Just/ Unjust: Is the SCOAN Building Verdict really Legitimate?


Prophet T.B. Joshua

It calls for alarm how disturbing legitimacy is becoming slowly ruled out in cases that are legally constituted. Legitimacy as we all know is an acceptable standard that is socially, morally and ethically held in high esteem; it is what the people accept as reasonable and in other views, legitimacy means citizens full support or recognition of a government. In a democratic setting, a law can be said to be legitimate if it has an overwhelming support from majority of the people that are directly affected by that law. However, that has not been in the case of the SCOAN building collapse, for it may interest us to know that until date, the SCOAN building collapse case has not been given a legitimate view despite the fact on ground and plead by the people.

It is well known that since the collapsed SCOAN guest house issue has been lingering, the verdicts that have so far been given by the authority have not been in SCOAN’s favor. In all of these, the ministry of SCOAN and some independent professional investigators have insisted that the authority should not hold on to their one-sided view on what they think is behind the cause of the collapse guest house, but should equally consider these facts that are on ground. If indeed the authority is searching for the truth, why would the government that is recognized as a powerful institution not concern themselves with these acute evidences?

For all these aforementioned evidences tendered and the suspicions generated due to the way and manner the building collapsed, it brings about the question; how legitimate is the hasty verdict of the Lagos State government and its coronal inquest? If the authority continues to ignore these sensitive evidences, what then is the essence of legitimacy in our social structure? For It is no news how majority of the bereaved families affected by the incident are insisting that the facts which the ministry of SCOAN and other experts have brought out should be adequately considered by the government but they have paid deaf ears to this.

The fact is that if the authorities continue to ignore these disturbing evidences/reports from the SCOAN and other independent professionals, the people will never take the government seriously. This is one of the reasons why no matter the level of indictment placed on SCOAN by the authorities, it will not affect T.B. Joshua’s reputation in the eyes of the world; for the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua will continue to grow from ‘height to height’. The verdict from the coronal inquest will remain illegitimate and can’t be taken seriously by well-minded people until the government answers these heart-provoking questions. For if the authority continues to act on such one-sided verdict it will continue to be seen as persecution or witch-hunt and not justice. How can a ministry which has contributed tremendously to the Nigerian economy, boost her international image and help many of her citizens not be granted a chance of freedom/ fair hearing by the nation’s authority? Well, the freedom of man is from God.

If the authority claims to be fair and just, let us be reminded of the DANA and SOSOLISO air crash. Is it still heard till date? Was it continuously hampered on? Where are the human rights activists who claimed to fight for the rights of the bereaved? Why have they not called the government to order after they had dubiously ‘swept these cases under the carpet’? Why the consistent lingering of the Synagogue case, if there is no ulterior motive? If not, in fair cases both parties are heard and evidence provided are intelligently scrutinized and investigated in order to give a fair and legit statement which will have no traces of bias. As Christians, we know we are in the world but not part of it, everything we do as Christians will always irritate the world, know this! “A friend of God is an enemy of the world” this clearly shows and proves that God is with Prophet T.B. Joshua in his mature disposition of his actions, silence and behavior towards the bias, criticism, unjust and abusive language of the authorities.

Isn’t it obvious that the ministry in question keeps growing from strength to strength and the world acceptance keeps increasing? The Prophet is still accepted in other countries even when the government verdict has not been in his ministry’s favor. The clamor of other nations still lingers, calling on Prophet T.B. Joshua to hold a crusade and possibly establish a branch of his ministry in their nations. If I may recount, the Sunday before the 31st night 2015, T.B. Joshua sent an evangelist to read his message to the congregation appealing to brethren all over the world not to come around during the 31st night that they should all stay in their various homes/countries and watch Emmanuel TV. This shows the rate, esteem and value that people still have for this man of God and this exposes that the verdict of the government might be LEGAL BUT NOT LEGITIMATE (that is, it lacks the acceptable social, moral and ethical standard by well-minded people) I bet, if T.B Joshua is imprisoned innocently today, that will not stop people all over the world from accessing his ministry like the case of Jesus Christ which was even worse, yet He is worshipped, honored and even regarded as the savior of the world till date.

