria has provided a beneficial environment for South African companies like MTN, DSTV and a host of others to do business unhindered.
    “It is our hope that South Africa would reciprocate this noble gesture,” the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, said, with a vow to eradicate Boko Haram regardless of the antics of “fifth columnists”.
    Mr. Dasuki, named by the South African newspaper as the official who signed off the first controversial deal, confirmed the second transaction occurred as reported but firmly denied it was conducted illegally.
    “We want to state clearly that a business transaction actually took place between a legitimate company in Nigeria and another legitimate one in South Africa through the bank,” said Mr. Dasuki through a spokesperson, Karounwi Adekunle.
    “In the course of events, the South African company could not perform and decided to refund the money. What is illegitimate in this transaction done through the bank?” he queried


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