T.B. Joshua: Exposed AT Last! (PART TWO)

This is the continuation of the part one of the article: TB Joshua: Exposed AT Last!


Since I could not pay my sister’s medical bills, the hospital management later asked me to take her home; for it would be better she died at home. After taking her home, I left for Lagos and that was a week and two days after my encounter with the nurse, who advised me to go to SCOAN to see if the anointing there could help expose the evil powers behind my continuous failure, limitations in progress and restore my Sister’s health. I traveled by land which made my journey stressful and hectic, on my way to the SCOAN, I almost encountered an accident which made me doubt the more about my awkward coming to the SCOAN. When I arrived, I lodged in a nearby hotel to rest my head in anticipation for the next day because I was anxiously waiting to see the SCOAN finally and find out for myself all what I had been hearing from people.

The next day which happened to be a Sunday I finally came to the SCOAN and that was the first time I entered the church. When I entered the Church auditorium, I thought I would find the horns of the devil and the sacrifices people had brought for sanctification in the church as I believed but what I saw was different. I saw a lot of frame containing Jesus and His disciples in the church’s ceiling and the beautiful altar of the man of God well decorated with grasses, rocks, a pool of pure water and fruits of different kinds. The building was no respecter of persons; no matter how rich or successful a person is, once you are inside SCOAN you look just ordinary. I liked that very much but I was not totally convinced until I saw the man of God live for the first time. Immediately, I felt the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit. What struck me most were the long hours we all endured in the presence of the Almighty; I enjoyed every moment of that experience.

I was seating at the new comers section; I sat with my fingers crossed as the Man of God moved around the new comers section. The Prophet moved towards me and told me he would like to speak to me, I felt uneasy and reluctant because of my past but I finally allowed him to speak to me. He started prophesying to me and he was very accurate; he told me about my past which comprised blasphemy, my cult life, demonic attacks and financial problem. Hearing all these, I was perplexed; in fact words could not explain how I felt at that spot.

He prophesied about my sister’s illness and declared her free of her illness; he also prayed for me. While the prayer was on, I just saw myself more like in the spiritual realm fighting with the demon in me. I finally won the demon I saw within me and found myself on the floor, I jumped up immediately and cleaned myself up; the man of God declared me free and congratulated me for my deliverance. I was really amazed when I saw for myself the man of God accurately prophesying to the congregation and the Wise men ministering healing and deliverance to the sick ones and the demonic possessed.

I was opportune to meet with the man of God in his office, there in the office, I apologized to the man of God telling him about the way I blasphemed him in the past; he just stopped me immediately and with humility and told me that the demon in me who was responsible for all my bad acts was gone and that I was free from my sins. He advised me and told me to go and sin no more. The man of God financed me and gave me the new set of anointed water to take back home to administer it to my family and loved ones.

When I got back to Abuja, I met my younger sister who had been seriously sick before I left for Lagos already healed; what surprised me was when I saw her playing around with his twin brother and other children in the neighborhood. After all these, I had all reasons in the world to believe the man of God is not only authentic but also from the MOST HIGH GOD.

All these were still a mystery to me while I sat at home and reminisced my encounter with the man of God Snr prophet T.B. Joshua and also how he helped orphans, less privileged people, widows and how he gives scholarships to students who are in desperate need of help. But what I find very funny is how people just decide to blaspheme without checking their own physical and spiritual life. Many people that blaspheme today are even worse than the people they criticize; and I can tell them that they are simply fighting a lost battle.

Therefore, I came to a strong conclusion that it is wise to let readers know how delicate and deadly it is to criticize any prophet, church or even religion because you will never know where your problems are coming from and where they would be solved…Thanks!

3 thoughts on “T.B. Joshua: Exposed AT Last! (PART TWO)

  1. I rejoice with you for a happy ending. Not many had lived to prove the otherwise like you did. Our problems should not be the main reason for our coming to Christ but our love for Christ. He is the Creator, our Saviour, the Truth and the Way.

    I have often told people, and wrote about it, how easily God showed me in my heart that Prophet T B Joshua is real and God’s sent. I had thought that he is prophet Daniel because of the discerning spirit in him. Now I know he is T B Joshua on his own. He is not a recycled Prophet but with a unique mission.

    One thing we should learn about this testimony is that many of us are worse than the pastors and prophets we criticise easily and openly. It is a sin to do that. Secondly many people, including church Bishops don’t believe in God’s miracles because they had tried hard on it without success. It is a gift for Prophet T B Joshua. I know him from home Arigidi Akoko, Ondo State of Nigeria.

    Above all else our salvation is so important to us more than the healing, Deliverance and gifts. But immediately we get these blessings our understanding of God should open up and we try to maintain our faith in Christ. Without the Christ power accompanying us the message may be more difficult to pass on. But Christ remains same Yesterday, Today and Ever.

    Christ is truly alive and we should let everyone on earth know this fact. What we see in SCOAN is just a sign because when Jesus decides to return everything will be opened up. Then there will be no hiding place for any one. It is not a matter or religion or sect, the same scale will be used to assess everyone at the end. But when God sees the Blood of His Son He will allow us in and make a difference between the Israelites and the Egyptians.

    Finally the fact that the Bible says we will encounter false prophets in the last days doesn’t not give anyone a licence to label any prophet as false. Leave that to Christ but watch the fruits of the so called prophets.



  2. I am really happy for the deliverance of this brother, just one encounter with God ‘s Man, his story was completely changedd forever. His life was indeed made whole. Not only his story changed but his household. What a Grace in display.

    The Man of God holds no grudge for any of those who speaks disrespectfully of him. Thats the fruit of the Spirit in action. May the God of Moses and Joshua continue to watch over prophet TB Joshua all the days of his life in Jesus ‘ name.

    Lots of love to you and ministry Daddy.


  3. My name is Finda James and I am from Sierra West Africa. I say thanks to this sister for her testimony, May our GOD bless you for that.I wish I have the means to go there too. I watch this man if GOD every day on my computer on youtube. He is a GOD sent I don’t care what anyone says I believe he is out GOD,s servant. Thanks.


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