Building collapsed: Our Persecutors Confirms, Our Genuineness

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God's General

T.B. Joshua remains the world must persecuted living God’s General

Right from the days of the Old to the New Testament of the history of the Church, those who are genuinely called by God with an exceptional mandate to create a hung impact in this world are enemies to the powers that be. These genuine men of God were always hunted by powerful people, from the peril of a powerful imperial king to that of another emperor. Majority of these Men of God died in pain, shame and agony for doing the will of God that contradicted the opinion of those that were in high places of power. Their missions of spreading the gospel of grace via versa, liberating those under the bondage of darkness into the marvellous light of God caused this great Generals of God to be hated and disliked by the people thus, their peril.

Therefore, the present challenges the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is going through right now should not be a cause of worry to us the believers instead, it should be a live gospel and a lesson to the present generational Church that even among the so called civilized, the persecution of living Generals of God still continues. The injustice the ministry of SCOAN is experiencing from those in authorities and the ongoing trial to persecute the SCOAN’s building contractors and the Church. Even when there is a clear evidences that the military airplane that went round the collapse guest house is responsible for its collapse and the CCTV footage that captured the horizontal manner the guest house collapse which is consistent with control demolition that sponsored propagandist are now being classified as mere theory, is a confirmation to the genuineness of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s calling and that indeed, the Prophet’s ministry is a great threat to the kingdom of darkness that has ruler-ship over the world.

Just take a look at the ministry of the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a ministry where healings and deliverances are without equal, where through the power of God, any diseases including HIV/Aids and Ebola Virus can be cured. A ministry that seems to have the solution to all the world’s problems, even the homosexuals- gay and lesbians, in SCOAN they can be made normal. Tell me that such a Ministry will not be hated by the powers that be; tell me that such a ministry will not be under attack. Don’t you think Prophet T.B. Joshua will be seen as one that wants to take control over the affairs of the world?

The truth is that, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the main target in this whole issue that is at stake. The contractors that construct that collapsed building are not who they are looking for. It is unfortunate, they are simply victims of circumstances and this same apply to the innocent souls that was killed due to the collapse guest house; the person they are looking for is Prophet T.B. Joshua. Can’t you see how almost all the news media headlines are on T.B. Joshua none appearing in court? As if it is legally bond for the Prophet to appear in court. The Church board of trustees is a legal entity, which could be represented by anybody and not necessarily Prophet T.B. Joshua, who is the Church founder. They would not stop hunting for the Prophet and his ministry until they see him fall. But if indeed God is God, that which they wishes against the Prophet will go after them, If they wishes good, good things will go with them, but if they wishes evil, evil will never depart from them and their coming generation unless they repent and confess to the world.

As for you that see God’s prolonged silent as rejection, Be Encourage! I ask, was their no God when the great Prophet Elijah fled into exile because of Ahab and Jezebel that were after his head. What about the great Apostles that defended the gospel with their blood, was their no God when they were killed and brutalized for the sack of preaching the Gospel of graces we all are enjoying today. We should not be faint in our prayers and Faith in God just because physically, our enemies seem to have all the advantages over us.

It is certainly true they have control over the government, the judiciary and the media, but be encouraged brethren for we have a greater and powerful God on our side. Have you forgotten that “One with God is the Majority”? God will not put HIS Church to shame. It may seems the enemies are having the upper hand, but in due time, the power of God will be made manifest. Surely, these present battle against the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua will turn into a stepping stone to a greater height for the Prophet and his ministry.

Even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was sentenced and killed by his own enemies. Those who killed Christ thought they were doing him evil, but unknowingly to them, they were helping to fulfil the will of God which is the liberation of mankind by the Blood of the Holy Lamb, Jesus Christ. For the death of Christ marks the new beginning of the era of graces. Christ categorically told the Church that if they can do such evil against HIM, we His followers should expect more.

The way of God is different from the way of men. I’m convince in my Spirit that there is great revival God is about to bring to the world through the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua, and the way God will bring forth this great revival will be out of taught with our thinking faculties.

2 thoughts on “Building collapsed: Our Persecutors Confirms, Our Genuineness

  1. May God be praised for His choice of a prophet in the person of prophet TB Joshua. In deed he is a true prophet for the bible says ” by their fruit you should know them. God’s choice is never the choice of man for we are spiritually limited. May God in mercy open our eyes to behold His plan for humanity. A lot of people in the world today are still in the dark as to the ministry of Jesus Christ is today, a world of signs and wonders. freedom from oppression, true love to humanity irrespective of their race, background and even religious orientation. Jesus came for the sinners and He engaged in healing, liberation, deliverance, provision for the poor and needy amongst many. He never condemned any. He left us with an amazing sentence “The things that I do greater shall we do in His name” Tell me are we not seeing them today in some ministries, especially in the ministry and the HUMBLE lifestyle of prophet TB Joshua. Please people let us open ours eyes to the truth and stop living in dark. The scripture is real. Once more I praise God for giving us a prophet like Prophet TB Joshua. It is a golden previilage. Thank you Jesus for God’s word says “Believe the Lord your God and you be made strong, believe His prophet and you will prosper. I want to prosper in Jesus name.


  2. Good morning
    As much as I agree with the author, prophet T.B Joshua is the most persecuted indeed, and the reason being that they are very, very scared of him. This is because they know that the Kingdom of darkness is currently in trouble and under threat than ever before. Hence they call him trouble man. But as for us, genuine believers, it is time to celebrate and give thanks to our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ for sending Prophet T.B Joshua to liberate us and open our eyes. We must pray the more, fast the more because we are also the victims, but we are not afraid because Jesus died for us to be free. Like scoan and Emmanuel TV, we are going to spread the word of God and continue to support our annoited and genuine prophet, TB Joshua and his ministry of giving, loving, healing and deliverance. Emmanuel- Oliphant Deborah from south Africa. Prophet T.B Joshua we are with u in prayers. Thanks for the free faith bracelets


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