Video: How T.B. Joshua Prophecy the Saudi Arabia Attack

Popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua,of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has revealed that he predicted the bombing attacks that happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday. The Pastor made the prediction on 31st January of this year.

A terrorist attacks which happened in Jeddah, Qatif and the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah, took the lives of atleast five people.

According to a video culled from a live sermon on Sunday, January 31,that aired on the Emmanuel TV channel shows the prophet urging thousands of his SCOAN congregants to also pray for Saudi Arabia as the for their various countries in order to scuttle the ‘evil plans’ of the unnamed attacks.

In his words, ““Saudi as a country – they should pray against attack – that is Saudi Arabia. I am seeing something happen there. Pray for the nation. Saudi Arabia – I cannot locate the place but I am seeing an attack. They should pray – how to unravel the attack. They should watch out.”

“The day, I did not know but I can see attack in the country,” he added.

The prophecy became true on 4th July 2016, when suicide bombers struck in Saudi Arabia. In the morning, the first bomber blew themselves up in Jidda, in a location very close to the United States Consulate. It is by no means a mere twist of fate that the attack coincided with the United States’ Independence anniversary.

Consequently, in the evening, another suicide bomber fulfilled their mission near a Shiite mosque in the eastern region of Qatif. This was followed closely by a third blast in Medina, near the ‘Prophet’s mosque’, known as one of Islam’s holiest sites.

This prophecy comes at the end of a long run of international and often controversial prophecies given over the years by T.B. Joshua. Recent incidents that he has said to have predicted include: the Brussels Terror attack, the Brexit, the Russian plane crash in Egypt among others.

One thought on “Video: How T.B. Joshua Prophecy the Saudi Arabia Attack

  1. Glory be to god almighty for the life of is servant prophet tb Joshua
    Ase long the world Will never believe in God prophecy given true is servant prophet tb Joshua
    People will keep vanish and perish every single day


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