Darkness  over the Earth

Darkness over the Face of the Earth

Take Heed the Pure in Spirit!!! Darkness is on the face of the earth, evil is everywhere around us, demons are moving freely in the Streets seeking for those to afflict and possess. Be overwhelmed not by the riches and glories in the world, for it is delusional and sheer vanity. The occultic world is true; its members are out there, amongst the sons of men, promoting the enterprise of darkness against the Purest Light of Truth, Holiness and Righteousness. Is it the so called Illuminati or Freemasons, Ogboni or other evil cults that mostly operate from the underworld? These groups remain the greatest threat to God’s creations and every living soul on earth need to be mindful of this disastrous threat to humanity.

Be confined not by popular traditions and beliefs, for this exposure may sound ridiculous to some, know this! Our individual beliefs or popular opinions changes not that which is the truth. Only pray to be guided by a Pure Spirit – The Spirit of Truth and Discernment. For the scripture said, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9. Dark powers, sorcery, black magic, occultic and satanic kingdoms had been in existence as old as the earth. Modern Civilisation never stopped them, the instruments of modernisation (technology) has even helped them to expand their operations and world influence. To the doubting Thomas out there, be informed.

These agents of darkness are using diverse means to control the spiritually dour and the dark lords appointed by Lucifer are using their influence and control over the world’s institutions to fight against those that are carriers of the mark of Grace. The proud lord of darkness (the devil) has not yet revealed himself to the world because he clearly knows that the seeds of mankind hates him, therefore he upholds those in high places under his contractual oath to command his government on humanity.

Sign and symbol of Darkness

Sign and symbol of Darkness

For the quest for power, desperation for wealth, fame and influence has subjected the earth to the rulership of the proud dark lord; for several world personalities, public figures and leaders are the objects of his influence. The signs are all over and this may not be quite different from what we have heard, but be strong in the Lord; for even with their technological might and worldly influence, they have no power over the children of Light, because spiritually we are far greater than them.

Brethren, we have to always be spiritually alert and be sensitive to the things of the spirit; for the kingdom of darkness is waging strong battles against the kingdom of Light and this spiritual battle against the household of God, is being fought in diverse forts. Always remember to pray for the unity of the Church. And never be tempted to compromise with darkness, for Light and darkness have nothing in common. This is why the forces of darkness are fighting relentlessly to destroy and discredit the ministry of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) of Prophet T.B. Joshua, because the Prophet has chosen to expose and humiliate these agents of darkness for what they represent and has continued to render their enterprise useless against those that have chosen to submit themselves under the authority of God.

To the Children of Light, be troubled not by their threats, for they have no power over the soul, nor be misled by their worldly promises, for its all vanity; given that our heavenly rewards are splendours. For they may have all the natural weapons of sort and the means to inflict pains and death, but relent not and be strong in the Lord, “For the weapons of our warfare are not canal, but they are mighty through God in the pulling down of strong holds.”– 2 Corinthians 10-40.

There are rebels amongst us, never be tempted to give heed to them that have been compromised and are altering the scripture for worldly acceptance and gain. For they slander their fellow Men, promote disunity among the Household of God and reduce the scripture to a mere philosophy of public debate. For it is written, their place would be taken over by another and in times to come, they would be abandoned to perish and bear the shame of their rebellious acts against the household of God.

The Synagogue was attacked and Martyrs were sent to the kingdom of eternal peace, those who have been assigned to uncover it, are under the wrong influence, for evidence no longer makes sense. The media has been compromised to spread that which they want the public to hear. For the proud lord of darkness, who with his instruments of influence has taken over the independent minds of the people and spiritually blindfolded them to see the great injuries the occult world has done to the brethren that are carriers of the Light of Grace.

Nicholas Ibekwe the confirmed Face of the dark gang

Nicholas Ibekwe the confirmed Face of the dark gang

For many agents of the likes of Nicholas Ibekwe (The confirmed Face of the dark gang- take a closer look of the Skull and Bones in his T-shirt) are alive in the media waiting to spread lies, divert attention, cook unfounded allegations and spread sentiments, connived to glorify the judgment by their own, mandated by their dark lords to condemn the victims of oppression because they were favoured by the Most High God to stand shoulder high above the kingdom of darkness and rendered their evil venture useless. Alas! The innocent would surfer, bleed in pains, live in the misery of their agony and be confined in prison cell, but take note, they cannot be destroyed for this is not unto death, but a living testament to the present and coming generational Churches that the Scripture is alive forever and ever Amen!

