Libya deportees Received the Millions of Naira

Libya deportees Received the Millions of Naira

On Sunday 13th March 2016, 39 of the Nigerians who were deported from Libya two days earlier came to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in search of refuge after their harrowing ordeal abroad. According to Fidelis Onos, who spoke on behalf of the group, most of them had been imprisoned for up to one year in Libya were they passed through untold hardship and suffering.

Many were engaged in bricklaying and other practical vocations when they were suddenly arrested, forced to leave behind all their possessions and then incarcerated. “We are not here to blame Libya,” Fidelis said. “If Nigeria was okay, we would never have left in the first place. It’s the war in Libya that turned it to what it is today – in a place where there is no government, what can you expect?”

scoan3He added that they were arrested for no specific criminal offence, explaining that it was some United Nations officials who actually visited them in the Libyan prison and made arrangements for their repatriation to Nigeria. “We left with only these clothes, which were given to us by the UN,” he said. Upon arriving in Nigeria, the deportees were provided a meagre N6,500 and told to take their leave.

Frustrated, angry and despondent, a group of them decided to run to The SCOAN, having watched Emmanuel TV in Libya. Upon learning of their arrival in the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua immediately sent evangelists to provide food, alongside medical aid to the most malnourished in their midst.

scoan2He then prayed for each of the deportees before giving the sum of N100,000 to all of them, totalling N3.9million ($20,000). Clearly moved, the young Nigerians burst out in song, some even shedding tears. “If not for a man like T.B. Joshua, most of us would have ended up going into armed robbery, kidnapping or even joining a group like Boko Haram,” said Godspower Chibuike.

“There’s no reason to go into crime now,” added another, stating that he had never seen such an amount of money in his life. “If youths were encouraged like this, we wouldn’t even think of travelling to places like Libya,” he stated. “T.B. Joshua is giving hope to the hopeless.” The group were additionally provided with toiletries alongside brand new clothing, as they had worn the same set of clothes since their arrival in Nigeria.

scoan1ScoanRemember, what you make happen for others, GOD will make happen for you!

TB Joshua Ministries


  1. What a great gift of God to humanity. Words cannot express my joy for the life of these young men which the devil would have wasted. To God be all the glory. I cannot stop appreciating the wonderful man of in the person of Prophet T.B Joshua, whose sun can never go down and his moon will never withdraw itself for our Loving father in heaven will remain his everlasting light according to the book Isaiah of 60 vs 20. My Prophet you have an unspeakable human compassion to many and the joy of the lord will remain your strength.
    Tell me, how can any sincere person see negativity in this prophet of our generation who never judges or condemns people but blesses them. Prophet T.B Joshua my heart will never stop blessing the Lord for the day you were born for you are indeed a priceless jewel from heaven. I don’t care what any body says, sir you are the prophet after my heart.
    Stay blessed
    UK. +447791690521.


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