Synagogue Building Collapse: Behold the COREN Panel of Hearings

The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

The Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

For those who may have read the recent news on the Synagogue building collapsed saga, with the captured headlines: Synagogue building Collapse: COREN begins hearing on indicted Engineer. I must say this has again showed how those in authorities, those who are supposed to be proactive and legitimate in their duties to the society seems to be insensitive in the way they are handling the Synagogue building Collapsed tragedy hence, making one to question the real motives behind their board of investigators or panel of hearings.

One may have thought that, before the Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) hurriedly, sent their conclusive report of ‘guilty of negligent’ against the two structural engineers during the coronal inquest, COREN must have by then, had an independent panel of inquiry which its outcome may have determined their written submission at the coronal inquest and at the same time give-out their own disciplinary action against both contractors if the panel they setup were able to establish that the contractors were unprofessional in the cause of constructing the collapsed building unfortunately, that was not the case because there was never an inquiry or any panel of fair hearings setup by COREN before they established their guilt.

This therefore elucidate that, the hasty report initially giving by COREN that professional negligent on the part of the two structural engineers caused the guest house to collapse was done out of imagination and presumptions. COREN made their submission at the coronal inquest without setting up a formal panel of inquiry to look into the matter, a panel that supposed to investigate the professional conduct or misconduct of the two structural engineers and then invite both engineers for a fair hearing. It is now that the two engineers have been indicted by the coronal magistrate that COREN is now setting up a panel of hearing to look into the professional misconduct of the contractors after they, COREN have already established their culpability at the coronal inquest that the contractors are guilty of negligent.

Do you really think these so called professionals know what they are doing? Do they even have an idea that a number of innocent souls have died as a result of this tragedy? It seems these people are playing with the blood of those that died in that collapsed building. This action by COREN is pure prejudice; they have already given their verdict before they are now inaugurating a six-member panel of hearing. A panel to do what, I ask? Is it to legalize their previous bogus submission at the coronal inquest? Yet, everyone is watching, no one is intervening by calling them to order.

The question is why COREN didn’t setup their six-member panel of hearing before they went ahead in submitting their report of guilty of negligent at the coronal inquest. On what premises did they give out that bogus report? Do you think evil men will go scot-free? In the appropriate time, everyone will receive his/her own reward according to the role they had played in the September 12th, 2015 building collapse. Remember the ‘Golden Rule’ by our only Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ (Mathew 7:12). If they mean well, they will receive good; but if you mean bad, they will equally receive bad.

We don’t need a Prophecy to know the obvious out-come of the six-member panel of hearings. It is indeed doubtful that this six-member set-up panel would take an exception to the latter verdict. This is apparently a pre-coded strategy to witch-hunt innocent professionals because they want to harm the reputation of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It is just a matter of 1+1=2, 2+2=4 to know that the panel is another conspiracy to legitimize injustice and glorify impunity.

When will evil men stop hunting after the righteous ones? Has a true Apostle of Christ ever gained justice from the institutions of the world without a strain? The argument has never been T.B. Joshua is against others, but has always been others against T.B. Joshua. They attacked a sacred place, destroyed it and killed Christians. The church alone bear the pains, they single handedly took care of the injured, paid their bills and gave the dead a befitted burial. It is on record and so visible over the media that the Prophet never abandoned the bereaved families, but extends directly to them not only in prayers, congregational memorial service, charitable deeds but also visit the families, this the Emmanuel TV crew and partners global have never relented. Enough of this persecution dear Nigerians, why continue suffering God’s anointed. Why the unnecessary threat to jail the Prophet of God. Why are we so keen to see the righteous fall?

Indeed anything close to God receives attack. What a world of injustice? Indeed Injustice to the righteous is Justice to evil men. May God help His Church, deliver His Prophet and may His Grace be significant upon you, leaders in authority…Amen.

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