tbj1 Nigerian Prophet, T.B. Joshua, has splashed N6m ($30,000) on over a hundred Nigerian deportees who arrived from Libya on the evening of Thursday 16th June, 2016.

According to media reports, 162 Nigerians were deported from the North African nation with the aid of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with the Swiss government and the Nigerian Embassy in Libya.

However, rather than return home, 107 decided to ‘seek refuge’ at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), the popular Lagos-based church of T.B. Joshua.

We came back with nothing but the clothes on our backs which were given to us by United Nations officials,” said Michael, an Edo State indigene who had been in Libya for nearly ten months, washing cars for a living while nursing the hope of reaching Europe one day.

Arrested in February for staying illegally, Michael endured several months in a Libyan prison before the insufferable conditions of the prisoners attracted the attention of United Nations officials who procured their eventual release.

tbj2“I was thinking of how I was going to start my life again,” he admitted. “Many of us would have ended up in crime if not for this gift.”

Upon arrival, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) provided transportation vehicles for the returnees to their respective states along with a gesture of N10,000 by the Swiss government.

However, the majority chose to seek help from Joshua, who is famed for his extensive humanitarian gestures.

“We decided to come to The SCOAN because we know how Prophet T.B. Joshua has been helping people around the world,” Michael explained, referring to multiple other occasions where Joshua has rendered assistance to Nigerian deportees.

tbj3“I can only thank the man of God. Which other Nigerian could have done this for us at such a time in this country?” he tearfully pondered, decrying the muted response from the Nigerian government to their plight.tbj5

According to Collins, the young Nigerian had no intention to traverse Libya. Wild promises from a ‘friend’ of a glamorous life in Europe lured him away from a stable job in Abuja, not knowing that the European dream would lead him to a Libyan dungeon.

The fantasy turned to a nightmare as Libyan police broke into the commune where he was residing with dozens of other Nigerians en-route to a ‘better life’ abroad that never materialised.

“We are not here to blame or accuse the Libyan government,” he stated, recounting the inhumane conditions he endured in prison in which several of his colleagues died.tbj4

One of the deportees hobbled to the church on crutches. “I had a serious motor accident shortly after arriving to join my wife in Libya,” he narrated. “I have been in pain ever since but I thank God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to wipe our tears away today.”

Joshua, who recently celebrated his 53rd birthday on June 12th 2016, also assisted Nigerian deportees who returned from Libya earlier this year, as well as aiding Nigerians returned from South Africa last month.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

Photo credit: TB Joshua Ministries


  1. I’m very impressed with your servuce to humanity, you are truly a man of God.may Hod bless you for all ypur great services…


  2. So
    God know why he choose the P.TB.Joshua
    It just to continue the his ministery in the earth
    But me,when I look the TBJ’s
    Ortwork’s,I see the mercifully of God (POWER)
    And with faithfully …


  3. Good morning pastor…your r really great pastor…..I can c Jesus Christ in you pastor….May God Bless You More and More….


  4. Respondiendo el Rey, les dirá: “En verdad os digo que en cuanto lo hicisteis a uno de estos hermanos míos, aun a los más pequeños, a mí lo hicisteis.”
    DHH El Rey les contestará: “Les aseguro que todo lo que hicieron por uno de estos hermanos míos más humildes, por mí mismo lo hicieron.”Amen


  5. La gran misericordia , la llegada del espíritu Santo en un espíritu con propósitos alineado a sus planes que sin perfectos.
    Bendecido para bendecir , prosperado para dar prosperidad.. Bendiciones infinitas en el poderoso nombre de Jesús..


  6. Praise Jesus,this is just amazing a real man of God.not just hears .he does the life that Jesus lives. So humble to see the calling of God in your life sir Tb Joshua really a prophet.blessings to you n ministry.


  7. La verdad es tan emocionante ver lo que Dios está haciendo a través del profeta TB Joshua un verdadero hombre de Dios…que Dios bendiga a TB Joshua y su ministerio….


  8. Immanuel God is with us.
    Thanking for the man of God.for Holy spirit led him to be the kingdom of GOD ambassador in the world


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      Em seg, 19 de nov de 2018 14:32, Watched TB Joshua <


  9. El Señor Jesucristo multiplicará todas sus obras y crecerá en gracias por ofrecerme ayuda y apoyo.


  10. Gloria a Dios es. Una bendicion poder conoser a honbres de Dios con un propocito vieen definido con el amor por delante.Brasos mi amado hermano joshua.


  11. Gracias a Dios q hemos sido Bendesidos , Ya q Dios demanda a q miremos por la gente más humilde de este mundo , Q Dios siga Bendiciendo tu vida y tu obra , Q Dios Bendiga a las personas de buen corazón amén y amen


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