“I delivered TB Joshua’s message to Jonathan that saved Nigeria”- Ambassador Raphael

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua

An Abuja-based politician has made more surprising revelations about the role allegedly played by ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua in the historic presidential elections held almost one year ago in Nigeria that saw a peaceful transition of power.

Speaking before a packed congregation at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Ambassador Raphael Horsfall explained how Joshua revealed the outcome of the elections to him several weeks prior to the actual vote.

“He told me categorically that I should go and tell Mr President that it is too late, that nothing can be done, that we will lose the election but God will prevail on the peace of Nigeria,” said Horsfall, who served as a Special Assistant to Prof Rufai Alkali, the Political Advisor of Nigeria’s Former President, Goodluck Jonathan.

“That is why when we lost elections, I was at peace,” Horsfall continued, adding that his visit to The SCOAN came after a meeting with Jonathan and his wife Dame Patience where he suggested they sought ‘spiritual guidance’ from Joshua as the tense time of elections neared.

“Mr President was calm after hearing that word from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Everyone was telling him to annul the election, which he had the power to do, but nobody knew this is actually the reason why His Excellency conceded defeat to the opposition,” Horsfall, who said he is currently a UN ambassador and working with the presidency, continued.

The revelation from the outspoken politician corroborates Joshua’s controversial statement immediately after the election that he had warned Jonathan of his impending loss.

According to a report published in several newspapers, the cleric said ‘God’ spoke to him with a message for Mr. Jonathan that whatever the outcome of the election, his regime had come to an end and his concession of defeat would ‘save the lives of millions’.

Ambassador Raphael

Ambassador Raphael

When a presidential aide worshipped at his church, Joshua said he met him and personally relayed the revelation. “Soft landing – that is the language I sent to the president,” he told the congregation the Sunday following the historic elections which saw Muhammadu Buhari ascend to power.

Horsfall explained that his initial encounter with the controversial Nigerian cleric came in 2009 when he was part of a delegation from the Niger-Delta region who sought spiritual solution at The SCOAN to the growing menace of militancy.

“The guidance he gave to us, which we communicated to the then President, His Excellency Umaru Musa Yar-Adua, was what led to the Amnesty Program which Nigerians and the entire people of the region are enjoying presently,” Horsfall revealed.

He implored Nigeria’s current leadership to seek ‘spiritual guidance’ to address the growing economic challenges engulfing the nation.

“This is not time for religious sentiment, nor is it a time for ethnic sentiment,” Horsfall passionately counselled.

“This is a time to build Nigeria. In building a strong, united Nigeria – we need God. God has blessed us with a man that speaks to God and hears from Him directly. Why is it that our economy is crumbling and we are still folding our hands? Let us come to inquire of the Most High God what we should do.”

Horsfall was also quick to quash any insinuations that money was exchanged with Joshua by politicians during the election period. “Someone who tells you that nothing can be done – will he ask you to bring anything?”

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist currently in Lagos, Nigeria.

One thought on ““I delivered TB Joshua’s message to Jonathan that saved Nigeria”- Ambassador Raphael

  1. I was privileged to watch the testimony of Ambassador Raphael and his wife on Sunday February 28, 2016 live. Since I had participated in the worship service at SCOAN a few times, I could follow the events and the import of the testimony. The social media almost always get things wrong and every time, emphasising the wrong aspects, choosing and picking what the media like, and avoiding the full gospel of Jesus Christ. The testimony was more about the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. The Ambassador and his wife came to testify of the goodness of the Almighty God for answering the need of his family. He didn’t go to SCOAN primarily to testify either about the unrest in the Niger Delta or the Nigeria Presidential election of March 2015. He only mentioned those two incidences to collaborate his own personal experience in SCOAN, advising government and people to turn to GOD seeking God’s opinion.

    2. Hence the Headlines should not have been on the past elections or other events the Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua gave and they came to pass but the goodness of God to this believing Ambassador and his wife.

    3. Nevertheless we have a case in our hand of how to build a relationship between the Church and the government, or between the Bishop and the throne. The separation of power had taken place in the early centuries where the Church and the King should be independent. We should leave it that way. The Church of Christ and civil government should be working hand in hand but they are totally independent.

    4. Whereas the focus was not on Prophet T. B. Joshua but each president should be free to make private consultation. Finding out God’s opinion to assist your decision making is not sin. For example President Buhari is a Muslim and must be allowed to consult as he desires from time to time but at no cost to the nation. A good relationship with the Church should be encouraged nonetheless, and where possible. But a church that dines and wines with world presidents must have been dead. In any case we find “the thieves, the armed robbers, the deviants” getting to the Church for repentance ahead of “self declared innocent citizens”. If the people we perceived as wrong in the society truly repent and turn to God they will be saved and those who think they are righteous may be lost. The Gospel is powerful to save, heal, deliver and make the barren become fruitfully. This is the message of Ambassador Raphael and his wife.

    5. Recently in my survey I still find a significant proportion of Nigerians not ready to acknowledge Prophet T. B. Joshua as a man of God because of what they read, heard, what their own Church pastors told them, and because of the World and it’s standards. In my own opinion i believe the Prophet and i have been writing on this. Hence the Church of God in Nigeria should be pursuing “knowing and preaching Jesus Christ and His Word” rather than “competition, building family empire, universities members of the congregation cannot afford for their wards, or being part of government”. We have many palace prophets in Nigeria. This is not good for the Church. I have never heard that Prophet T. B. Joshua visiting Abuja presidents. They go to him as it should be.

    6. Only a few people will actually know the Truth and follow it to rule their daily life. The world is of the opinion that what we are experiencing in SCOAN is merely acting, pretending to be sick and pretending to be healed at the same time. No please, everybody cannot pretend at the same time. Try and visit SCOAN at any randomly selected occasion. The world is interested in acting and in celebrities, eloquent preachers, good news speakers but without mentioning the eminent coming of Christ or his power, the need to let people know that Jesus is sufficient for all our needs as being demonstrated in SCOAN.

    7. I am glad that I believe in Jesus and His power. I see a glimpse of Jesus’ presence in SCOAN. This is what Ambassador Raphael and his wife are preaching and testifying about.


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