Many today wish they could join the so called Illuminati or any powerful occultic group, believing it would fetch them more fame and influence. The truth is that, the devil cannot make one great. For those great stars and the talented out there; were none of the devil’s making. The devil only use his instrument of influence to promote them that are under his contractual oath to the world as bait, but in reality these stars were already destined by God to be great; for right from their mother’s womb, they were marked for greatness. Therefore, despise not the gifted and the stars among them, for many were by ignorant and lack of insecurity fell as a prey for the devil, but pray they discover in soonest, their real purpose on earth; for many were destined to raise the dead, heal the sick and bring hope to the hopeless with their songs and gifts, but were misled by the crafty Lucifer, to use their gifts for the wrong purpose.

The devil knew he cannot endow anyone with a bright star; hence, he uses deceptive strategies and afflictions to trouble those with the promised mark among us, for he knows them great right from their birth. Therefore he causes them to go through challenges, disappointments and all manner of sad events, in other to lure these stars to his kingdom. So he can use their God’s given talents, to promote his evil mission here on earth. When they are initiated into these occultic kingdoms in the cause of attracting riches and fame, they are meant to think their sorrow is over and there is no cause for regret, quite unknown to them that spiritually, they have sold their souls to the devil and that those dark lords who initiated them into the occult, were actually the unseen hands behind those sadness and limitations that made them seems frustrated and been attracted prior to when they were won or deceived into the dark kingdom.

To the Pure in heart…, be deceived not! Their greatness has nothing to do with the contractual oath they took or the initiation and the rituals. The oath is to effect loyalty; the initiation is for darkness (demons or evil spirits) to have easy access to their spirit man and while the rituals are done regularly to renew their commitment to the cause of darkness and all these qualifies their membership. For if they had allow themselves to be guided by the True Spirit of Predestination and were patient enough not to join any occult like group, their destiny would still have been manifested here on earth, but with a consistent opposition from the dark kingdoms, just as they are against the SCOAN and the Prophet. Therefore, the great stars that fell for their bait is due to sheer ignorant and insecurity, for they were already predestined for greatness right from their mother’s womb.

Sign and symbol of Darkness

Sign and symbol of Darkness

Be careful with some activities that goes on in the internet, the occult worlds are using this means to confine and control the minds and senses of the people that, they can’t reason outside the box. Likewise, be careful with some kind of popular songs, their lyrics and sounds are inspired from the pit of hell, designed to influence darkness in us and make us crave for fleshly desires (iniquities and immoralities). Hence, abhorring and losing interest in those things that edifies our relationship with God. Indulge in listening to awesome inspirational songs that inspire the soul positively and help us build a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Be wise as serpent (Mathew 10-16) and be independent minded (Romans 12:2), avoid those workers of iniquities out there and never fall for their charming and deceitful lips. For by their gifts and talents they write interesting sentences and phrases in the pages of news paper and online media platform to bring confusion and unnecessary argument among brethren. For they slander Men of God and want us to believe our Christian Faith is the world problem. They are good in fabricating malicious lies and use derogatory statement against the Household of God. They come out-loud to ridicule men of God and fellow ministerial brethren who are face with misfortunes. They want the people out there to believe the healing power of God through Men of God are not genuine and the deliverance they claimed are stage-managed.

They are quick to say – “We are in a civilised world…! We don’t need all these religious barbarism that take us to the Stone Age…! The Church is the reason Africa is underdeveloped…! Religion is the world problem…and blabs!” Be move not by their shallow talks, for it’s as a result of their confined brainwashed and the wrong influence they are under; for they lack understanding of spiritual things.

Has the so called modernity or civilisation bring to stop the spread of evil, wickedness, hate and malice? Did the Holy Bible tell us modern civilisation will stop the government of darkness, end deliverance and the healing power of God? For there had been and would always be, a constant battle between the kingdom of Light and darkness, for darkness leads to destruction while, light lead us to redemption. Let us embrace this Light of Truth before us, for there to be an opening of our eyes to see where the world is heading towards.

Today, many among the powerful elites see nothing wrong being homosexual and are even encouraging transgenderism as an offshoot of the so called modernity, which is indeed, a replicate of the Primitive Age practice of Sodomy in the biblical city of Sodom and Gomorrah, which was destroyed by God. This, Prophet T.B Joshua strongly holds against and has even created avenue to deliver those indulged in this nefarious act. Yet, they want the world to accept as normal, one that rejects his/her God’s given natural gender to artificial once.

Be mislead not by those opinionist out there, Sciences has no insight over the things of the spirit. Let the things of the spirit be handled spiritually, and things of the natural, be handled by the natural. These are the challenges mankind is facing today, we want to handle spiritual issues with mortal Knowledge, which can never give a perfect result. The wisdom of Lucifer is far above mortal knowledge and it takes only those carried along by the Spirit of God, to outsmart him. How many of our contemporary scientist has the fear of God and the infilling of the power of the Holy Ghost?