It is true that the coronal inquest was set up by a legally recognized body but their verdict is still illegitimate. The world is not ignorant of the fact that wicked people can use the instrument of the state to perpetrate injustice. Why can’t our government come to the realization that they are there to serve the people? So how on earth will the judgment by the authority against the SCOAN ministry hold water when they have not done what is legitimate (carrying out a proper investigation on the evidence provided)? Let’s ask ourselves; why do enlightened minds of various strata still come from far and wide down to Nigeria to attend the SCOAN Sunday service? Do we think people of the world are so dull that they cannot detect a gimmick from a man who we claim is not learned? It is no news that the incident was tragic but notwithstanding, it never came between TB Joshua and God.

I leave you with these and let God be the judge of all matters here on earth and in heaven.

7 thoughts on “Just/ Unjust: Is the SCOAN Building Verdict really Legitimate?

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  2. Good morning

    No matter how they hate him, he still have super support of the world over. Remember, it is the new beginning !!!!!
    Those who are involved in the building collapse will be rewarded for their evil deeds. It is just a matter of time. Below is one of the example of Prophet T.B Joshua popularity.

    TB Joshua Ranked Among Most Famous Prophets In History
    • By Gregory Austin Nwakunor on December 27, 2015 2:15 am Tweet
    TB JoshuaThe General Overseer and Founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua has been ranked amongst the most famous prophets in the history of mankind. The ranking was contained in a publication by an America-based research organisation – http://www.ranker.com.
    According to the organisation, the ranking was based on votes from over 250 million people worldwide. A statement on its website reads, “from reputable, prominent, and well known prophets to the lesser known prophets of today, these are some of the best professionals in the prophet field.
    If you want to answer the questions, “Who are the most famous prophets ever?” and “What are the names of famous prophets?” then you are in the right place.
    The publication, which lists a total of 71 prophets, named T.B. Joshua as number 13 in the world and number one in Africa, followed by the late Joseph Ayo Babalola, who occupies number 32 in the world, and the second in Africa. Only these two prophets were named from Africa. The list includes great biblical figures like Abraham, Moses, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Elisha, Micah and Paul the Apostle, amongst others.
    The publication describes Prophet T.B. Joshua thus, Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T.B. Joshua, is a Nigerian preacher. He is the leader of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), a religious organisation that runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos, Nigeria.
    He has been awarded various accolades, notably receiving the Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) by the Nigerian government in 2008


  3. Good morning. This is interesting, the arms deal and the collapsed building. Who was paying who ? and who is covering who? Nigeria, I smell the rat. The dead rat will be discoverd soon.

