TB Joshua donates to Police, Military hospital


ACP Agnes Maclean (2nd right) receiving the items from Samuel Sackey on behalf of the Hospital

General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOANS), Prophet T.B Joshua, has donated medical consumables worth over GHc140,000 to the Police and 37 Military Hospitals in Accra.

The founder of SCOANS, headquartered in Nigeria, made the donations separately to the two facilities on Monday, in partnership with the Emmanuel TV through the Ghana’s branch of his church.

Items donated included blanket, medicine trolley, armpit clutches, accoson sphymamometer, latex foam mattress, syringes with needles 2ml, syringes with needles 5ml, wheel chair, hospital bed, drip stand, surgical gloves, among others.

The sum of all items donated to the 37 Military Hospital was estimated at about GHc100,000 while that of the Police Hospital was calculated at GHc40,000.

The donations were in immediate support to the two hospitals after they went through untold pressure following the recent three weeks strike action by medical doctors belonging to the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) across the country.

They were also in further support of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster in Accra and the Central Medical Store at Tema which was razed down by fire earlier this year.

Prophet T.B Joshua through the Passion for Needy, a charitable organisation belonging to SCOANS, recently made similar donations to the 37 Military Hospital in support of some victims of the June 3, 2015 fire-flood disaster who were on admission at the facility.

Presenting the items at the various hospitals on Monday, a senior member of SCOANS-Ghana, Samuel Sackey, indicated that upon hearing of the strike action by the doctors, Prophet Joshua felt the urgent need as a man of God to support the two facilities, realising that they (37, Police Hospitals) were under serious pressure since they never closed their doors to the public during the period under review.

“When the doctors were on strike, the burden was laid on the two hospitals. To alleviate them from the stress they are going through now as a result of that strike action, the Prophet has asked us to make this donation,” Mr Sackey averred.

He indicated that the donations formed part of the church’s corporate social responsibility and love for the people of Ghana.

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One thought on “TB Joshua donates to Police, Military hospital


    i am subscribed to http://www.hungrygeneration.net. this is the same ministry that hosted wiseman Harry’s usa crusade in washington state usa. this ministry also has been taking groups of americans to scoan about 3 times a year, and advertise it on their site here; http://www.hungrygeneration.net/about/visitscoan/ they also still pray for americans who visit their good news church with annoiting water every month.
    Anyway this is what i received from them today.

    SCOAN Trip September 2015 Overview

    From Hungry Generation tv@hungrygeneration.net Tue, Sep 29, 2015 3:10 pm
    To (my email removed)

    Good Morning!

    On September 17, 2015, 40 people from all over the United States and Canada, packed their bags and flew on a plane to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa to visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations in hopes to meet with the man of god, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

    The moment everyone gathered at gate E9 in Houston, Texas, we could feel the anxiousness and the desperation we all secretly had as we got closer to having the opportunity to step into the arena of liberty in the SCOAN. Trips like these mean something different to every person. Some were there for a sick family member, a personal breakthrough or simply a chance to speak to the prophet. At our arrival we were all sent to our assigned rooms and we patiently waited till the next dawn to see what God had in store for us that week. As Saturday morning approached we were all up early for a warm meal and we headed off to one of several bible studies. Each bible study was ministered by a wise man. They made an hour and a half feel like thirty minutes. The subjects for the bible studies varied from having faith for your challenges to walking in authority with the word of God. Shortly after the first bible study we visited the Prayer Mountain. The Prayer Mountain was a serene place that immediately filled you with peace, even with all of the construction going on, we each had a time of prayer next to a little tree that hovered over the water. It was truly beautiful to spend time in the presence of God while enjoying the wildlife that surrounded us. The purpose for having the Prayer Mountain so exposed to the outside is because the Man of God said he wants people to enjoy nature and God’s creation as we pray and seek him.

    As Sunday rolled around, we sat at the visitors section for the 8am service. Something that we were quick to notice is that the entire service was ran by the disciples. Yes, that means that not even the wisemen were out preaching or praying over the people. It was refreshing to see the disciples being used during the prayer with the Morning Water. Wisemen were there overlooking every step but the disciples were leading the prayers. Many who received the prayer with Morning Water were set free and delivered. Afterwards we rejoiced and danced as the choir played songs of praise to give thanks to God for his goodness.

    Although, we did not see Prophet T.B. Joshua for the service we had a surprise that was waiting for us. Little did we know that Prophet T.B. Joshua himself was going to pray over the visitors in the Mercy Land, an area located outside the SCOAN building. Sunday night he prayed for many visitors in the Mercy Land that were leaving the next day. We had to wait patiently for Monday night to arrive to receive what all of us had been waiting for. As Monday night came, we were ushered to the Mercy Land and we sat under a large white tent waiting for Prophets arrival. All of our hearts were beating fast as we knew that this would be it, the moment we were waiting for. When prophet arrived he shared a small speech and quickly began the prayer line. One by one we were each taken to him so he would lay hands on us. After he prayed for us we went and chose our faith bracelets. We were overwhelmed with joy as we saw each and every person from our USA group be filled with the Holy Spirit and receive their deliverance.
    Little did we know that the celebration was not going to end there. After settling back into our rooms, we received exciting news that the man of God was going to meet our group the following morning. We cried and yelled with jubilee that such opportunity arose itself for us. By the grace of God, Prophet came and spoke to us that Tuesday morning and congratulated us for making the trip there knowing that the possibility of seeing him was slim. He said it took a lot of faith for us to do so and because of our faith our prayers were granted. After he spoke to us, he blessed our group with the chance to choose another faith bracelet, anointed stickers and more Morning Water. He laughed and said that he wanted to spoil us so we would miss him! We can confidently say that we all left SCOAN that day with a large smile on our face and in our hearts. This trip to the Synagogue Church of all Nations changed our lives and whats even better is that the best is STILL yet to come.

    Upcoming Events and Trips

    October 25 – Anointing Water Prayer Line
    November 20-22 – Anniversary Celebration at Hungry Generation
    February 2016 – Trip to SCOAN

    Be Blessed,
    Hungry Generation


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