That is why the crafty Lucifer, the architect of all this strange spirit is gaining more ground and now bringing confusion among us. For those who are supposed to come out and speak the truth, are afraid for their lives and don’t want to be tag a “Homophobia”. For many powerful and wealthy men are in this immoral act of homosexuality, to fulfil their ritualistic rites to darkness, for they can do anything within their power and influences to destroy and discredit anyone that want to proffer solution to homosexuality, but would with their resources support those that promotes the act. This is one of many reasons the Synagogue Church of all Nations, (SCOAN) was attacked; they want to silent the brightest Light favoured by God to shine in the dark part of the soul of those in captives and yoked to darkness; that light that would bring them out of their bondage into the Purest Light of Truth, Holiness and Righteousness.

Brethren, it takes the Love of Christ to see clearly the true nature surrounding the SCOAN guest house collapse and the desperate moves by the unseen gang to cover the attack, discredit the SCOAN and even cause the victims of oppression to surfer. It seems their actual plans are working out, for no matter the evidence that points to the truth, we are supposed not to figure out the great injustice that have been carried out against the SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua. They want to control the way the public should reason, for even when there are evidence that point to sabotage, their instruments of control are assigned to justify or cover it by raising arguments to divert attention. Instead of critically investigating the may issue, the focus would be on the Prophet, who is at the centre of the attack. For unfounded questions of these natures would start emanating to divert attention: “Why did the Prophet not see it coming, he claimed he can see what happens around the world; he should have seen clearly the one that affects him. There was not even a building permit…as if that is what determine the strength of a building  or the Prophet even claims to be very powerful, why did he not use his so called power to stop the building collapse that killed his members in the first place,”  these and many spurious arguments they programmed on the people.

Brethren, be blind folded not by their words of control and don’t be lure by their demonic sounds of influence. They want to control the way we reason, what we hear and what we should believe. Brethren can’t we see that the CCTV footage, the clear evidence of sabotage on the SCOAN guest house has be relegated, for they have with their instrument of control, sent among us the Spirit of confusion, hate, jealousy and despise against fellow brethren. For those with the truth are afraid to speak, due to the blackmailers out there. They said anyone that say SCOAN guest house was attacked is a T.B Joshua’s follower. Therefore, whatever such persons have to say would not have to make sense even if he/she is a professional in his/her field. For we are not supposed to think for ourselves anymore, our independent minds have been over shadow by their workmanship. Their journalists and the media houses under their control have being assigned to spread lies, sentiments and brainwashed the people.

To the Pure in heart…, be independent minded and take not anything out there as the truth, even the so called powerful media house of “integrity” are under their control for they all are workers of iniquity; they are patiently waiting to see the great fall of the SCOAN and the Prophet. We should always work on our spiritual selves, by purging the Spirit man from any demonic influence, purifies the self from iniquities and be pure in thought and reasoning, for the kingdom of darkness are working on our hatred, disliked and double mindedness to achieve its evil aims against their perceived adversaries amongst us. Be wise!

May the Love of Christ never depart from the earth and May the enterprise of darkness in the universe, be rendered to Not in Jesus’ Name. Amen!



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  4. Praise the LORD. Our GOD is in control. May our GOD is the greatest in the universe go on my prophet may GOD continue to raise you in JESUS NAME. Finda.


  5. Those who fight u Dear Prophet of our time… are certainly engaged on fighting D wrong battle, in ur teachings, u have made Love D centerpiece of ur anchoring, but Lucifer & all his cohorts ; D defeated fallen angels have continued tirelessly & aimlessly fighting The Light of God, obviously Dear Great Prophet GOD IS WITH U… D BATTLE IS OF D LORD’s… TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED & DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM… IF GOD BE FOR U (Snr Proph TB Joshua) who can be against u-NO BODY. I will definitely see those who rage against u fall, be it constituted authorities or connived gang up against ur Awesome Ministry, which truly replicates D Amazing Power & Light of God in this dark world filled with Envy & hatred, campaign of calumny & Name calling. The Battle between D stone & d Water indeed, with time D water wins ; A servant cannot be Greater than his master no matter what… U are a Master, Dear Proph TB Joshua. GOD IS WITH YOU &YOUR AMAZING MINISTRY.


  6. Absolutely excellent article. Amen and amen.
    The wiles of lucifer are seemingly higher and unstoppable but only until the cup is full. So many believers are blinded and taken in by monetary and self serving gains. Their ears have been stopped. Through Gods holy mercy and justice will some come out and know they got it wrong. In many cases justice, restitution, and vindication takes time. As we are taught though it tarry it comes. We love Jesus Christ so much that we lay it down remember to stay humble as we are bond servants and just love Him. As Paul wrote, to live is Christ to die is gain. Many times its far harder to live than die but we do it for Jesus Name and glory. I stand arm in arm connected with my Brother in Christ TB Joshua and SCOAN. I am standing in prayer and faith with them on Jesus Holy Matchless Name. May deceptions cloak never be upon them I pray in Jesus Name.




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