    Exclusive: Contrary To Reports, South Africa Still Holding Nigeria’s Seized $15 Million Arms Money
    PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report that the money remains frozen in South Africa and has not been returned to the Nigerian government.
    by Nicholas Ibekwe—Premium Times Dec 04, 2014
    Contrary to widespread reports in the Nigeria media (PREMIUM TIMES not included) the South African government has not returned the $15 million seized from arms dealers purportedly buying arms for the Nigerian military.
    PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report that the money remains frozen in South Africa and has not been returned to the Nigerian government.
    In October, several media articles quoting the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Lulu Mnguni, reported that the money seized in connection with two dubious arms deal had been released to the Nigerian government.
    However, Mr. Mnguni has told PREMIUM TIMES that the reports are false. Apart from the High Commissioner, the spokesperson of the South African National Prosecuting Authority, NPA, Nathi Mncube, and a South African source that is knowledgeable about the matter but requested not to be named, told PREMIUM TIMES in separate correspondences that the money was yet to be released to the Nigeria government.
    Rather than return the money, there is possibility that the money may never be returned to the Nigerian government again.
    Responding to PREMIUM TIMES enquiry about the extent of the investigation into the seized arms money, Mr. Mncube, who declined to give specific information because the NPA does not respond to matters under investigation, however, said the money may be forfeited to the South African government.
    “In terms of our law, proceeds of crime are forfeited to the state,” he said.
    On his part, Mr. Mnguni vehemently denied the reports credited to him that the matter has been resolved diplomatically and the money returned to the Nigerian government.
    He said it was not procedural for the South African government to return frozen money in the manner suggested in the reports quoting him.
    “We don’t refund money that way,” he said during a telephone conversation. “I said the matter would be resolved within the legal and legitimate means. That was what I said. I did not say the money has been refunded. And I did not follow up since then on whether the money has been refunded or not. It has to be done through the legal and legitimate means.”
    PREMIUM TIMES investigation also revealed that instead of providing document that validated its claim that the deals were legal, the Nigerian government has been vigorously pursuing a diplomatic resolution of the matter.
    Hard as it is trying, it appears the Nigerian government is merely chasing the wind, as the matter is no longer in the hands of diplomats and politicians.
    Unfazed by subtle threat of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, to come hard of South African business interests such as MTN and DSTV in Nigeria, NPA obtained court orders freezing the money.
    Now, Nigeria has to go through the full hog of court processes to secure its release – something the government, which claimed ownership of the money, appears incapable of doing following the backdoor manner the deals were reached.
    “The money was frozen by two court orders and the court requires the documentations before the money is released,” Mr. Mncube said. “The money is still here and is not going anywhere. We would not release it if we don’t have a surety where the money is going. It is a court process.”
    Shady arms brokers
    The inability of the Nigerian government to recover the seized money is hinged on the fact that the two South African companies it was transacting the deal with may have lacked the legal status and the prerequisite authorisation to engage in such deals.
    In fact, in addition to not having the legal authorisation to deal with the sale of military grade armaments, one of the companies, Cerberus Risk Solution, was in 2013 indicted for breaching a United Nations Security Council Resolution unlawfully by exporting controlled items to the Ivory Coast and is facing a criminal investigation over the matter.
    With the first tranche of $9.3 million, the NPA said, Tier One Service Group, which the government wanted to procure the arms from, does not have the authorisation to sell or rent military equipment.
    While casting doubt that the money was meant for the procurement of arms as claimed by the Nigerian government, South African investigators said Tier One was not a registered arms dealer.
    “In court papers, the NPA submitted evidence that Tier One is not registered with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee and is thus not authorised to enter into any agreements regarding the sale and/or rental of military equipment,” a statement by NPA read.
    An invoice obtained by the NPA showed an order for drones, rocket and attack helicopter.
    In the second deal worth $5.7 million, South African investigators discovered that Cerberus Risk Solution neither has a valid Registration Certificate, valid Marketing Permit nor a contracting Permit – statutory documents stipulated by South African law before a company can engage in brokering a deal involving the sale of 50 units of M-75 20mm cannons and 200,000 rounds of 20mm ammunitions Societe D’Equipments Internationaux was seeking to buy on behalf of the Nigerian Military.
    The NPA explained that though Cerberus Risk Solution was registered by the South African National Conventional Arms Control Committee and issued a registration certificate MS1-11-0001041 on May 30 2011 with legally empowers it to act as an agent to deal with “specialised military and law enforcement equipment”, its Registration Certificate expired on May 27, 2014 two weeks before it received the $5.7 million paid into its Standard Bank account.
    The NPA also explained that though Cerberus was granted a Marketing Permit AMP2-12-0004803 on April 2 2012, the expiration of its Certificate of Registration automatically rendered that permit invalid.
    On September 5, $9.3 million cash stashed in two plastic suitcases and two pieces of hand luggage was seized at the Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg from three men, now identified as Israeli, Eyal Mesika, and two Austrian nationals, R. Wolfgang and M. Michael.
    The private the jet that conveyed the money belongs to the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Ayo Oritsejafor, although the cleric has said he had leased the aircraft out and was ignorant of what it was being used for.
    The NPA said the suspect did not obtain the necessary approval or documentation allowing them to carry more than the $2,300 cash limit allowed by South African law.
    While the dust created by the confiscation of the cash was yet to settle, South African authorities seized another $5.7 million transferred by Societe D’Equipments Internationaux of Nigeria to a South African arms company, Cerberus Risk Solutions, for the procurement of another batch of arms.
    The National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who signed off on the first deal, said the arms deal was conducted legally. He reminded the South Africa government that Nigerian has provided favourable environment for South African companies such as MTN and DSTV to thrive unhindered. He said he expected the South African government to “reciprocate the noble gesture” by releasing the money.


    • Emmanuel

      Infrasonic weapon noooo, so it was deliverd from SA companies to the nigerian government ????? using the jet for WHO??? CAN president who hate his brother ProphetTB Joshua with passion ?????


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