Building Collapse: Man’s verdict and God’s Judgment

TB-Joshua-Synagogue-ChurchWhen the Lagos State Government (LSG) set up the coronal inquest that was supposed to find out the cause of the September 12th, 2014 building collapse at the premises of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) Lagos, Nigeria, One would expect the inquest will provide answers to the many questions that was being raised, but the reveres was the case, the alleged inquest has thus raised more questions than answer vis a viz; indictment rather than fact finding/ inquiry.

The outcome of the coronal inquest has made many with the right knowledge to accept the fact that the coronal Magistrate who was supposed to be impartial indeed has interest in the case as earlier sued by the ministry of SCOAN during the time the inquest was still ongoing.


Mobile Picture from a South African Eyewitness

Before I move further, it will be imperative for us to take a clue from the time the building collapse incident just occurred. Prior to the setup of the coronal inquest, there has been disagreement between the ministry of SCOAN and the Lagos State government (the inaugurator of the coronal inquest) on the actual cause of the building collapse. While the ministry of SCOAN insists the collapse was as a result of terror attack that was induced by controlled demolition, but the Lagos Sate Government (LSG) claimed the building Collapsed as a result of structural failure. For this reason, SCOAN released a CCTV footage which captured a military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed and to add to SCOAN’s evidence, a South African eyewitness who saw the plane when it was coming closer to the building, present to the public the picture he snapped with his mobile phone capturing the close proximity of the military airplane to the collapsed building. But on the part of the Lagos State government (LSG), the General Manager of the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA) quoted that his agency sent a pre-warning notice to the SCOAN before the building collapsed, which they alleged SCOAN ignored. And also government rescue agencies that came to the collapse site ‘ill-equipped’ accused the Church of not cooperating with the recues process, thus raising question if the Church has something to hide. Both claims by the Lagos State Government agencies were refuted by the ministry of SCOAN and it was obvious this bogus allegations from the LSG were desperate moves to shift all the blame on SCOAN because concrete evidences later proved that the preliminary claims raised by the Lagos State Government (LSG) were all lies and this has generate a lot of question if some individuals in the Lagos State Government (LSG) have personal interest in the incident or if the State authorities are part of the ground plan to cover-up what truly transpired on the September 12th, 2014 building collapsed at the premises of the SCOAN.

READ- “Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry” for more insight on what transpired when the building incident just occurred.

Now I ask, how can the Lagos State Government (LSG) who has being known for spreading misinformation, contradicting claims and falsehood since the collapse incidence occurred now claim they want justice for the victims and bereaved families? We ask, is this Justice or witch-hunt?

This is the same LSG that has been resisting every move taken by the Ministry of SCOAN to prove that the building collapsed was as a result of terror attack. Here we ask, what does it take the Government to consider the facts on ground that has been raised by SCOAN. Why are they not talking about the Military airplane that went round the building before it collapsed? What will be the gain if the innocents are wrongly accused and convicted?

A coronal inquest that supposed to be a fact finding one, thus given recommendation to the government on measures that should be taken to avoid a recurrence of the SCOAN’s building collapse tragedy, end up becoming an inquest staged for witch-hunt by indicting the ministry of SCOAN and the building contractors.

I ask again, does a coronal Magistrate have the power to indict a witness? The Magistrate verdict on the collapsed building was mainly focused on indictment instead, of giving recommendations to the appropriate authorities on how to avoid and handle building collapse incidence. Why did Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, did not consider those expert report which suggested that the building collapsed was as a result of controlled demolition, but upheld those contradicting reports from representatives of the Lagos State Government (LSG) that claim the building collapse was a result of structural failure.

When will the judgment of man be void of personal interest?

Is it feasible for a judge to give a just verdict against his enemy?

From the onset of the coronal inquest, the provocative and body language of the coronal magistrate against Prophet T.B Joshua was enough evidence that the ministry of SCOAN and those that died in the collapse building will not get justice from the inquest. The Coronal Magistrate, Oyetade Komolafe was always using derogatory statement to refer to Prophet T.B Joshua as “That man…! Tell that Man…!” threatening the Prophet with the ‘Sword of the State’ and given unnecessary threat of arrest as if the Prophet has already been found wanting by the law.

We are not surprise or taking unaware by the Magistrate verdict. We are in a world were wicked people uses the instrument of the State to perpetrate injustice, where the so called ‘powerful’ manipulate the judiciary to suit their interest. Are we not in a world where the innocent will serve jail terms and the perpetrator goes scot-free, because they are being back by the ‘mighty and powerful’ in the society. Go to the prisons around the world, majority of those inmates are innocent of their crime and yet none can do anything about it thus leaving them, the prisoners at the mercy of those who has interest in their incarceration. Then I ask, is the State owned only by the ‘Powerful or Mighty’ or by every citizen irrespective of their status and influences?

Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe, claimed SCOAN did not get appropriate approval for the collapse building, what about the 20 Million naira SCOAN paid for the building approval with receipt evidence to show for it thus, connotes that the building was endorsed by the appropriate government agencies and this aspect was ignored in the Coronal verdict. Yet none including the media ask questions about this. On what ground will the Lagos State government collect the sum of 20 million naira from the SCOAN for building approval and at the same time accuse the ministry of not getting the approval for the collapsed building? Who is blaming who here, the debtor or the creditor? Very ironic indeed!!… It is only the gullible that can fall for this.

It is certainly true that those behind the building collapse are powerful forces who would want to make sure the truth is not exposed and any move taken by any person or group to expose the truth will be out rightly resisted or frustrated.

It is true that the State is the power; the State is the law; they have all what it takes to win all the legal battle and avert justice, but know this, can they ever win the battle of the mind, those with independent minds know the truth. Remember, the heart is where the truth lies and in due time the truth will prevail. That is why no matter the indictment and campaign of calumny the ministry of SCOAN will continue to grow from height to height because the people know the truth, they can’t be led astray by a Magistrate’s verdict. Even Christ Jesus the founder and Father of the Church was unjustly persecuted and crucified by the world come to talk of His servant, Prophet T.B Joshua.

To those Jurist with good heart, those who uphold justice even at the detriment of their life and career continue with your good works, the LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH and for others, know that the position you occupy was not as a result of self effort, it is a privilege from God with a free-will for you to place culpability where culpability is. Standing for the truth may put you in the bad book of the ‘powerful and mighty’, but know this, history rewards men and women that stand for justice, those who upheld the truth without fear or favor are honored by history.

Remember, “The battle between the stone and the water, in time the water wins.”

6 thoughts on “Building Collapse: Man’s verdict and God’s Judgment

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  2. As far as those that planed evil against Daniel been in the Lion’s Den were turn to destroyed, what ever the enemies plans about my Father in the Lord Senior Prophet TB Joshua, they can’t succeed because Jesus has overcome the World and He advice us to cheer up we will overcome. I know and believe that my Father in the Lord ( Senior Prophet Joshua) will surely defeat them in Jesus name. Amen.


  3. …Better is not good enough, The Best is Yet to come! Let’s the Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, the SCOAN and the Emmanuel TV Teams be of good sheers, as the Scripture said, Jesus, the Lord and Saviour has won the battle of the world for his friends. Let us endevours to be His friends permanently, full stop. Emmanuel! God with us.


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